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Beginners Guide To Chart Patterns

Beginners Guide To Chart Patterns

What You Need To Know To Be A Successful Trader

A very good tutorial for the beginner covering chart patters

Beginners Guide To Chart Patterns



Jun 12, 2021
This is a chart patterns for beginners course. FRACTAL FLOW WEBSITE: (better seen on desktop!) PRICE ACTION COURSES: https://fractal-flow-price-action.dpd… STRATEGY STORE: CONTACT: In this free video course, I expose the most relevant chart patterns, and I also talk about how to trade chart patterns. Over the years, many people have created different rules on how to deal and interpret these patterns. In this presentation, you will find the logical interpretation of each pattern, and a way to trade them based on solid risk management concepts. You can use chart patterns for intraday trading or for swing trading. The mechanics of the patterns remain completely intact. You can also use them in any market you wish to trade. In this chart patterns course, you will also find something that is hard to find somewhere else, which is the exposition of the pitfalls and disadvantages of the technique. A lot of educators tend to focus on the bright side of techniques without really talking about the hidden disadvantages. As I say in this course, the greatest benefit of learning chart patterns comes from understanding their limitations. I expose the reversal, continuation, and neutral chart patterns, and also the bullish and bearish chart patterns as these two classifications add on top of each other. You can use this course as a chart pattern cheat sheet. Chart Patterns Discussed in the video: Head and Shoulders Reverse Head and Shoulders Double Bottom Double Top Triple Bottom Triple Top Falling Wedge Rising Wedge Bullish Expanding Triangle Bearish Expanding Triangle Bullish Rectangle Bearish Rectangle Bullish Flag Bearish Flag Bullish Pennant Bearish Pennant Bullish Symmetrical Triangle Bearish Symmetrical Triangle Bullish Ascending Triangle Bearish Descending Triangle Cup & Handle Reverse Cup & Handle Ascending Triangle Descending Triangle Symmetrical Contracting Triangle Symmetrical Expanding Triangle Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 01:25 Chart Patterns Classification 04:54 Reversal Patterns 23:12 Continuation Patterns 33:44 Neutral Patterns 37:25 Trading Chart Patterns 39:53 Advantages & Disadvantages #ChartPatternsForBeginners

Beginners Guide To Chart Patterns


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