ADX Day Trading Strategy On 5 Minute Chart

100 USD Per Day Trading Cryptocurrency

100 USD Per Day Trading Cryptocurrency

Simple Step By Step Method Day Trading

Here is an excellent tutorial with Jame’s day trading method. As always, James does an excellent presentation to the point, without promotional hype.

100 USD Per Day Trading Cryptocurrency

Simple Method To Make $100 a Day Trading Cryptocurrency

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 Best crypto day trading strategy – how to day trade cryptocurrency for beginners. MoneyZG Crypto Course: Trade on Bybit: VPN to Use Bybit: FOLLOW ME: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: TIMESTAMPS: Crypto Day Trading – 00:00 Use Candlestick Charts – 00:41 Use SMAs – 03:32 Find Areas of Value – 06:23 Use Limit Orders – 9:00 Use ATR – 10:41 Crypto News Sources – 12:47 Use On Chain Analysis – 16:34 Spot vs. Futures & TP/SL – 20:19 Have a Trading Plan Based on Facts – 23:26 USEFUL VIDEOS: Bybit playlist:… Trading playlist:… This video is for entertainment purposes only. It is not financial advice and is not an endorsement of any provider, product or service. All trading involves risk. Links above include affiliate commission or referrals. I’m part of an affiliate network and I receive compensation from partnering websites 

100 USD Per Day Trading Cryptocurrency

100 USD Per Day Trading Cryptocurrency


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00:00in this video i’m going to show you how00:01i trade cryptocurrency and how i have00:03traded for more than a decade in both00:05the crypto and stock markets i was00:07actually a professional stock broker00:08when trading in the stock market so i’m00:10going to show you very simply the steps00:12that real traders will go through when00:14setting up their charts and how they can00:16think about news and events that shape00:17their trading i’ve boiled it down to 1000:20simple steps that are easy and00:22repeatable that can be followed each00:24time you come to trade or are looking to00:26do more research in crypto find the00:29timestamps for each section in the video00:31description and if you want to use the00:33same training systems as me then check00:34out the links below because you can get00:36deposit bonuses when you sign up so it’s00:38going to give you you know a deposit00:40bonus when you start trading so first00:42thing you need to do is use candlestick00:44charts this is absolutely vital00:47i’m going to come to my buy bit to show00:49you this if you don’t have a buybit00:50account yet you can get deposit bonuses00:53um when you sign up which is like a00:55buffer so when you deposit some cash on00:57account to trade they will give you some00:59extra um it’s a nice buffer and it’s a01:01bonus01:02so you can check that out by the link01:04below but first thing we have to use01:06candlestick charts it is the only way01:08that traders01:10will look at the markets so what exactly01:12is a candlestick chart uh very simply01:14i’m going to show you so a candlestick01:16chart gives us a lot more information so01:19firstly if we had a line chart01:22which plotted01:25uh prices so that was a hundred what01:27you’d have is you know monday tuesday01:29wednesday like this and you just have a01:31a line chart that tells you absolutely01:33nothing about the trade or anything01:35that’s happened you need a candlestick01:37chart a candlestick is going to give you01:39an open price it’s going to give you a01:41close price and it’s going to give you a01:43high and a low that is done by the wicks01:46like this now if the close is above the01:49open then what will happen is that you01:52will color this in green to denote a01:56rising price but it tells us so much01:58more for example if the candlestick02:01looks like this02:03and it’s green what that’s telling us is02:05that during a time period because the02:07candlestick is a time period sellers02:09came in and forced the price all the way02:11down here but during that same time02:14period buyers came in and pushed the02:16price all the way back here and it02:18actually ended because remember this is02:20the close which is above the open which02:21is why it’s green02:23the candlestick during that time period02:25finished much higher this tells me that02:27during that time period buyers came in02:29sellers ran out of gas buyers are02:31pushing the price up02:32why this is important02:34is because each candlestick closes and02:38trade doesn’t stop but the candlestick02:40does if trade continues in the same way02:42that it did right here then in the next02:45candlestick i could suggest that that02:47candlestick may also be green that means02:50the price will go up during that02:51candlestick if i can predict this then02:55that means i can enter at the new02:57candlestick and ride that price movement02:59up you can see that right here what03:01happened the price was forced down03:03buyers came in and forced the price up03:05and what happened in the next two03:07candlesticks03:08so you absolutely need candlesticks you03:10can come to a charting software like in03:12buybit come over here uh area absolutely03:16no information whatsoever candles yes03:18hollow candles are fine bars are the03:20same thing just a little bit of a03:22different design candles give you lots03:24of information so you can learn more03:26about them03:27in some of my other videos but03:28candlesticks is absolutely vital and03:30it’s the number one thing you should use03:32the next thing we can do is use moving03:33averages very simply to find different03:36areas of value and it’s going to tell us03:37a lot about where the trade is and where03:39the price is in comparison to before the03:41way i like to do things is using three03:44moving averages a 20 a 50 and a hundred03:47what this means is it’s going to take a03:49moving average of the price over a03:51certain03:52range of dates03:54a certain amount of periods a 20 period03:57moving average is obviously fairly03:59short-term 50 kind of medium and 100 is04:02going to give me a longer term04:04um kind of price level as to what is04:07what’s happening now versus in the past04:10each moving average gives a moving04:12average over a certain number of periods04:14so if you’re using d which is day each04:17candlestick represents a day and so that04:19is a 20 50 and 100 day moving average if04:22you change the chart to 15 minutes then04:24this will be 20 15 minute periods um so04:28it does change depending on the chart04:30that you’re using but i can now see by04:32these uh by these three moving averages04:35exactly what the trade is now compared04:37to the longer term trend04:39so what you can see here the shorter04:41term period moving average the 20 day04:44moving down through the longer period04:46moving averages and what this tells me04:48is that there’s a short-term sell-off04:50this is kind of a bearish sign for sure04:52when the shorter term price movement04:55comes down so you’ve got the candlestick04:57physically moving through so that’s one05:00uh kind of flag and then the actual05:02moving average is moving down that’s the05:04second flag that means that that move05:06has basically been confirmed so this05:08tells me everything i need to know05:10where is the short-term trade versus the05:12longer-term trade now what a lot of05:15people do a lot of traders do is use the05:17100-peering 100-period moving average as05:20a guide05:21if the price is below the 100 or 20005:24period moving average as a longer term05:26trend that would uh be considered a kind05:29of bearish market many people don’t go05:31long when this happens05:33or you know they just monitor the05:35situation05:37also when the actual price itself but05:40dictated by candlesticks moves across05:42these then they may start trading again05:44so what you can see here is a big05:45sell-off you know you would you would05:47have been good not to buy when this was05:49happening when the chart was moving05:51through these but as you can see we’ve05:53met some support right here the price is05:55starting to move through the short term05:58moving average again this is a06:00potentially bullish sign because um the06:03moving average is06:05the the candlestick is moving above the06:06moving average telling us that maybe the06:09short term trend downtrend is starting06:12to reverse and moving up so you can uh06:15glean a lot of information from three06:17moving averages where the short term06:19trend and trade is versus longer term06:21trends06:22the next thing i like to do with ta is06:24find what i call areas of value you can06:27call these trend lines if you like i06:29prefer areas because it gives me06:32a real life box and an area where the06:34trade might go trend lines are great but06:36they’re very specific and the real world06:39isn’t like that what i’m going to do is06:40come and draw these on so i’m going to06:42draw a rectangle right here and what i06:44mean by areas of value is a price level06:47where the trade has consolidated at06:49these areas where the trade consolidates06:52are considered very strong signals for06:54the price so the first one i’m going to06:56draw is right here that is certainly an06:58area of value for me um so i’m going to07:00click that right here07:02and what you can do is change um the07:04style of these if you want so you can07:06come up to settings07:08um just change maybe to green like this07:11um make a bit thicker so that’s fine by07:14me07:15so is there any other area of value for07:18sure there is i’m going to copy that box07:20and then i’m going to put an error value07:22probably07:23around here07:25this is an area of value07:28copy paste again and then come and have07:30that same error value here why have i07:32put the area value here you can see a07:34lot of trade around here there were07:35there were one two three four five six07:37probably ten days of trade around this07:39level so that’s obviously a key level07:42now07:43you have support and resistance07:45this up here was uh resistance because07:48the price was moving up and then when07:49the price was coming back down this is07:51support right here and it happens to be07:53around the same price that tells me that07:55this price is a significant price to07:58trade around07:59now that the price is moving through the08:02shorter period moving average08:04potentially to the upside not confirmed08:06yet i would therefore consider08:09a move if i was going to go bullish to08:12this level once again and it just so08:14happens that the other moving averages08:16seem to be converging converging around08:18this area of value as well so if i was08:20confident the price was going to08:22continue in this uptrend i would be08:24entering a trade around this level with08:26a take profit of around up here these08:28are areas of value08:30and another area of value for certain08:33would be this level here because there’s08:34a ton of consolidation around and that08:37just so happens if you look previously08:39to be an area of resistance twice up08:42here and that has turned into support08:45here these are areas of value i can see08:47these very easily after more than a08:49decade of trading but they really will08:51help you out to find price levels when08:53you’re trading to enter some take profit08:56levels and some stop losses08:58when you enter your trades09:00when you are trading either short term09:02or longer term if you just want to09:03accumulate using limit orders is09:05absolutely vital if you’re using a09:07convert feature09:08a simple feature to you know dollar cost09:11average into crypto that’s great but you09:13can get much better trades and deals09:15when you use limit orders i’m going to09:17come to actually trading right here you09:18can see i’m in the buy bit spot market09:21and the order price right here the order09:23the mark the price in the market right09:24now is 48 500. so maybe i want to yeah09:28put a limit order in at 4809:3145609:33and then i can just put in09:35an amount let’s say i want to buy you09:36know this much bitcoin i have a limit09:39price of 48 456. press buy just confirm09:43that now what you’ll see is that down09:45here i’ve entered a limit order i am not09:47going to trade09:49unless the price comes down and meets uh09:52my bid so what that means is that i’m09:55going to try and get some cheaper09:56bitcoin because the price is always09:58fluctuating i don’t just want to go in10:00and pay up for my bitcoin now where10:03would that limit order come in we’ll10:04come to the chart as you can see here10:06and find some levels i would say within10:08a day in fact even just today the price10:11has come down to10:1348 100 and it’s now around 48.5 that’s a10:17big difference when you’re trading over10:19the long term so look at the candlestick10:21for your day10:23see where it’s moving and put some limit10:25orders in and see if you get hit it is10:27going to save you maybe half a percent10:29one or two percent over the long term10:32which you know if you’re accumulating10:33big bags is actually going to be a big10:35difference so that limit order is down10:37there working for me i can just cancel10:39this at any time if i don’t want to10:40trade10:41the next indicator that i want to show10:43you is called atr it’s little used10:46amongst a lot of people but i think it’s10:48one of the best ways to10:51see how much risk you’re getting in when10:53you trade10:55either on a daily basis or just to put10:57some some stop losses in to really10:59mitigate your risk if you’re short-term11:01trading so i’m gonna come to indicators11:03uh and i’m gonna type in atr it’s known11:06as average true range i’m gonna click11:08that on you can see that’s on the chart11:09now average true range is a great11:11indicator it gives us a11:14flat amount in dollars that the price11:17can move so average true range tells me11:20the one period so i’m on a day chart11:24right here so it’s going to give me the11:25one day11:26maximum move possible for the asset that11:30i’m trading i’m trading bitcoin and it11:32is telling me that today11:34based on previous moves and we can see11:36that there’s been a ton of consolidation11:38here so the volatility of bitcoin is11:40coming down and being compressed and you11:42can see the atr is also coming down and11:44being and being compressed when you have11:46this big sell-off here high volatility11:49big move the atr spikes11:52the atr is telling me what is the11:54largest probable one day move because11:58i’m on the day chart for bitcoin and12:00it’s telling me that the largest12:02probable one day move because of the12:04recent price action is around 256712:09so when you’re entering a trade let’s12:11say you want a short-term trade you want12:12to go in and you want to set your stop12:14loss um you can set this price this stop12:17loss12:18anywhere you want but the biggest amount12:21you may probably lose is around two and12:23a half thousand dollars so if you’re in12:25you know around forty eight thousand set12:27your stop loss just underneath with the12:30atr the atar is going to help you12:32if the atr is telling you that um it may12:34move five or six thousand in a day12:37factor that into your trading as well12:38it’s a really great indicator to show12:40you um actually12:42how much risk you’re taking because of12:44the probable move of the asset that12:46you’re trading12:47so next i want to talk about getting12:48your news sources in place and your feed12:50set up because if you are day trading12:52you require a news feed it is absolutely12:55vital so we’re going to get into that12:57before that i do want to plug my crypto12:59course right here if you’re getting13:00value out of this video then this type13:03of value is really given to you a13:05hundred times over in my crypto course13:07um so when you get into the crypto13:09course it is a one-time purchase and13:11then you get lifetime access to all13:14future content for free so um content is13:17added over time for existing members we13:18have private discord groups with many13:21different uh groups for technical13:22analysis for investing for doing13:24research so if you you know you want to13:26get value out of crypto you want to know13:28how to trade how to research how to look13:31at tokenomics how to um day trade and13:34everything like that is all in here13:36there’s over 100 videos already more are13:39added over time for free for existing13:40users13:41you can go to or i will13:43link that13:45in the description as well so you can13:46have a look um there’s a ton of value in13:48there13:49so really i want to talk about getting13:50your news in place and your feed in13:52place twitter is without a doubt the13:54best for this so you can follow who you13:56want um you know you might want to13:59follow me or you might want to vote14:00other people but i would suggest looking14:02at the people that i follow so you know14:04go to my twitter and see who i’m14:06following um because i’m following some14:07people that i get value from as well14:09there is no way that you are going to14:11know everything about the market it’s14:12impossible but following the right14:14people is going to give you not just14:17information but also analysis as well14:19that you can use compare contrast and14:21make your own decisions one of the easy14:23ones is looking at the bitcoin fear and14:25greed index um14:27it’s a little bit silly yes i mean like14:29this is you know um qualitative really14:31but it gives you a an idea and you can14:34actually feel fear and greed on twitter14:37on crypto twitter you can feel it it’s14:38palpable i like to trade and buy when14:42everyone is like selling and14:43capitulating that’s where i go to work14:46so you can have a look at this this is a14:47very rough guide follow if someone like14:50will on twitter this is a group of14:51people that post um tons of info about14:54on-chain analysis14:56really good14:57analysis of that on-chain data so you14:59don’t have to go and look at the data15:01yourself you can just follow someone15:02like this and get a lot of great15:05analysis of that data all in one go so15:07for sure following people on twitter15:09getting your news in the right place so15:11i’ve recently been trading polygon15:14um so what you have to do you know just15:16go and follow15:17go follow polygon polygon daily as you15:20can see polygon the official site15:22there’s a lot of different people that15:24are going to be posting tons of very15:27specific information that you can trade15:30from and the market in general you just15:33cannot get this information from a price15:35you know why is the price going up you15:37actually need to know why you need to15:38follow these people because then15:41you will get kind of early information15:43about things that are happening15:44is the project going to be launching15:46somewhere is a ton of uh um total value15:50locked going to be coming onto the15:51system is you know the coin going to be15:54listed on an exchange all of these15:56things are catalysts for the price and15:59you just won’t know them unless you’re16:00following um specifically a lot of the16:03best um accounts for that specific16:06project so this is absolutely vital16:08whatever you want to trade16:09get your twitter in place it is the best16:12place to get this if you want to trade16:13all coins then go to these specific16:17projects twitters16:19and there are also a lot of other kind16:21of independent people that post about16:23different projects if you want to trade16:24bitcoin then really this is more about16:26macro news um and you know kind of16:28interest rates and everything like that16:30but whatever you’re trading you16:31absolutely have to get your twitter and16:32your news flow in place16:34the next thing you’ll need to do is16:36really understand where the trade is16:38looking at the price isn’t enough we’ve16:40looked at the price we’ve looked at16:41areas of value but what we want to do16:43now is get some fundamental data about16:46what people are trading where and why16:48one of the best ways to do this is to16:50look at futures funding futures funding16:52is going to tell you everything about16:53where the market is right now you can16:56feel it and this is very important when16:58you trade because what you really want17:00to do17:01especially when day trading which is17:03what this17:04video is about17:05is um17:07make sure you time your entries properly17:10now what i can see here and this is17:11called coin glass17:13so you can come to this website it’s17:14totally free and i’m looking at17:15perpetual futures funding rates for17:17bitcoin there’s also a ton of other17:19altcoins here that you can use perpetual17:21funding rates tell me where the market17:23is i can really feel it right so what17:25you can see here is that there are longs17:27and there are shorts this is telling me17:28now that there are more people with open17:30interest to the short side you can see17:335117:34than to the long side17:36so the market is kind of short and17:39they’re betting short now for me17:42what that’s what that tells me is well17:44do i want to go long or do i want to go17:45short here what you can do is come back17:47to the chart17:48and really see what’s happening with the17:51price so i can see that actually the17:53price is consolidating around here and i17:55can also see17:57that we’re just kind of moving up18:00were people covering their shorts were18:02they short and then they’re going long18:04to kind of cover and exit out of their18:06trades18:07if the market18:09and you can use this along with um18:12analysis from people like will18:15um who do you know on chain analysis18:18when the market starts to turn that’s18:20when you want to kind of uh time your18:22trade so when this market18:25starts kind of not going short going18:27long again that’s when you want to time18:29your trade to get in because you’re18:30going to be riding people’s short18:32covering when the market flips it flips18:35pretty quickly especially with18:36cryptocurrencies so18:39when the price is coming down okay leave18:41off maybe you want to go short itself18:42but when the price starts consolidating18:44and moving back up again that’s when you18:46get when you can say okay i’m going to18:48try and time my entry right here this18:50tells me where the market is and usually18:52what you want to do is um you know wait18:54for the market to start turning and then18:56riding that move back up so futures18:58funding is really good the other thing19:00that you can look at is kucoin right19:02here kucoin funding rates they are a19:04great indicator to where the market is19:06right now19:07so essentially on kucoin you know they19:10have a funding market for their futures19:11exchange19:12when the um when the funding rate is19:14around about five percent for us dollars19:16or usdt19:18that means that there aren’t many19:19traders going long right usually that19:21means there’s been a sell-off and a19:23pullback which is exactly what happened19:25that is when i come alive and i start19:27buying um dca dollar cost averaging into19:30bitcoin um that is when the market is19:32soft and selling off and everyone’s19:34selling that’s great for me i’m19:36long-term i’m going to hold for 20 years19:38so i’m happy to kind of buy during those19:40periods but what you can see19:43the market is starting to turn on kucoin19:45right now19:46the rate came down to about four and a19:48half percent and now you can see it’s19:50just ticking up again and that means19:51people are starting not to go short19:53they’re starting to19:55go long again so use this when this19:57starts ticking up and this starts20:00ticking up20:01that is a sign that the market may be20:03starting to turn around and go long20:05again you can come back to the chart20:07look at your areas of value can see it20:08starting to happen as well right so this20:11is a potential long entry trade if we20:13get another couple of good prints to20:16start moving up and then you’ve got your20:17take profits higher20:19the next thing i want to touch on is the20:20difference between spot trading and20:22futures trading if you want to day trade20:25futures are much more suited for day20:27trading spot market really is for you20:29know buy and hold maybe swing trading if20:31you want to do that over a slightly20:32longer period of day trading or you know20:34if you want a position that’s open for a20:36week or so futures really are more20:38suited to this but a massive risk20:40warning you know if you’re an uh a20:41beginner maybe just stick to the20:44the spot market um it is safer because20:46there’s no leverage being used you’re20:48not going to get20:49kind of stopped out and you know if you20:51get in the wrong side of a trade at20:52least you can just hold the trade and20:54kind of wait um with futures that’s not20:57how it works so what i really want to do20:59is go over to the futures market and21:01this is definitely for more advanced21:03traders that have been in for a while21:05but i just want to really show you the21:06difference right here so with futures21:08you do not buy and own any of the asset21:11that you’re trading you are just simply21:13betting on the price difference between21:14when you enter the trade and when you21:16exit the trade so if you do want to use21:18feature futures and many people do21:20there’s an advantage of lower trading21:22fees21:23and also you have the ability to go long21:26and short you can’t do that in the spot21:28market you can sell bitcoin or ethereum21:31that you have but you can’t take a short21:33position you can do that with futures so21:36what you’re doing essentially is betting21:37on prices up and down21:39so that is the benefit of futures also21:41with futures you can leverage up21:43and i’ve got specific trading guides for21:46buybit and other platforms so i’ll leave21:48them linked in the description on how to21:50trade futures you can do that but with21:52futures you can leverage up so you can21:53put a thousand dollars an account go 2×21:55leverage and open a position that is21:58worth two thousand dollars the reason22:00why people do this is because you can22:02take advantage of much smaller price22:03movements so as long as you have your22:05risk management in place you know you22:07can take advantage of a two to five22:09percent move you know and that obviously22:11with two times leverage works out a lot22:12more um so that is really the benefit of22:15futures they there are they are22:17beneficial but there are also risks so22:19what i’m going to do here is really22:21quickly show you um let’s say you want22:23to go long here so you are a buyer you22:25put in a limit order um at this price22:28and you put in whatever you need to22:31uh you know go with take profits and22:33stop losses when trading futures you22:35have to have a stop-loss loss in place22:37because if something goes south you’re22:39in big trouble you could lose you know22:41all of especially if you’re using five22:42times or ten times leverage you know a22:4510 10 move is going to wreck your22:47account so always when trading futures22:50put in a stop loss at a certain level22:53and we’ve seen that with areas of value22:55earlier on in this video a stop loss22:57would be for example22:59five or ten percent away from your entry23:02price and you can see that here that23:04will when you enter the order that will23:06enter a secondary order which is a sell23:08order below your entry to stop any23:10further losses if the trade moves23:12against you futures have their23:14advantages they’re also much more risky23:16because you can leverage up you don’t23:18have to leverage you can use one-time23:20leverage but with futures there’s23:22certain things to consider and a stop23:24loss would always be recommended the23:26next tip and this is the most important23:28one for sure is to have a plan and stick23:30to that plan and23:31don’t try and project something onto a23:34chart and an asset that you just want to23:36happen this is the most difficult thing23:39being patient um understanding where the23:42chart is what the asset is telling you23:45and then choosing whether or not to23:46trade rather than saying i want to make23:48a hundred dollars a day and so i’m gonna23:50go in make a bad decision because you23:53personally want to earn a hundred23:54dollars a day rather than being23:56objective and saying23:58is this actually a good trade or not i’m24:00going to give you an example of this24:03right now as i’m making this video tara24:05luna has been on an absolute tear it’s24:07come into the top ten it’s up 42 percent24:10um and a lot of people are kind of24:12fomoing right they’re thinking ah this24:14thing keeps going up and i can’t get in24:16um it’s a great asset so what should we24:19do here so if i want to go long and i24:21want to make money from terror24:23firstly that’s the wrong thing because24:26whatever you want is not where you24:29should start your trading journey so i’m24:31going to come over to the buy bit chart24:32right here and remember everything i’ve24:34said in this video finding areas of24:36value and everything like that so you24:38can see on the chart we have a 20 and a24:4050. buy a bit i’ve only just added this24:42so the 100 isn’t there24:44what can you see from this chart where24:46is the area of value do i want to go24:48long here in anticipation of it going up24:50to 100 what i can see is an incredibly24:53bearish candlestick here so the price24:55got up to 98 and then24:58obviously some big sellers came in and24:59just sold it off25:01where is the area of value on this chart25:03should i get in here to be honest no25:06let’s look at the area of value so i’m25:08just going to draw um a rectangle right25:11here i can see the previous area of25:13value is right up here around 70. let’s25:16draw this on25:18this is where i would be looking to get25:20in25:21you can see that the blue25:23moving average is obviously converging25:26and kind of coming up to this level as25:28well this may be support is luna gonna25:31get here is it going to consolidate up25:32here i don’t know but right now would be25:36a kind of a bad time to get in because25:38we’re neither at support or breaking25:41through resistance and so for me even25:43though i like luna and want to add some25:45more i’m gonna have to hold off for this25:47trade i don’t want to be right in the25:50middle where it could go either down to25:52this level you know or potentially up25:55i just don’t know you can’t predict the25:56future you have to trade from levels so25:59i can’t project my own wants and needs26:01to earn money um against the chart that26:04is telling me that it’s just not the26:05right time to buy so you have to look at26:07the chart on what what it’s telling you26:09i actually much prefer the bitcoin chart26:11here26:12if you’re looking at levels of support26:15and resistance you can see we have a26:17period of consolidation the price is26:19attempting to move up through uh26:21previous resistance moving averages and26:23we have26:25another area that potentially the price26:27could move to that would be26:29a trade that actually has a better risk26:32reward ratio for me than trading in luna26:35which has been26:37mooned and then is potentially coming26:39back to support way lower so do not26:41project what you want to happen onto a26:44chart you have to objectively look at26:45the chart and decide whether26:48the trade is actually a good risk reward26:50or not so that is the very basics of26:53setting up trading looking at news and26:55flow and charts to try and make some26:57better decisions on what you want to26:59trade for sure if you want to know way27:01more in depth of this and you want to27:02know specifically how to enter orders27:05how to do technical analysis i have a27:07whole section in my course on trading27:09you can see it here there’s tons of27:10videos more added over time do check27:12that out if you are looking um just for27:15an all-in-one crypto trading and27:16investing solution that will be added to27:19for free over time27:20a one-time payment discord groups and27:22everything like that also if you want to27:23trade on buy a bit um there are deposit27:25bonuses on there as well um and you can27:28look in the description for you know the27:29platforms i use some extra helpful27:31videos and everything like that i’m27:32james with money’s ug cheers for27:34watching and i’ll see you in the next27:35one English (auto-generated)