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Crypto Price Prediction Jul 15 2021

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Crypto Price Prediction Jul 15 2021

Are We Now in a Wyckoff Distribution and Consolidation

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Crypto CRASH?!! Where Next For Bitcoin & Alts ⁉️

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00:01what the hell is going on with the00:03crypto market00:04it’s what we’re all wondering these days00:06and nobody seems to have a definitive00:08answer00:09the bears believe a crash is coming the00:11bulls believe the best is yet to come00:14but we haven’t seen a dump and we00:15haven’t seen a pump00:17instead the market’s moving sideways00:19like the calm00:20before the storm and like the weather00:23there’s no predicting what will happen00:25next but with enough data points you can00:27make an00:28educated guess so today i’m going to00:31examine a few00:32facts stats and indicators to figure out00:34where we are in the crypto market00:36and what is likely to come next00:45whether you’re a bull or a bear there’s00:47a disclaimer of which you must be made00:49aware00:50nothing in this video should be00:52interpreted as a financial or investment00:54suggestion00:55please don’t fomo into any crypto i00:57mentioned00:59everything here is for your education01:01and enjoyment01:02something to take the edge off of your01:04employment01:05if this is your first time stopping by01:07my name is guy and this channel is01:09packed with enough crypto content01:11to reach the sky coins tokens news01:14reviews exchanges defy tutorials and01:17more01:17if these topics don’t interest you have01:19fun staying poor01:21if you’re in tune with the future of01:22finance subscribe to the channel and01:24ping that notification01:26bell per chance you can use the01:28timestamps in the video timeline to skip01:30ahead to any interesting topics you find01:32the more you watch the more you’ll01:34expand your mind01:35now that we’re on the same wave let’s01:37see why the crypto market has been so01:39lame01:41if you’ve been keeping up with my weekly01:44crypto reviews you’ll know that i’ve01:45been watching bitcoin’s price action01:47through a wyckoff lens01:49as a quick recap wykoff was a guy who01:52noticed01:52over 100 years ago that institutions and01:55large investors01:56manipulate markets after watching their01:59influence over the markets02:00wyckoff noticed that they would create02:02the same four02:03price patterns over and over02:06these are designed to attract and then02:09shake out02:10retail investors leaving them with less02:12than they came in with02:14wyckoff’s distribution schematic lines02:16up quite perfectly with bitcoin’s price02:18action in02:19april and may and this is something that02:21was first noticed by another crypto02:23youtuber02:23called uncomplication nobody believed02:26him at the time but02:28since the crash in mid-may wyckoff has02:30become a02:31household name amongst crypto holders in02:34my own video about the wyckoff method02:36i considered the possibility that we02:38have entered a wyckoff accumulation02:40and this is the pattern i’ve been02:42tracking since then02:44initially i overestimated the amount of02:46time it would take02:47for the pattern to play out which is a02:49common mistake02:51another common mistake is the belief02:52that a wykoff on the one hour02:54means we’re headed to the moon now as02:57most traders will know02:58the longer the time frame the stronger03:00the trend03:02my wyckoff analysis is being done on the03:04daily chart for your information03:07assuming we’re still in an accumulation03:09phase we have another03:11six weeks left before the crypto market03:13really begins to recover03:15we may or may not see another big dip03:18before then03:19i say assuming because it’s possible03:22that we’re actually in a different03:24wyckoff pattern or not in any wyckoff03:26pattern at all03:28the alternative wyckoff pattern in03:30question is redistribution03:32which looks like an accumulation in the03:33first half but results in another03:35massive consolidation to the downside03:38in the second half as you can see03:40wyckoff’s redistribution pattern looks03:42eerily similar to bitcoin’s current03:44price action03:45and even more so than the accumulation03:48pattern03:49now before you pan excel though consider03:51the fact that institutions are probably03:53aware03:54that most crypto investors know about03:56wykoff03:57uncomplications video has 1 million04:00views and mine is nearing 800 000.04:03almost every article i’ve seen about04:05wyckoff in the crypto media has also had04:07tons of views and shares what this means04:11is that we might see04:12institutions violate the wyckoff pattern04:14in the same way that they violate the04:16technical analysis patterns04:18the average trader is seeing and using04:20in other words04:21we could see confirmation of a wyckoff04:24redistribution taking place04:25only to see the price suddenly snap to04:27the upside04:29as such i don’t think ta is a reliable04:31way to view the crypto market at the04:33moment04:33not even with wykoff so what now04:38well the convenient thing about crypto’s04:40sideways price action is that there are04:42only04:42two ways prices can go from here up or04:45down04:46if technical analysis is full of doubt04:48we need04:49to zoom out in case you missed the memo04:52the crypto market is part of the broader04:55financial market04:56now that the institutions are involved04:58this has been the case04:59since bitcoin futures began trading on05:01the cme in late 201705:04and some believe this is when05:05institutional manipulation of the crypto05:07markets began05:10it also explains why the cryptocurrency05:12market is increasingly correlated with05:14the stock market which is wall street’s05:16home turf05:17as i mentioned in my video about what05:19influences bitcoin’s price05:21cryptocurrencies are in the deep end of05:23the risk pool as far as investments go05:26as you move to the shallow end of the05:28risk pool you’ll encounter growth stocks05:30value stocks and finally government05:32bonds which are the lowest risk05:33investments05:34and consequently offer the lowest05:36returns05:37when confidence in the market is high05:40investors are more likely to take risks05:42in exchange for higher rewards05:44when confidence in the market is low05:46they move their money to risk off assets05:48in the shallow end of the pool05:50so they won’t get wrecked by the waves05:52right now05:53almost every stock is hitting all-time05:55highs even growth stocks that have05:57similar risk profiles to bitcoin06:00this begs the question why is the06:02cryptocurrency market flat06:04while everything else rallies well there06:07are two06:07possibilities here the first possibility06:11is that we are on the brink of a massive06:13crash across the board06:15this would prompt most investors to sell06:17their riskiest assets first06:19and that list includes cryptocurrencies06:22the cause of this potential crash will06:24likely be the same things last time06:26and that’s the pandemic as cnbc’s jim06:30cramer pointed out06:31investors are starting to get nervous06:33about the possibility06:34of more lockdowns in the fall due to the06:36spread of06:37new variants around the world this is06:40reflected in government bond yields06:42which have been decreasing06:43as investors pile into bonds for safety06:46if a crash happens it’s possible we06:48could enter a bear market06:50and i happen to have a video that can06:52help you plan for that06:53it’s up there in the top right06:56the second possibility is that investors06:58are hesitant to buy cryptocurrencies07:00for other reasons besides risk after all07:04they wouldn’t be buying similarly risky07:06stocks and assets if risk was the main07:08concern07:09according to arc invest ceo kathy wood07:12big investors are looking for two things07:14in the crypto market07:15resiliency and sustainability07:18most of them pulled out because of07:20china’s crackdown on crypto mining in07:22may07:23you might recall that this was one of07:24the primary causes of the crypto crash07:27kathy likens china’s crackdown on crypto07:29mining to china’s crackdown on crypto07:32trading07:32in september 2017 which tanked the07:35market just a few months before its07:37record-setting rally07:39back then big investors waited until the07:42trading volumes of07:43became more evenly distributed around07:46the world and07:47recovered their liquidity before buying07:49back in07:50today big investors are waiting until07:53bitcoin mining becomes more evenly07:55distributed around the world07:56and for its hash rate to recover this07:59is finally starting to happen as chinese08:02miners set up shop in other countries08:04bitcoin mining is also getting greener08:07by the day which was another pain point08:09for many institutional investors08:12lo and behold the big buyers are08:14starting to come back08:15as i mentioned in last week’s crypto08:17review publicly traded cryptocurrency08:20funds08:20have started adding to their holdings08:22for the first time in over five08:24weeks bitcoin wales have also started08:27stacking08:27a significant amount of sats according08:29to glass nodes on chain analytics08:32it’s worth pointing out that this08:34indicator further supports the notion of08:36institutional market manipulation08:38alawikov in may the btc balance08:42says it all now for the real question08:45what comes next for the crypto market08:49even though a crash is somewhere on the08:51horizon i believe08:52that we’re going to see one more massive08:54run-up before then08:56and here’s why for starters there are08:58going to be some seriously bullish09:00developments for almost09:01every major cryptocurrency ecosystem09:03over the next two months09:05on september the 7th bitcoin will09:07officially become09:08legal tender in el salvador this could09:11see a flood of demand for btc09:13come from the country and speculative09:15investors09:16ethereum’s eip1559 upgrade has been09:19confirmed for august 4th which is less09:21than a month09:22away this will see a portion of all eth09:25gas fees burned with the remainder going09:27to crypto miners09:28with enough transactions on the network09:30this could offset09:32eth’s inflation and turn it into a09:34deflationary asset09:36consensus also claims that eip1559 will09:39slightly reduce09:40gas costs cardano could see smart09:43contracts roll out on its blockchain as09:46early as09:46august which is something that the09:48crypto community has been09:50not so patiently awaiting polkadot will09:53also09:53likely begin its parachain slot auctions09:56in august which will enable its own09:58smart contract functionalities once10:00these upgrades go through the demand for10:02the smart contract cryptocurrencies is10:04going to go10:05through the roof for one reason d510:09the yields you can find on even the most10:11vanilla d5 protocols10:13are much higher than anything any10:15centralized financial institution10:17can currently offer you investors big10:20and small10:21are feeling the squeeze from low10:22interest rates and high inflation which10:24basically make10:25any yield below five to seven percent a10:28break-even number10:30this is why institutional investors have10:31been piling into d510:33and kathy wood believes this adoption10:35was actually facilitated by the crypto10:37market crash10:38in mid-may this is because institutions10:41were able to see10:42that cryptocurrency’s d5 protocols are10:44resilient10:45to massive market downturns of 5010:47percent primarily10:49those operating on ethereum this might10:52be10:52why institutions have had such a10:54favorable view of ethereum as of late10:57whereas bitcoin is still recovering from11:00its hashrate collapse11:01ethereum’s has been comparatively11:03unaffected and its decentralized11:05financial ecosystem11:06has likewise remained stable i’m sure11:09that11:10institutions also like that they can11:11have a say in ethereum 2.011:14by staking eth which is something that11:16is now available at a bank11:18in switzerland because of these and11:20other factors such as general user11:22adoption11:22i think it’s very possible that we’ll11:24see ethereum flip bitcoin by market cap11:27when the next bull run comes around this11:30is essentially guaranteed if ethereum11:33sees an etf before bitcoin and it looks11:35like11:36this might just happen some of you might11:39recall that vanek11:40filed for an ethereum etf back in may11:42this year11:43later that month wisdomtree followed11:46suit with its own ethereum etf11:49while there’s been a lot of news about11:50bitcoin etf decisions being delayed by11:53the sec11:54i’ve not seen anything about these11:55ethereum etfs11:57i wasn’t able to find any evidence of12:00delays for these etf filings when i went12:02looking either12:04now the sec has 45 days to approve or12:07reject an etf or extend its decision12:10period this means we should have heard12:12something about van x ethereum etf which12:14was filed on may12:167th which was 66 days ago12:19as for the wisdom tree ethereum etf the12:21sec had until july the 12th12:23no news there either however these12:26timelines assume that the 45 day window12:29means12:29regular days and not business days which12:31is again something i wasn’t able to find12:33clarification on12:35on the off chance that the sec’s12:37deadline is measured in business days12:38this means they would have made a12:40decision to approve reject or postpone12:43van x ethereum etf on july the 9th with12:46wisdomtree’s decision date12:47set for july 30th this timeline would12:50explain12:51why we haven’t heard anything about12:53these ethereum etfs yet and it could12:55even mean12:56that van x has been approved already as12:58it’s unlikely that news would come out13:00right away13:02now perhaps this is just wishful13:04thinking but as far as i’m concerned13:06it’s not a question of if but when now13:09you can learn13:09more about etfs and what effects they13:11could have on the crypto market by13:13watching my video about that13:14using the link up there in the top right13:18so this leaves one last topic to tackle13:22and that’s13:22price predictions let’s start with the13:26bearish13:26scenarios if the bottom completely falls13:29out of the crypto market13:30the lowest we’re likely to go is the 20k13:33range13:34this is because 20k is the previous bull13:36market high13:37and it’s also a psychologically13:39comfortable number13:40note that we could wick below 20k13:42because of bitcoin liquidations13:44courtesy of over leveraged traders13:48this would correspond to a 35 to 4013:51drop from today’s prices given that all13:54coins typically shed 50 to 10013:56more than bitcoin during these dips this13:58would correspond to a 70 to 8014:00dip for large and mid-cap altcoins14:03likely more14:04for small cap altcoins if there happens14:06to be some black swan event that results14:08in a total freefall14:10the danger zone is somewhere in the 5 to14:127k range14:13this is because that’s the price at14:15which bitcoin mining is no longer14:17profitable14:18even with a significant hash rate14:20adjustment14:21the good news is that this is a way away14:24from current prices and would require a14:26colossal crash of nearly14:2890 percent obviously this would decimate14:31almost every altcoin on the market in14:33the most extreme bull scenario14:35bitcoin could reach as high as 500k14:38which would put its market cap on a par14:40with gold14:41this is the price point that many14:43wealthy individuals and institutions are14:45shooting for14:46though their timelines are much longer14:48than the next five months and rightfully14:50so14:51unless half the planet adopts bitcoin as14:53legal tender during that time14:55there is no way that 11 trillion dollars14:57will find its way into btc14:59by the end of 2021 which is the market15:02cap it would need15:03to hit that price a more realistic15:06expectation is the 100 to 200k15:08range which is an easily achievable15:10target if a bitcoin etf is approved in15:13the united states15:14before the year’s end this would work15:17out to a modest15:184 to 6x move from current prices most15:21large cap altcoins would see comparable15:23gains with many mid15:24and low caps likely doubling that15:27although i do have a video dedicated to15:29spotting the top15:30i will preface it with the fact that15:31institutions may15:33once again try and manipulate the top15:35the way they did back in april and may15:38this means we might not see the same15:40blow off top we’ve seen in previous bull15:42markets15:42at least not for bitcoin you can find15:45that video on how to spot the top by15:47using that link15:48up there in the top right and i suggest15:50you watch my video about the wyckoff15:52method as well15:53that’s in the video description15:57i’ll admit that i felt a lot more15:59confident about the crypto market after16:01doing the research for this video16:03as loud and strident as the crypto fud16:05has been recently16:06i couldn’t shake the feeling that16:08something was off16:09how is it that everything else is16:11rallying while the crypto market is16:13trading sideways16:15i figured there must be more to this16:17story and it seems16:18my suspicions were correct the clampdown16:21on cryptocurrencies by various countries16:23around the world16:24coupled with concerns about the16:25environment really seemed to have16:27spooked16:28individual and institutional investors16:31these situations are16:32improving and the return to regular16:34network operations16:35seems to be happening faster for16:37ethereum than bitcoin16:39if resiliency sustainability and16:41decentralization16:43are truly what institutions are looking16:45for in cryptocurrency16:46then the recent regulatory moves against16:49binance suggests that trading volume16:51is the final frontier binance still16:54handles16:54most of the market activity for crypto16:57on any given day16:58and this is probably what serious17:00investors are really taking issue with17:02progress is being made on that front as17:05well and most of cryptocurrency’s core17:07issues17:08are set to be resolved in the coming17:10months although a black swan event is17:12always on the table with this damn17:14pandemic a white swan17:16is much more likely in my book this17:19could be anything from tesla announcing17:21that it’s accepting bitcoin payments17:23again17:24to an ethereum or bitcoin etf it could17:27even be17:28another country announcing that it will17:30be making bitcoin legal tender17:32now while i’m skeptical that any17:34combination of bullish announcements17:35could take us past 200k17:37this time around higher price points are17:40definitely on the menu for bitcoin17:42and just about every other17:43cryptocurrency on the market17:45in the long term except for coins17:49of course if you enjoyed today’s video17:52be a champ and give that like button a17:53pat i’ve got plenty more content coming17:56down the pipe so17:57subscribe to the channel and ping that17:59notification bell on the bottom right18:02this isn’t the only place you can find18:04me either i’m active on tiktok instagram18:06telegram and twitter18:08i even have a weekly newsletter that18:10contains my personal cryptocurrency18:12portfolio18:13as well as boatloads of information18:15about the market that you18:17need to know if you’ve made some gains18:19consider heading over to the coin bureau18:21merch store to level up your fashion18:22game18:23you can find your way to these handy18:25resources using the links in the video18:27description18:28well that’s a wrap thank you all so much18:30for watching i’m off to take a nap18:33night night18:44youEnglish (auto-generated)

Crypto Price Prediction Jul 15 2021

Crypto Price Prediction Jul 15 2021

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