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Coinbase Bankruptcy Alert !!!

Coinbase Bankruptcy Alert !!!

Coinbase Bankruptcy Alert !!!

Read This Before You Panic

There’s lots of misleading info about this right now. Much of it is clickbait.

Before jumping out the window, watch this video.

Coinbase Bankruptcy Alert !!!



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Coinbase Bankruptcy Alert !!!


Coinbase Bankruptcy Alert !!!


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all right what is going on my friend

welcome back to the channel so we have a

lot to talk about in the crypto space

today the market’s getting absolutely

destroyed right now bitcoin down 31 in

the past seven days ethereum down 37

percent bnb down 42

xrp down 44

the markets are in an absolute bloodbath

right now and

while most people are panicking i want

to share some news with you guys that is

actually great news for those of you

that are getting ready to scale your

wealth if you’re brand new and maybe

those of you that are getting erect

right now wondering how is it going to

be possible to even preserve your wealth

we have some news about coinbase warning

users uh that they could lose their

crypto if the company goes bankrupt so i

want to show you guys how to protect

yourself not only uh in times of

volatility like this in the crypto space

but also in times of uh inflation as

well too uh with the us dollar we’re

getting into uh stable coin regulation

what’s happening there we’re talking

about how to preserve your crypto we’re

talking about bitcoin price chart we’re

talking about the bitcoin rainbow price

chart bitcoin uh stock to flow model the

logarithmic growth curves we’re talking

about ethereum we’re talking about shiba

inu we’re getting into the psychology of

a market cycle

we’re going to share some information

about nfts as well too because nfts are

taking a beating as well however this is

one of the most exciting times in crypto

because when everyone is panicking when

there’s fear in the streets even about

tether usdt d-pegging as well too so

this is gonna be one of the most uh

valuable videos that i’ve personally

made all year just because um the stress

that comes at these times right now can

eat you alive and there’s been a lot of

people that have uh commented based on

the recent tara luna news that have lost

a lot of money and guys listen

you’re not alone there’s a lot of people

that have lost the money you know lost a

lot of money in this crypto space we’re

all in this together so we have to uh

stick it out together and at the same

time too we have to learn from our

lessons because you spend money to learn

skills but you have to lose money

sometimes to learn lessons and some of

you have had to learn the hardest lesson

of your life from 2017 to 2020 i learned

a lot of lessons i’m going to share some

pitfalls to help you overcome those so

you don’t have to fall in that black

hole of trying to get out of uh debt for

yourself if you over leverage yourself

in the crypto markets to help you create

real long-term passive income because

with 19 413 cryptocurrencies you got to

have passive income flowing through uh

set aside in a solid reserve for

yourself not only in stable coins that

are actually stable but in fiat currency

as well too and have that coming through

so you can buy more crypto with the

markets dip so you can buy more real

estate you can buy stocks if you want to

uh you can invest in commodities

precious metal land all that good stuff

so comment 777 if you’re feeling blessed

comment 777 if you’re feeling bullish

and let’s run it

what’s going up bull runners nick here

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where we announce the winners every

single week now with that being said

let’s make some money

so we’re gonna get into the news with

coinbase warning users that they could

lose their crypto holdings if the

company goes bankrupt but first i want

to talk about uh a little bit with tara

luna on what’s taking place right now

because tara luna just absolute worst

case scenario is sitting at a penny

right now in this project i mean i made

a video talking about how people are

giving price predictions of losing 94


99.99 percent people this project is

gonna it’s gonna be virtually impossible

to regain trust after this even if they

bounce back and you saw what happened

with tether recently d pegging to 95

cents but usdt shortly recovered after

that now people are worried about a lot

of different things in the crypto space

because it’s proven that stable coins

aren’t really that stable and everyone

is flooding the usdc well there’s a

single page um document that was

released a while back for tether showing

uh the reserves for tether and the text

is showing this right here for those of

you guys wondering what tether is backed

by because in order for a stable coin to

actually be stable it has to be backed

by something that’s stable and that goes

either up in value or maintains its

value just like the us dollar used to be

backed by gold and was very strong it uh

it’s no longer backed by gold and i’m

going to share some information on that

as well too but you look at tether you

see commercial papers is 65 fiduciary

deposits is 24 cash is eight seven

percent uh reserve repo notes is three

point six percent treasury bills is two

point nine four percent so usdt is just

a ticking time bomb waiting to

absolutely explode the actual us dollar

backing for tether is only three point

eight seven percent

of seventy five point eight five percent

or two point nine four percent tether

claims a backing reserve of 42 billion

as of 31 of march so that’s 1.243

billion so treasury uh treasuries

generally count as cash so that’s

another 944 million and fiduciary

deposits would appear to mean money in a

bank somewhere where at 7.7 billion they

still don’t say where those banks are or

if they’re even banks out there so we

don’t know if they’re lying and crypto

capital corporation

is uh wasn’t one bank is known to be uh

deltek in the bahamas but the whole

bahamas doesn’t have enough uh bank

deposits to back all of the tethers as

well too and so if you guys want to read

through this article it really just

shows how flawed usdt really is so no

financial advice don’t buy it don’t sell

any crypto we talk about

in our videos just because we talk about

it not intended for financial advice

it’s just all public information you can

read out there i’m just condensing it

down into a 20 minute video for you guys

so you can just sit there and listen

while you’re driving in your car but

i’m getting getting out of tether usdt

getting into usdc for any stable coin

holdings usdc usdc tether no no guys

it’s just a ticking time bomb waiting to

absolutely explode and you will thank me

later for that so what happened with ust

that caused this whole fiasco where

people are panicking about tether now is

blackrock and citadel borrowed a hundred

thousand bitcoin from gemini and it

appears in their loan book they swapped

25 000 of the bitcoin into ust this was

all done quietly in anticipation of the

attack when the time was right they

called up dokwein who’s the ceo of tara

foundation and said they wanted to sell

a lot of bitcoin for ust and as it was a

large trade they told them they didn’t

want to move the market and they didn’t

want to move the market which is exactly

their plan so it’s just really corrupt

behind the scenes what a lot of these

big companies do in order to make money

guys and it’s sad but at the same time

too understanding is how you prepare

yourself they ask if he would do it uh

like to buy their large he if he would

like to buy their large block of bitcoin

at a discount for usd dokwan he took the

bait he gave them a huge chunk of ust

thus lowering the ust liquidity

significantly at that point blackrock

and citadel dumped all of the bitcoin in

usd causing massive slippage and the

forced withdrawals and selling triggered

a massive sell-off in luna thus further

breaking the one dollar peg and wrecking

the market further and blackrock and

citadel can now buy the bitcoin back

cheaply to repay the loan and pocket the

difference meanwhile billions of longs

and uh bitcoin vr were wiped out and

this was pure market manipulation so

this was an inside attack guys that was

done because we’re a stable coin war

right now and the stable coin war is

because you have two sides of things

right you got the elite uh centralized

currency companies of the world and then

you have the decentralized currency

companies of the world going to war with

each other because the decentralized

currencies um gaining more power and

control through money it’s like scarface

says first you get the money you know

then you get the power then you get

whatever you want you get the women you

get the success the lifestyle that stuff

so they’re getting the money control of

the money to get the power so

decentralized and centralized on june

5th 1933 the united states went off the

gold standard a monetary system in which

currency is backed by gold and when

congress enacted a joint resolution

nullifying the right of creditors to

demand payment in gold and so how this

is related to stable coins is what

happened at this point is in 1933 to

2022 if you had a hundred thousand

dollars in your bank and you wanted to

buy something for a hundred thousand

dollars well that same item would cost

2.2 million dollars in this day and age

because of inflation so that’s a

cumulative rate of inflation of 2123

so with inflation running rampant stable

coins depending the crypto market

crashing real estate in terminal stock

market and turmoil what do you need to

do i’m going to get into that in a

little bit guys i’m going to show you

how to prepare yourself so you can stay

afloat and have preservation of wealth

and have constant

cash flow coming in but what happened

with coinbase and why are they talking

about going bankrupt are they actually

going bankrupt coinbase one of the

largest cryptocurrency exchanges said

its users might lose access to their

holdings if the company ever went

bankrupt this disclosure was included in

the company’s first quarter earnings

report and that was the first time the

risk factor was mentioned it also noted

that coinbase held

256 billion dollars in fiat currencies

in virtual coins because custodial held

crypto assets may be considered uh to be

the property of a bankruptcy estate in

the event of bankruptcy the crypto

assets they hold in custody on behalf of

their customers could be subject to

bankruptcy proceedings and such

customers could be treated as our

general unsecured creditors meaning they

would just take everybody’s funds the

company said that means users would lose

access to their balances because they

would become coinbase’s property so is

that alarming to say the least what

should you do to prepare for that well

it’s a different scenario from

traditional investments many bank

accounts including checking and savings

accounts are insured by the federal

deposit insurance corp for up to 250 000

per account if the bank goes under while

the securities investor protection corp

helps if a broker or dealer goes

bankrupt and crypto enthusiasts have

long uh

praised you know the decentralized

movement as in part a way to give people

complete control and ownership of their

finances uh that’s only the case for

those who physically store their

cryptocurrency and personal wallets as

opposed to a platform like coinbase

coinbase does offer a self-custody

wallet called a coinbase wallet

following the earnings report uh which

sent the company’s stock plummeting more

than 23 percent coinbase’s ceo brian

armstrong said there’s no risk of


right now right now at least on twitter

tuesday night he attempted to reassure

users that their funds were safe and

apologize for not being more forthright

with communication uh communicating this

risk when it was added he said the

company included the disclosure because

the rules recently set by the securities

and exchange commission now i did some

time and i i looked into this for you

guys and i i looked at uh why a company

would go bankrupt and we’re going to

talk about that a little bit the

benefits for them and what that means

for you and he said there’s been quite

some noise about a disclosure we made in

our uh 10q today about

how we could hold crypto assets your

funds are safe at coinbase just as

they’ve always been now this is um

pretty alarming too because

not only are you not actually going to

get the truth

from a ceo but you’re going to get the

hey everything’s calm stay calm ship

isn’t sinking you know things are good

so i’m bullish on crypto i’m more

bullish than a lot of people on crypto

guys but that doesn’t mean that

companies like even coinbase could do

stuff that would shut you out of your

account i mean you saw what happened

with robin hood coinbase is notoriously

known for closing trading times when

it’s the best times to trade because of

volatility in the markets while the

elite are trading and making a lot of

money they don’t let the average retail

investor go in there and start trading

because they’re trying to protect their

investors right so any big company could

sell out to the sec and especially if

they’re forced to because if you look

right here the staff announcing bulletin

number securities and exchange

commission releases their sab 121

talking about how they’re forcing uh

coinbase uh to basically put this in

there so number two he said we have no

risk of bankruptcy right now however we

included a new risk factor based on an

sec requirement sec requirement that’s a

key word right there called sab 121

which is a newly required disclosure for

public companies that hold crypto assets

for third parties so just in case you

know just in case something happens

behind the scenes they just scoop up

everyone’s funds so don’t don’t fall for

the um everything’s calm on the on the

surface thing you can be calm that’s

fine i don’t believe a lot of these

people guys we believe our prime and

uh custody

services have strong legal protection

their uh terms of service and protect

their assets even in black swans events

like this well hey doe quan was saying

something similar he’s like steady lads

everything’s good everything’s fine

deploy more capital and you saw luna go

from 100

down to 99 cents so brian armstrong is

saying for our retail customers we’re

taking further steps to update our user

terms so that we offer the same

protection to those customers and black

swamp and swan event we should have

these in a place previously so let me

apologize for that so the main key thing

here as we go through this because the

disclosure making sense and these legal

uh protections they’ve not been tested

in a court for crypto assets

specifically so it’s a whole new world

that they’re still finding the framework

for and the regulation for for and it is

possible however unlikely

that a court would decide to consider

customer assets as part of the company

in a bankruptcy proceeding so with the

sec putting that out there the main

thing to uh to focus on for you guys is

if it’s not your keys it’s not your

crypto if you don’t own the exchange you

don’t own the crypto and if if you don’t

own the keys and you’re putting on a

centralized exchange they can definitely

take it from you and it can get hacked

anything could happen so that’s why it’s

super important to have a offline wallet

like a ledger you need an offline wallet

to store your crypto and then you just

remember your your keys you got the

little stick you could put the stick in

a safe you could save it for your kids

and if you’re planning on holding long

term this is uh one of the best

companies out there no this is actually

not a sponsored video i just believe

ledger is a really solid product and

they did reach out to us in the past and

you know that was a long time ago but

you know this is one of the best

products in the game for offline wallets

for yourself and you guys can go through

their website check it out

feel free to give it a little look right

there hey ledger if you guys want to

sponsor us by all means hit us up in the

inbox do whatever you want to do because

you know i actually believe in your guys

product because it’s something that’s

going to help protect people in volatile

times like this but bankruptcy in

federal courts back to coinbase

bankruptcy is a legal proceeding

handling uh handled in federal courts

that allows businesses to reorganize

their debts same thing that 50 cent did

um same thing that a lot of celebrities

do to reorganize debts and make

repayment plans with creditors if it is

not possible for the business to

continue operating bankrupt bankruptcy

provides a method to liquidate its

assets or other people’s assets and

distribute them amongst creditors so

normal types of bankruptcy is uh chapter

seven the most common form bankruptcy

individuals or corporations can file uh

better debtors income must be below a

certain level depending on the location

if the income’s in a bank account or in

a centralized location it’s not tucked

away in offshore banks or in uh some

offline wallets or some decentralized

wallet somewhere the court provides a

trustee who takes over the business

sells the debtors assets that are not

exempt from the sale and distribute

proceeds creditors the debtor exit

bankruptcy fees from the old debt

including unsecured debt so that way you

know a lot of people are hiding money

doing this type of stuff now chapter 11

the goal of this type of bankruptcy is

to reorganize and remain in business the

debtor remains in control of business

operations individuals corporations and

railroads can file uh the debtor has no

income requirement so that’s going to be

really interesting to see what happens

with this guys and just prepare prepare

for worst case scenario it’s like i said

always expect the best case scenario

prepare for uh worst case scenario and

face the reality of what happens because

you can have your head in the clouds and

your feet on the ground and you’re

walking giant in a massive whale in

these markets that way but if you have

your head in the clouds expecting the

best and you’re feet in the clouds

preparing for the best then the fall

back down to earth hurts a lot more so

dokwan said i am the master of stable

coins and i do not approve of this

reality and you saw you know usdt at the

top usdc and then you see tara luna and

now tara luna dropped tremendously guys

so you know with him posting on twitter

all the time you know you just have to

be very careful who to listen to other

than the run guys because we’re bringing

you facts we bring you facts and we

bring you information in this and you

make up your own mind obviously us

treasury secretary janet yellen pushes

for stable coin regulation by the end of

this year the timing is very

coincidental don’t you think that this

would happen to ust as an attack from

these massive companies uh citadel and

all that and now all of a sudden stable

coin starts to come out because the sec

wants to save investors interesting how

that works guys this is all a war this

is a financial warfare we’re going

through financial warfare uh chemical

warfare spiritual warfare and an

information war right now as well too

stable coins have been a hot topic for

both on and off capitol hill and earlier

today u.s treasury secretary janet

yellen pushed for regulation during an

annual testimony in front of the senate

banking committee as a time where tara’s

algorithmic stablecoin ust struggles to

regain its peg interesting timing right

i don’t think that’s a coincidence new

products and technology may present

opportunities to promote innovation and

increase efficiencies yellen said

however digital assets may prevent risk

to the financial system and increase

and coordinate

coordinated regulatory attention is

necessary now i do agree that regulation

is necessary to protect investors from

stuff like that however i don’t agree

that you know if they’re going to come

out with a fed coin and they’re going to

make everything else obsolete just to

control people that’s just their own

form of control and

they’re going to need to be regulated by

the people in response to the questions

from senator pat toomey uh yellen said

it would be highly appropriate for

stable coin regulation to occur by the

end of 2022 because there are many risks

associated with cryptocurrencies we

really need a consistent federal

framework i really look forward to

working with uh toomey the member of

congress to devise legislation that

would accomplish that so

get ready for it it’s coming so you guys

just have to be prepared and the best

way to prepare yourself uh during times

of uh news coming out about regulation

and once they start drafting the

framework and the legal policies and all

of that stuff is to have passive income

flowing in for yourself especially

during times of volatility for your

favorite altcoins because you look at

bitcoin right here we talked about

bitcoin seeing a sell-off i do feel

there’s going to be you know a dead cap

balance and a short-term recovery for

bitcoin uh relatively soon

now how high that will push bitcoin i

mean we might see bitcoin rise back to

thirty three thousand dollars up to

thirty eight thirty nine thousand

dollars and then drop again but we for

sure are in a bear market guys uh and

the how long this bear market is gonna

be extended to i personally feel it’s

gonna be until uh november december

january or february of 2000 end of 2022

end of 2023 just based on past cycles

how it takes roughly a year to go from

top to bottom and if we’re looking right

here at the bitcoin rainbow price chart

um you guys can see that where we are

right now we’re in the buy zone anywhere

between twenty one thousand twenty nine

thousand dollars a fire sale is going to

be between zero and twenty one thousand

dollars so we are in the point where

bitcoin is very cheap to accumulate for

those of you that are felt like you were

missing out on bitcoin above 65 000


here’s another big key your emotions

when bitcoin was at 65 000 was probably

so excited that you wanted to buy right

when that was one of the worst times to

buy because we were in the cell

seriously tell formal intensifying zone

right we’re actually we’re in the fomo

intensified zone we didn’t reach maximum

bubble territory

like we did in the past with the

parabolic blow off top in 2017

late 2017 guys when bitcoin is nearly 20

000 so right now where bitcoin is at

it’s one of the best points to

accumulate now for looking at bitcoin

stock to flow model this shows uh where

bitcoin is in comparison to the days of

its next halfing having based on color

so you see 1 400 days all the way to

zero days and if you look at this

historically speaking um right here is

we’re in the capitulation zone right

when bitcoin was at like six thousand

seven thousand dollars back in uh 2018

during that summer and then once we saw

bitcoin fall off the shelf and go on

this short term temporary little little

fake out rally and then covet hit and he

saw the whole halving take place that

was when bitcoin was at six thousand

dollars when it was blue zero days until

the next having once it have then we

flipped back to red we started all over

again that’s when the bull run came so

the same thing’s going to happen again

just like it happened before just like

it happened before

just like it happened before throughout

bitcoin’s entire inception so this is

really simple um this is the good news

guys that okay so bad news and good news

bad news is we’re in a bear market we’re

gonna keep going down okay good news is

once bitcoin bottoms out if you have

enough cash flow on the side

you want to buy up the dip you’re going

to become wealthier than you can ever

even imagine because we’re still going

to be around during the bear market

we’re still going to be having videos

come out every single day this entire

year we have like five to seven videos

coming out per day to help educate you

guys on what to do as long as you stick

around the campfire we will help you

create passive income for yourself guys

now if you’re relying only on crypto

income that we need to help you secure

wealth in other areas because when you

look at something like ethereum

ethereum’s going to bleed out as well


there are no guarantees like this is

worst case scenario sure you can hope

for ethereum and everything to turn

around and pass all-time highs and stuff

however if i drop the chart from the

all-time high of 2017 it looks something

like this we could see ethereum drop all

the way back down to its previous

all-time high of a thousand bucks guys

and it could go even lower than that if

bitcoin drops to ten thousand dollars

that would be an 85 percent loss now if

we look at this upward trending uh

support line from the bottom of

uh 29th of november 2016 the bottom

during covid to come back down and

re-test that that would put ethereum at

751 dollars now

i feel that that’s going to happen no

guarantees there but i’m saving up a lot

of money in order to buy the dip and i’m

gonna wait for everyone to get out of

crypto and i’m gonna wait for the

maximum uh

financial opportunity which would be

basically at the fire sale now with

shiba inu same thing for shibini we

talked about she being if it broke below

the support it would i said this in the

other videos guys if she being who fell

down below this it would come back down

within the support and resistance zones

right here and it just wicked right off

of it right here now we could see shiba

inu just continue to capitulate sideways

maybe have like short-term temporary

rally with bitcoin but it’s going to

keep capitulating sideways until we see

some massive bullish or even even more

bearish news so the markets are just

going to keep going sideways and keep

steadily bleeding out over time until we

reach a bottom once we reach the bottom

they shake everyone out what the elite

do they come back in and they buy at the

best time for investing because you see

disbelief hope optimism belief thrill

euphoria we went through that

complacency anxiety denial panic

capitulation is where we’re at right now

we’re about to go into the anger phase

where people are going to be questioning

who shorted the market same thing with

um ust people are going through that

right now for ust is who showed the

market why did this happen why the

government allowed this to happen why

did uh

dokwan allow this to happen why the team

at tara labs allow this to happen and

then best time for investing

um i don’t necessarily feel like yeah

some people are taking educated gambles

and you see people like throwing money

back into luna and all that stuff which

i do not recommend at all and um even

like for example if you’re if you’re

looking at other products out there like

xrp and you see xrp falling it doesn’t

mean that xrp is a crap product it means

that these portfolio capital companies

that are diversified across all these

assets they sell at the same time they

buy them at the same time but there are

some projects that are in this whole

disbelief stage that’s going to be

extended and they will go back into hope

belief thrill and euphoria and i do feel

xrp is one of those projects but you

want to wait for the majority of the

market for the majority of your

decisions you wait for the depression

stage when everyone is exited people got

liquidated people are having to sell

their crypto portfolios just to pay

their rent this is what i went through

in 2018 2019 and i learned the biggest

lesson in my life because like i said

you have to spend money to gain skills a

lot of times you have to lose money to

learn lessons for yourself so one of the

biggest lessons you can learn is the

diversification lesson but it’s also the

passive income lesson because so many

people are buying nfts right now and you

see nfts bleeding out as well too so if

you’re diversified but then your

portfolio just keeps bleeding and you’re

not preserving yourself the best way to


income constantly flowing through is by

having a business model that allows you

to do that so in the nft space one thing

we are doing to help out a lot of people

during the bear market is we’re about to

release one of the coolest softwares

that we’ve ever put together to help you

build a business with our all-in-one

platform for online business owners and

uh you can cancel all your subscriptions

for all these other companies if you’re

an entrepreneur because we’re gonna

allow you to do a lot of cool stuff

website building sales funnels guys

email autoresponder all that good stuff

fully customized checkout experiences

and at the same time too what we’re

doing for our new nf new and improved

nft launch is we’re attaching utility to

it so it’s going to be utility backed

nfts on the ethereum blockchain that

grants you membership access to

exclusive software and perks and if for

those of you guys that want to pre-mint

these and the price is going to be

stupid low for the

mint because we want everyone to be able

to afford them to get access to our

utility into our software to help you

create passive income because yeah fiat

currency might be you know fugazi fugazi

because it got taken off the gold

standard however

in the matrix that we’re in right now

in this game that you have to beat you

need fiat currency coming in so you have

a steady cash flow in your bank that way

you can get qualified number one for

more loans from big banks to buy real

estate and to buy land and also number

two to have solid cash flow that allows

you to direct it in other directions

because it’s called cash flow for a

reason it’s called liquidity for a

reason because it’s water right your

money has to flow like water and when it

comes into your bank you need to direct

that into different streams of income

like crypto maybe stocks real estate uh

land you know you got commodities uh you

can have precious metals as well too and

then you can put that into advertising

for your business as well so i made a

story on my instagram talking about one

of the best businesses to start during

the downtime is an information based

business but it’s also a software-based

business so when you buy an nft that is

backed by utility that’s how you ensure

that your income is going to be

preserved long-term because nfts stand

for tokens right non-fungible tokens so

if you look at a project like boarded

yacht club or doodles or okay bears or

moon birds you’ll see a max supply of

items this means like tokens so it’s

tokens owners and tokens so there’s ten

thousand tokens max supply twenty

thousand tokens ten thousand ten

thousand nineteen thousand that’s why a

lot of these nfts were worth more than a

single bitcoin because bitcoin’s max

supply was 21 million so what we’re

doing is we’re having our max supply of

tokens at 10 000 unique tokens and once

we launch our tokens you guys are going

to get vip access to all that stuff so

all you have to do is go to uh

uh check it out

check it out and you’re just gonna text

our number text us 777 you’ll get added

to the vip text line and uh we’re gonna

keep you posted on the white list on the

closer to launch that we get but guys

listen you know if you’re down on your

portfolio right now hang tight

be patient the markets will recover and

you are going to this time right now is

the best time to become a millionaire

and even a billionaire because when

there’s blood in the streets that’s when

people get ready to back up the truck

all the way the bank grab the bags pack

them and stack them leave no bags left

behind because we believe that over time

fiat currency is going down in value

over time crypto is going up in value

and that’s the truth on a macro scale so

you just have to be ready for that and

together we’re all going camping on the

beaches of the moon so i will see you on

the next video i will see you on the

links in the description below if you want to be entered in

to win a hundred dollars and i also will

see you on the beaches of the moon as


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