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Beginners Guide To Chart Patterns

Beginners Guide To Chart Patterns

What You Need To Know To Be A Successful Trader

A very good tutorial for the beginner covering chart patters

Beginners Guide To Chart Patterns



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 This is a chart patterns for beginners course. FRACTAL FLOW WEBSITE: (better seen on desktop!) PRICE ACTION COURSES: https://fractal-flow-price-action.dpd… STRATEGY STORE: CONTACT: In this free video course, I expose the most relevant chart patterns, and I also talk about how to trade chart patterns. Over the years, many people have created different rules on how to deal and interpret these patterns. In this presentation, you will find the logical interpretation of each pattern, and a way to trade them based on solid risk management concepts. You can use chart patterns for intraday trading or for swing trading. The mechanics of the patterns remain completely intact. You can also use them in any market you wish to trade. In this chart patterns course, you will also find something that is hard to find somewhere else, which is the exposition of the pitfalls and disadvantages of the technique. A lot of educators tend to focus on the bright side of techniques without really talking about the hidden disadvantages. As I say in this course, the greatest benefit of learning chart patterns comes from understanding their limitations. I expose the reversal, continuation, and neutral chart patterns, and also the bullish and bearish chart patterns as these two classifications add on top of each other. You can use this course as a chart pattern cheat sheet. Chart Patterns Discussed in the video: Head and Shoulders Reverse Head and Shoulders Double Bottom Double Top Triple Bottom Triple Top Falling Wedge Rising Wedge Bullish Expanding Triangle Bearish Expanding Triangle Bullish Rectangle Bearish Rectangle Bullish Flag Bearish Flag Bullish Pennant Bearish Pennant Bullish Symmetrical Triangle Bearish Symmetrical Triangle Bullish Ascending Triangle Bearish Descending Triangle Cup & Handle Reverse Cup & Handle Ascending Triangle Descending Triangle Symmetrical Contracting Triangle Symmetrical Expanding Triangle Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 01:25 Chart Patterns Classification 04:54 Reversal Patterns 23:12 Continuation Patterns 33:44 Neutral Patterns 37:25 Trading Chart Patterns 39:53 Advantages & Disadvantages #ChartPatternsForBeginners 

Beginners Guide To Chart Patterns

Beginners Guide To Chart Patterns


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00:00in this free video course go to show you00:03the basics of joy pear tree the stocks00:05forex fluctuaties er prima mee nu mark i00:09you we en they try to apply00:10start-systeem earnshaw universal00:14zodar applicable to all markets and all00:16time frames00:17in this course you don’t you find out00:19why they provide apparent00:21de classifications between reversal00:23continuatie en youtube parents and also00:25the classification english00:27een berg spellend rasool historie the00:30larger paniek spellen en die voor00:32mooiste trader at last00:34ruben te mixen conclusions about the use00:37of your parents and experts on may 20 is00:39in die zet managers of this training00:41techniek00:43ago this course is to show you the00:44reality of using the spellend00:46je santing demonstreren educators center00:48purpose wie enorm00:51waarvan de start ook een cd-rom naar00:53families balance time to greater00:55reference for people to live interviews00:57en de pit falls00:59desfire create this free course i01:01believe it’s a car audio teleur01:03dienstbaar enthousiast voor de seco van01:04eerst andere me tekens die voor u de01:07game you understand this video01:09just like in een ander kan te duwen find01:11my channel en website is for educational01:14purposes only01:16dit is na investments and rice tredion01:18risk01:19led set is begin first by talk about how01:22to classify de challenge01:26parents classificatie works a lot like01:28de candlestick basiskwalificatie01:31shadow nogal candlestick balans bork01:32havn free candlestick parents corsica01:35koud in de youtube card01:38europese creatures of classifying de01:40chart parents and they john tapir each01:42other so china moment de karpaten01:45classified by direction in taipei01:48het begin my story de first class01:50vacation moet je de direction of de01:52karper01:54direction classification release te de01:55direction detail suppose to go after de01:58perre01:59sinds miljard aquino bouwprijs charge er02:01al ietsje directions de prijs single in02:04iedere king ii de roteb02:05freaking go down after de berg met de02:08char pattern implies the price to go02:10after de peiling be classified as een02:13rollenspel met de kartbaan in place the02:16price mobiel down after de berm de02:18classified as a berg spullen02:20biondi direction classification jassen02:23hebben een ander type’ of classification02:25deur uit om trap of the first one het is02:27de tijd02:28er treedt ives of tripod reverse op02:31ergens u kunt uw asian parents in de nu02:34toe parent02:36de typographic ation tells wordt koning02:38te rappen moet price after de pijl in02:40relation to waar de wapenen met price02:42for de power led’s analyze the street02:45icinde wie jullie02:47reversals gargellen syndicate ted prize02:49to do in the opposite direction after de02:51pernis vormt02:53voor ik sample is bryce new job en02:56reversal charge powerpeers02:58in misdaad price will do after de beller03:01japans it is also used car prices going03:04down in de reversal targaryen pierce03:07misdaad price will go up after burn03:10ik vind relations arcade indicates the03:12price over zoiets kan interactie en door03:15de ballon03:16for example the price is comin’ up en en03:19continuation gargellen appears in the03:21price will continue guy off after de03:23bergen waar de site ook een prijs is03:26goin down en continuation joy balina03:28paars03:30indicates the price will continue going03:31down after de berg03:34het laatst we hem de nu toe art fair and03:36classification03:37misdaad prijskiller go up or down deep03:39in the word’ prize breaks out of de03:41perre03:42richard balancer classified is mijn03:45combining these two types of03:46kwalificaties together03:48werktempo twee takken bamboe is reversal03:51charge there were talking about paar03:53andere piepjes win prizes down down in03:55order to sing you a reversal to the03:57website03:58sdg speakers de term blush indicate04:00which could happen after de berm in this04:03case is gooi-up04:05in de tuin reversals misdaad price will04:07change direction after the palace of04:10price will change direction after de04:12perre04:12in uw ogen wel in necessary means that i04:14was going down before de peter nee04:17badger’s continuation bad guys will be04:19going down and after de pen en de beurs04:22price ook een team going down youtube04:24parents bianca boodschappen in before de04:27perre04:28sympathieke look at each side bryce04:30breaks over de perre04:31sinds dat de directie uw powell go so if04:35you see een youtube banner en prize04:37breaks auto die website04:38pernis indicating that price will be wat04:40ik prijs breedste de downside04:43de per er is indicating the price will04:45go down this classifications doen makes04:48my sense to you they hope become kleur04:50als wie werkvloer die ik samples of04:52which there is no more fun te de studio04:55demo vrouwen hun carfare one by one04:59ruby in explore each verder niets05:01classification starting worden reversals05:03balance first05:05bizar de parenteel in de cade change05:07restauratie after de paradyske vreemd05:10first subparagraph maïs is de venus head05:13shoulders barry05:15head shoulders is een berg reversal park05:18in looks like this05:20wat is de prijs op iconia en achter de05:23bar and i will go down05:25er veel import en alle mens in een hem05:27shoulder sparrow05:29helder show dus char highlighted by05:31numbers van en 5 de het putjes05:34highlighted by nummer 3 en de neckline05:37jai lai lai by the line connecting05:39onderstuur en voor05:41joy pear en risico’s nemen picas de05:43price at chauffeurs en wilde shape of05:45head and shoulders05:47jotham dynamiek serie zeer to remember05:49and the talk de parent in real time05:52lodger pa’s oude porn star brite such05:54een boom ik het our time by veel inter05:56produce a higher higher in nummer 5 in05:59de details waren chappie nummer 3 in the06:02field of them to surpass nummer 3 nummer06:04506:05of this means the seller’s archief power06:08is buyer sack monster energy06:10import en thing to pay attention will06:12attempt en toetreden head shoulders06:15de neckline tussen de line de moltio one06:17price and breaks of de peiling06:20ervoor confirme het is alsof de lionel06:22theo werd winter de markten06:25jij die weet de tweede head and06:26shoulders wella sp lading prijs breek06:29below the neckline and wait for price to06:31come back and reach this line06:35big bore them to enter a fair trade s&s06:37prize breaks down the neckline06:39de promo daar is die mij interim06:41emotieloos precise point to you end up06:43taking my risk and smaller potentieel06:46retard cf06:48die audio situatie is to wait for price06:50to his back up to the neckline and ass06:53prize rietjes de neklijn06:55jocelyn working to check for size de06:56prijs is in die respect in de nightline06:59is er assistance for example of price07:01comes back to the neckline and author07:04reaches its price kritisch absoluut berg07:06reversal candles ik bellen u kunt single07:09boy short with just one example of07:11course there thousands of the fun things07:13de kan helpen is prijs comes back to the07:16neckline te testen07:18zo in summary amélie chewie’s of en07:20trinitrate hier zie je hem zo door07:22speller07:23ik hem niet voor price to close below07:25the neckline and used a te triggeren07:27trademark het is een mooi die verschijnt07:30retoriek en reed voor price to close07:31below the neckline07:33ik een bacterie test it also very high07:35price reactie is een reaches the07:37neckline07:38keyword research possible price cruises07:41below the neckline and then start arise07:43game completely this respect in de nek07:45my advice important to enter in de mos07:48precise place possible as you will be07:51left risky jan die entry you also need a07:54large ghost applaus place ben michael07:56target07:57en als we de pen onder typo rentree07:59youtube08:01logical stop loss order ze boven de high08:03number 5 picasa sprites breaks down the08:05neckline08:06high number 5 of the comic con vorm08:08supply zo’n spyware sellers conform de08:11power08:12je donohoe supply and trading works er08:15cardio te met beginners guide to supply08:17and demand tree the new youtube card08:20dit is dus een fast stap lasten us08:22inherent chauffeurs uit en begin08:24ondersteuning why we liever preiser het08:26racete de neckline isabelle radio08:28esprit casual de minuten sizer voor stap08:30ik in assen poeder stapel high number08:33three08:34en zuurstof blaast icing crisis rt08:36professor go ahead to increase per08:38persoon wie is wel in de larger check08:41private law the chance to get08:44general overdekt professor god is die08:47nice to be at least three times08:49sbk zuurstof dat meisje niet te houden08:51deze planten laat price ieder git de08:53stappen08:54orde target ik een oud klooster treden08:56so nice price callcenter private08:59het is time for single room and your09:01account in een monteur van dubbel talk09:04about measuring moe minste grey targets09:06dat is een make any sense my view een09:09ander gio belde hem show dus perron09:11staat de neckline mine eyes the09:13horizontal09:14sometimes gympies loopt de die website09:17pers loopt de de dans zijn09:19gelde be careful and their heb een09:21pikachu en te poeder stop loss order by09:23ze conform de powersellers minimizer09:26precies kleurloos09:28next in line helder reverse head09:30shoulders burn it works in a similar09:32weten dus tender handler’s de reverse09:35versie is een bodge workshop er wat09:38standard version is een belgische09:40chauffeurs op er09:42rivers head shoulders barry lessons and09:44configuration09:45als de standard we de kern is09:47upside-down09:48level of vallen p hallo09:51de lodge ep highlight is dat sellers09:53rebooten kretologie een brasserie les09:56detail te treden largo en nummer 5 t09:59veld periscope vine en price presa bende10:02neckline10:04jory en riley steden en die horizontaal10:06earth loopt de pinyon werden previous10:09highs and lows arrogi safer and free10:12happens met broad street races back to10:14the neckline10:15after breaking bad and the optimal en10:17lunch coast applaus order is billow10:19nummer 5 en helpen10:22bks price breaks a burden on line number10:25five de comic con from the mijn zoon10:27matt shepard acteurs applaus order in10:29most cases10:31hallo is de is confirmation of dat de10:34mens omar heb een veroordeling witte10:36reverse head shoulders10:38residence lopen neckline dat is to steam10:41de target voor de twee must be at least10:43three times as big as de stap om is mijn10:46theorie world like that if you want to10:48survive treden in een lantaarn dat ze10:50subject voor een andere koers10:52max online we hebben bullish reversals10:54parenco dubbel barrel10:56nesten names as defined by chillouts de10:59zit in same price logo symbool is11:02reverse op arrow11:03zo prijs op greedo in dunne bamboe11:06bamboe papier te single person to the11:08website11:10de bar is conform en de breakout line de11:13compound number two11:14is broke into the website love you find11:17this power lines monseigneur in de11:19simpel mechanics of highs and lows en de11:20charge11:22de barrameda der chulo schering dus een11:24logo en naam is dat de second home veel11:27te koop below the first one design11:29witness of de sellers11:31because they were not able to surpass de11:33les level die create en zelfs11:36prices able to break geboorde hi in11:38between the solo’s11:39misdaad payers sardinie power over11:41sjouwers toe naar ali dit sellers veel11:44te cradle of11:46buyers guide to break de laatste level11:48er sellers games from this breakout11:51lines for only by the high inbetween11:53kilo’s zo ik in libië horizon de war11:57video weten treden dubbel warm bad is de11:59wever price to break up of the line and12:01come back to the test12:03password12:05just like big cypress tree is broad12:07street racer back to break out my future12:09is bright red star line12:12je video’s met een moment winter of12:14entree voor de stapel o’ number one12:16laboratory12:18is de lodge coast applaus order picken12:20seth price breaks above the line12:22ik confirms adem en zoon-in-law de muur12:24312:25de dat zombie work ethic cashino12:27protection for your stuff dus een always12:30work of course by using this large ik u12:33kan increase your chances of a hobby12:35stoploss de target should be at least12:37three times as big as een stap plus size12:41just apotheek professor garcet je china12:44mood and arrow12:46u nu 2 voor de marken to their nature12:48stappen of your target12:51dus laat me hem dubbel barrel is een12:52police reversal para bij jou zal redden12:54dubbel tab12:55essenberg chauffeurs op en er is barry12:59is form by joyce13:00het schip in de same price labo ze13:03barry’s humeur zo ver en zo price will13:05be going up binnen de bhaktapur13:07purchasing a reversal to the downside13:10de boot apis kon vormt met de breakout13:13mind ik een zaal of nummer twee is broke13:15into the downside13:17logic bygones butterflies mensen kennen13:19in de simpel mechanics of highs and lows13:21in het shard13:22de boot up restart your eyes in indesign13:25level13:26en hem is dat de circa highfield to go13:28for the first one13:29dit is een sauna fitness op de buyer13:31speakers they were not able to see13:33pesten les level be created en zelfs13:36prices able to break de l’eau de lo13:38dimitri nice guys in misdaad sellers13:40sardinie power over de buyers and roll13:43it by er speelt en grey de hi hi13:46sellers driver to break de les lego wear13:48by asking for13:50spreek outline is formed by by de loo in13:52between two eyes to ik in libië horizon13:55te lang13:56jow te treden dubbel tab en er is de13:59wafer price to break below the line14:01een comeback te riet astrid is14:03racistisch14:04dus lijkt mij sal previously esprit14:06street racer back to the breakout line14:09you watch en edgar prijs reactie de14:12wi-fi doos en moment winter fair trade14:15we de stappen boor nummer één in de14:17brasserie the lodge go stop loss order14:21iss prize bridge below the line ik hem14:23earnshaw supply zo’n in high number 314:26zodat zo’n work so cashino protection14:28for your stap de zijn al eens workforce14:32by using this lodge ik begin increase14:34your chances of hobby en stap was de14:37target u baby’s 3 times as big as een14:39stap plus size14:41sir stap een teek professor garcet chino14:44model14:45euro14:46niet weet voor de markt toe door video14:48stap en your target14:50uitvreters dat doe het voor priory trays14:52beste de breakout line14:54prijs die we stelen buffer is kim14:56biologisch care14:57ik een zuurstoffles eyes will be bigger14:59fish eye entree in en word precision15:02feathers doet is wanneer er vrede of15:04missie the opportunity to the sacrifice15:06er in triolen robot15:08percentage wat is to be part of the15:10trade15:12however over de langer en acting like15:14this will be bad urach recurve15:17een extra for superior kontje studie is15:20in some sense15:20lodge go extension of de dubbel warm en15:23is call triple barn15:25symbolisch reverse gebeuren in a price15:28will be going down en handsfree bullbar15:30purchasing 0 errors or to the website sr15:33kids in extension of de dubbel barrel15:35picasa it’s where she worked there when15:38i start to those sitting in the same15:39level15:40druppeldarm fast reel oost zin in de15:42same price labo15:44naar de word blozen won drie en vijf for15:47my report which means that sellers and15:50fine to great loos de er veel in te15:52douchen15:53my fire skinny power to break out the15:56website and detailed alici in de triple15:59barn15:59sorry doen seein de double barrel is de16:02factor de breakout wine per neckline16:04nou matthew acties tot zo’n touch this16:07line kind bis loopt in star wars on top16:10joden pencil hadden we hebben monniken16:12nek right to afford to form the neckline16:14and break out war16:16hoe het werkt shui tweede pijler is de16:18cms bij voor het traders chauffeur break16:21out to the website of the neckline and16:23replacement je de neckline16:24acting as a partner at studio snel stap16:28chablis biologisch want drie en vijf en16:31de taiga bed least 3 times as big as de16:34stap16:35marley hypotheek de de targets ibm ijzer16:38movement dharmisch dat de tiger rubi16:40verf leden same size uit de stap en16:43unfortunately it’s no no no to produce16:45bigger zout in de wond arm16:47de ikea lack nature of de mark i16:49remember this pattern sarvar familie16:52perfect in de hoeveel arm de times16:55sonische compensated by using smarter it16:58management16:59in this case men’s using het ik17:00professor god er is er veel times de17:02site of de stap was er in de markt17:05ron its course17:07dus like de triple barn is een extension17:09of de dubbel barrel17:10de triple tab is een extension of the17:12double tap17:14de triple tapis op barry’s reverse op er17:16een in in the price will be going up en17:18in een triple taboe papier tussen knol17:20en refers to the downside17:23hij zei iets in extension of the double17:25tap ik is iets waar is immers de kern17:28van die structuur high city’ in de same17:30level17:31de triple top historici in het same17:33price label dat de words17:36hai duong 315 voor mijn ice presents17:39met misdaad buyers outside secrete hi17:41guys wanneer veel in te doen zo17:44meanwhile sellers angi power to breakout17:47de de downside17:48van die theodicee in de triple tab of17:51udon signe de boeddha17:52defecte de break offline ornek lionized17:55uw acties17:56de sometimes the line kippies loopt in17:59sterren force on to all depends on what18:01will happen winnen connect raichu en18:03voor de van de neckline18:05rubriek outline u weet werd chili treden18:07per en is de cms we voor de trailer18:10chauffeur break out to the downside of18:12de break-up line neuriet race mensen de18:15line up the resistance to18:17het stereo sneller18:19station piano guys was drie en vijf18:22de tardis abed liet real-time usb is een18:25stap18:26marmalade people tikte de target ibms18:28arme mensen dharmisch dat de taiga will18:31be readily de same size as de stap en en18:34voor publiek en snel en of the product18:35good results in a long time to the guard18:38nature of the market18:40remember this pattern sarvar van18:42bitperfect in de hoe flarden times18:45zo in die te kampen cda basisch marlies18:47management18:48in this case mini using het ik professor18:50god er is a few times the size of de18:53stoploss18:54legging de markering is koers18:56sofar we helft cover de head shoulders18:58parent met dubbel en triple taps in19:01bottoms19:01s parodie reversals cardboard de meestal19:05morante de reversals wedges19:07perch pro concealer is calling my19:09en polish rubbers op peil in in19:12den ijssel be going down19:13dennen falling wide will appear te zien19:15ofso door die website19:18hoe wedges en syrië subcontracting price19:20movement19:21reconnect de highs and lows wil zullen19:24de two lines tenten conversies to reach19:26over19:27logic behind the falling marge is de19:29olieprijs movement19:31sellers and losing power that’s why de19:33wedge is progressief in hr19:36een cel in power is toulon bias mcbride19:39break out of the way studie op site is19:41in the same way jeeves me voor radio en19:43twee havens one price treat races bij19:45studio pro liner de valling was te19:48testen en support19:50logical step plasjes bloedeloos loo in19:52uw edge19:53indische stryver targeted at least three19:56times en spacer stap19:58plc helder rising much de barrys20:00reversal paar minuten price will be20:03going up and rising wedgwood op eerste20:05single person to the downside20:09wedges a series of contract bryce20:11movement20:12quickconnect de highs and lows cultuur20:14door de two lines tenten conversie to20:16each other20:17de lodge grinder rising wedge is dat het20:20muziekprijs movement by user switching20:22power20:23that’s why de wedge is progressief in hr20:25and buying power is toulon20:28selfies méprise break out of the way to20:30the downside20:32using the same love you for radio in20:34twee havens one price street racer back20:36to the line of the rising wedge20:39de testen als resistance lodge kost20:41applaus is de boven de highs high launch20:44and she stryver target20:46er is at least three times sbs er stap20:49de finalized reversal chart parents20:52wisteria keller bruno sx penning trying20:55of de politiek spanning triangle20:58is een boel is reverse op en en minder21:00price will be going down and then the21:02expanding triangle will appear to see no21:04other person to the upside21:07de sharp and receive systeem picasa des21:09kreises jury’s rekspanning prize21:11movements of progressief increase in21:13volle glorie21:14de lodge business partner at reversal21:17single is dat ik er een markiplier21:19finalize de trend het productieproces21:21final drive21:23de kiezen voor bullish expanding21:25triangle account markiplier aarde21:27sellers21:28sinds prijs is going down zodat we21:30produce progressieve larger price21:32movement to finalize die trend in achter21:34dat buyers’ picks up and price for21:37reverse direction21:40nog eens ouders te vinden in de wedge21:41waar de kans markiplier21:43is los our way to tripoli seks penning21:46triangle21:47is de white for price to break up of the21:49yellow light and wait for their21:50respected dus like to test this password21:54de stad shoeby l’eau de lo stylo in de21:56triangle21:57in de targets u beatrijs 3 times a large22:00is de stoploss size22:02maxwell sahel de belgische ex penning22:04triangle wat je ze belt reversal per en22:07in de prijs of growing up in de22:09rekspanning triangle group purchasing22:10and reverse or to the downside22:14de sharp and receive dus neem picosi22:16desk reference series rekspanning price22:18movements of progression and grace en22:20rosalie22:22de lodge het perron de spel en is een22:23reversal single is dat ik kan het22:25markiplier22:26finalising de trein het producing porno22:29final drops22:31de kiezer buisje spanning triangle de22:33kern markiplier er de buyers22:35sinds branches colina do they will22:37produce progress of the larger price22:39movements to finalize friend and after22:42that service for film and price for22:44reverse direction22:46dan is al dat stevent in de lodge waar22:49de kant markiplier22:50is in power22:512 tl buis expanding my job is to wait22:54for price to break below the line of22:57retoriek respected is line te testen23:00resistance de stad chopin boven de highs23:03high en de triangle23:04en de tiger should be at least three23:06times as large as de stoploss size23:09discovers the reverse card balance dan23:12olifanten de continuatie charge patterns23:15oskar big broccoli de simpel is23:17continuation sharp and in which is23:19called rectangle23:20we hebben blush en beige variant23:23als beginnen we de boel is rectangle23:24first23:26nummer dat nou weer tak inbouw23:27continuation parents to the same or the23:30price poriso met counter action23:32after the parents kon vormt rectangle23:35happens van prize begins dry lake side23:37with23:38andere zult u highs and lows vorm23:39horizonten lined23:41em ik de verder resemble de shaper23:43rectangle that were de patterning23:45comfort23:47lodge het behind rectangle en ze23:48continuatie bellen is the price has been23:51training for a while another is een23:53consolidation down to heaven sinds de23:55mark i cannot be pricing or falling for23:57ever23:58dollar beginner of angelino de ster24:01prices isolate ik between the two note 224:04deur trendy oranje side with24:06en mama grizzly over simplify en dus24:09voelen precies op de video24:11this is a valid perspectief proper way24:13to travel is rectangle24:15is de wait for price to break up of the24:17line de connector ice3 traced back de24:20deadline te testen en support is de24:23ultimo scenario of course24:25dat is een mooi hebben sometimes price24:28brake set line24:29i just keeps your skin bierbrouwen24:31because you are anxious trader24:34uw try to chase pricewatch opbrengsten24:36per dekking in bali large kost applaus24:39is bloedeloos twee en for peace prize24:42breaks the upper right the website will24:45usually conform adem en zo’n room toe en24:47voor freaking kanaal de help of dus24:49buyers protector stap les over24:52check private should be at least three24:54times as large as een stap24:56member deuren continuation bet er in te24:58lijsten price is trending25:00zou je maïs wel take advantage of dat25:02supporten to remember that there can be25:04more highs and lows kunt een site direct25:06engel25:07water in toeren vlc helden barry’s25:10rectangle banner25:12keppens van prices find all night repair25:15er iets kon found25:16rival politiek en 10 euro in art25:19love big money verder in de widget reet25:22zak wie de cms de boys rectangle of25:24course25:25yoni single changes is de site you’re25:27looking to trade25:29een price breaks below the line connect25:31in de loods of de rectangle25:33en riet races back to this line te25:35testen expositions25:37s de tuin te openen fairtrade we de25:39stappen bij rise to inform25:41maar de time price breekt rode lorelai25:44uw jullie confirm als apply sunrise tube25:46for kanon door sellers te helpen25:49of de pro duo van we die simpel char25:52galleries25:53sterprijs vol often times to trace much25:55deeper and closer to the supplier de25:57mens ooit twee van de drie spetters25:59chili of er een acteur 2 of training26:03dit is why worry supply and demand26:04training ze bad guy dr de invoering de26:07simplistic pages26:08hallo is of koers voor de mos bar er26:11naar de baas woii yellow flowers and26:14people find you to look for the parents26:17in sterven en rising price in een work26:19en ik weet een expert die we er geen26:21chauffeur us could fly26:23en de similar to the rectangle in ow26:25maar die has a few exact wist26:28sorry we de boel is vlak first legendary26:31type bullish rectangle rotated new26:33guidelines bekende on sloopy26:36de parasiet dus neem ik u ziet suppose26:38theresa moeder shape our flight de26:40training part of price p in de poll de26:43consolidation biljoenen fly26:45onze kan het symbool analogie what might26:47be you for quickly recognize in de26:49power-knop visuele26:51de confirmation voor de bal is fly26:53keppens want bry spreek some of the26:55upper duivel online26:57de great races budget te testen testen26:59poort 21 ondervlak over de rectangle27:03xviii afdeling witte dan sloping27:05breakout shine bright mystery trays27:07dieper in er dus ik nooit reed27:10nebbiolo entry to be closer twee uur27:13stap naar voor uw tekenles risk27:17stap lesje bilo de loslopende fly de27:20teek privacy be at least three times27:22esbeek esch de stap de berg flakkeese27:25zak liapis in slow motion die het zeker27:27rectangle en roteert in ojai de boot27:29fledgeby kan op sloping27:32de confirmation voor de bergen vlak27:34happens van price breaks polo de ladder27:36op slot line27:38de groot respect u testen en reserves27:40van het winter of de fly-over de27:43rectangle27:4316th may your daily met een opstopping27:45break out my business streetrace dieper27:48in otys ik nooit reed nam is er in twee27:52bikkels her first up there for you27:54tekenles chris27:56stop plaatsje mirabeau de hivemind fly27:59de check private jet li street times28:02esbeek28:03als de stap28:04een expert en hoe je montessori is also28:06very simple and societies and shape voor28:09de blush en berg variations28:12ben er nu school pennant28:15je kunt 6-inch alliance de conversie 328:17cheddar28:18perry’s reversal planners de headlines28:20conversion to each other like in28:22reversal wedges28:24pringles parents prize bos trending in28:27de pennant parent28:28prices 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hebben slightly more the tales of29:33consolation parents29:35char de triangles is parents can be29:38divided into symmetrical29:40sanding and they send some more than a29:43level is waar olie barry’s variations29:46het begin we deze magical triangle29:49deze magical flying opgezet jullie very29:51similar to spend your io’s ik niet kan29:54tevens is de triangles tinten die larger29:57balanced and to be quite small onder de29:59na dr in diverse mooi meisje mexico30:02triangle30:03reggy lines convergent wie chiller30:05symmetric wie30:06studio pro line is down sloping in de30:08lower rhine is op stoppie30:10de graaf murray engels is bijna30:13hezbollah variation30:15waar price will be going up in de nasi30:17magical flying hope eerste single30:19ook insinuaties die website by single30:22havens one price break surfde triangle30:25to the website30:26ruud races bij studio pro line te testen30:28support30:29lodge go stapjes bloot de loslopende30:31triangle pillow and from de mens of 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kon32:35websites32:37online shark vallen bij wens mark waar32:40de icing te beginnen en resistance wal32:42de charging time ik de prijs per 132:45december kap en hendel32:46ons te nemen de perfecte de hendel32:49werden smaller creatures de liesbeth den32:52geest der assistance wallagh en32:54signifies your power one price32:57spreekster assistance and reach races32:59buik te testen33:00support happy bicycle wasco stapje be33:04placed de l’eau de lo stylo in de handel33:06en de target should be at least three33:08times as large as de stap33:11badge variation of de kap in hello chili33:13kool reverse kap een hendel in looks33:15like a cup33:16upside down and other words we hebben33:19prijs formation campos beetje concave33:21marx33:22large and one small loos of the sides33:26sim te wieringen strong support voor hun33:28prijs van uw ip reeks de supported and33:30outside the traces buik te testen en33:32resistance33:33he was a signal stap chablis hebben op33:36de heights high en de 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attention to35:39wear prize breaks de per rubriek city35:42website35:43de stad shoeby billow dollars antwerpen35:45de target-2 street sizes beek35:48prize breaks down to the downside de35:51stap sabia boven confirm supplies om de35:54target is to list’ real-time 6b35:56following the xx irrationaal onze can35:59help to order tips of triangles de36:01finish the category of nu toe art36:03galleries36:05preziese magical contract in triangle in36:08de cymatica expanding triangle36:11releasing the changes b2 is nutro36:13triangle balance is dingo36:14of the upper and lower like you we they36:17see magic ook een trekking triangle36:20hallo upper and lower lines teken fresh36:22to each other to this weather in plaats36:24of decrease in wallonie et prise spreek36:28studie upside36:29de stap jubilo de loslopende triangle36:31origine conform men zo’n36:34f prime president site de stad chocobo36:37de highs high in the triangle pagina36:39conform supplies om het archeologisch be36:42at least three times as big as de36:44stappen36:45if you want to use this consistently in36:47een monteur36:48de nek triangle is coachen met choco36:50expanding triangle36:52this will apply and increase in36:53volatility they can be quite sure you36:55straight36:57price breed oude prenten die op site37:00station die piloten lo stylo in de37:02parade ordelijk en van de mensen het37:05prize breaks de per enter the downside37:08de stad chibiabos de high shine de perre37:10oh ja boven kon from supplies en de37:13target in noodsituaties37:15to be at least three times esbeek als de37:17stap37:19de finish of the exposition of de37:21modellen van charge patterns for trading37:24de keynote is there a few things de37:25repeater grosso pads37:28first in relatie tot de proper way of37:30training disbalans tussen de wait for37:32price to break out of a better than37:34white for price 333 line support37:37assistant de penning of the side of the37:39line37:40we’re talking about the coast guard37:43parents37:44dit is de best moment winter fair price37:47dus een half drie trieste de break out37:48why or not my degree of the opportunity37:51to enter37:52sometimes price will bring together and37:54just keep going to sleep rol because de37:57marxist readers will try to chase bryce37:59whoah voor het er agrees to the proper38:02entry point38:04ze spoorden niet voor actie en paar38:06video’s die signalen puccini’s38:08de probleem however is dat even trader38:11thesis prize dekbed38:12necessary in iets te duur marie curie38:14increase the distance between the entry38:16point38:17de correct applaus placement en dan in38:19plaats dat de target must be much larger38:22is de tweede ronde respect de correct38:24risk management guide lines38:26cheerz idee van shirt38:28narsingh kapot is is de liefde voor de38:31correct in tripoli tuber x dus een al38:34eens heb een38:35uw be taking moeder is knuffels38:36necessary hier travel or problems of38:40hier in de target38:42some players will try to buy pesters38:44probleem bij al train de stad plas38:45placement38:46moet je zat een crash idea to change’38:49correct applaus placemat because i38:51wanted to give your risk38:53uw ontdekkingsreis in your is cliënt38:55give you place er stap in en rond place38:58johanna vd expert protection of buyers39:00and sellers in de persoons39:03zo we decrease or stap size redden same39:05time i will increase mobility derde stap39:08getstring er39:10of this means that if you want to use39:11your parents for truly unique to have39:14this i plan to wait for the proper en39:16tracing notulenbuur39:17dat mijn sometimes you we niet dus ip39:19adres developing in front of you39:21juwelier de deze punten light prize39:23kopen taaltraining piek is de power and39:26trace ik noem dit een hebben al deze39:28just bardo het een troost psychological39:30games39:30dit is de foto master verliezer subject39:33for another koers39:35oh je talk about sharp en als jij die39:37jomon of grey39:38is de watch prize spreken jammer de39:40baron wally verpleegster het respect de39:42breakout line39:44durven price to respect deadline en en39:46opende treedt39:47we de properties word rachel’s39:50incorrectly placed stops39:52stookolie binnen belgië venter tjes in39:55deze 20 je software die karpers en de39:57hier netjes you watch out for40:00als beginnen bij listing the advantages40:02and then the service of the tail ze40:04bouten40:05yoni rio twenties of taipei der steur40:07simplicity40:09er easy to memorize is het de sparren40:11price wanden hebben minder tekstboek40:13vorm en de have very straightforward40:15training40:17has a built-in larger than you don’t40:19need to understand sso dit is waarom40:21emmer riser para in the first place is40:24erg simpel40:25repairs and leave my room for40:27subjectieve40:29as far as the list of advantage co dat40:31about it40:32maar je kan ze dus advantage to do list40:34er zo laat langer40:36het begin forth by becoming aware that40:38chair patterns40:39arno eyes that 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to break the line en41:41riet race over below the line and go to41:44the opposite of what de theorie japanner41:46proposes41:48er times were you can be stap touwtjes41:50voor de pennen te doen waar u was41:51supposed to do in the first place41:53haar alle soorten nasty en frustratie41:56weduwe van stukken heb een run the41:58sparrows41:59focus i just don’t care parents will buy42:01you to the other opportunities dat42:03hebben een prijs42:05keeping track of the guard parasol i can42:07be a problem voor beginners42:08ik het as the only thing you’ll be able42:10to focus on42:12rio 2 appert chinees happened before42:14charlaine sharp en friend and many other42:16places in bryce werd sharpers john ap42:19russell42:20propellers boerenkar youtube chase42:22opportunities in en rond place in de42:25charts42:26het was demonstratief before de trappers42:28ik 020 de market dus een ooit heb een42:31met sharp edges and then we’ll try to42:33chase the opportunities of europese unie42:36maud42:37dit 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than 2043:37perfect in adwords techniek of salades43:41intieme work en does the parents in de43:43frigo saai uploaded on youtube43:46rio 20 je in this technique isla reader43:48flash arrow uw kind perceived is er43:51things i get away from the search of43:53things you cry for43:55ik vind die think that this famous43:57training techniek simpele useless they44:00can add value to your night you44:02understand and limitations44:04staat op tryin’ to perfection tiendalli44:06sorry legal issues drive the wine from44:08is defect44:10join the staff can also help you and you44:12where the more advanced techniques and44:14ideas you then you have big prior to44:17judge the reliability of mostiko44:19analysis techniek in love de44:22professional price at china videos en44:24concept44:25is concours die auto met beginners guide44:27to charge card i hope this brief koers44:30service een gateway for you to find44:32gather information not forgetting kruipt44:34in de naam een pit falls of de techniek44:36de purpose of the ultimate beginners44:39guide us precisely dat de show voor de44:42fame is een super fischertechnik sar44:44about and then show de batzarro de44:46bodysuit avoid44:48en worden persoon44:51is yentl arm maraboutée die helpt in44:53afrika en de44:54on my youtube channel ik invites een44:56basic information and some advanced of44:59is wel eens je online buy premium45:01content is visit my website trekt of45:04loop road a calm and you find a table of45:07contents of my page cursus45:09ver van youtube testimonials more45:12if you like de materie uit produced with45:15concealer kwik in de like button45:16subscribe’ iets in de channel45:19actief in hun notifications bakken char45:21in de video45:22leaving your feedback bureau in de45:23comment section thank you very much for45:25what she45:26naar op de serie in een ex video’s45:28dikker Dutch (auto-generated)