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Free Indicator On TradingView Gives Perfect Signals

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Free Indicator On TradingView Gives Perfect Signals


This is by far the most comprehensiveall-in-one technical analysis indicator on the trading view platform

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Free Indicator On TradingView Gives Perfect Signals



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this is by far the most comprehensive

all-in-one technical analysis indicator

on the trading view platform I am not

kidding this tool has everything

starting with supply and demand dozens

of confirmation indicators and ending

with EMAs and various smooth filters

trust me you have never seen anything

like this before in this step-by-step

tutorial I will teach you how to use

this indicator as well as give you a

full trading strategy with it that will

make you consistent instantly profitable

it’s worth mentioning that this

technical analysis tool can be used for

trading volatile cryptocurrencies stocks

Futures and Forex pairs the most optimal

time frames for this indicator are 5 and

15 minutes 1 hour and 4 hours before we

begin if you’re tired of losing and

looking for proven indicators

professional Traders use I highly

recommend checking out easy algo their

team has coded some of the most advanced

advaned technical analysis tools

available on trading view but this is

only the tip of the iceberg on the easy

trades VIP Discord Community you can

copy profitable trading signals get help

passing funded challenges and learn

dozens of high win rate strategies that

will serve you for a lifetime this is a

worthwhile investment in yourself as a

Trader if you’re serious about your

trading career join the easy trades

family today and thank me later to

install this indicator on your chart log

into your trading view account and open

any Market currently I am viewing the

salana price chart on the 15minute time

frame open the indicators and search for

DIY custom strategy Builder V1 select

this one by Z

py let’s thank the creator of This truly

wonderful script this is how the

indicator looks in default settings it

plots buy and sell signals on the chart

with supply and demand zones and Market

sessions having sessions on your chart

is useful as you can instantly see

during which session the market moves

the most candle coloring also plays a

significant role in indicating the

Market’s momentum and Trend green

candles indicate strong buying pressure

red candles signal significant selling

pressure gray bars are displayed when

the market consolidates if a Buy Signal

appears under a green bar the chances of

it being profitable are much higher

the opposite is true for a cell signal

in the indicator inputs you can

customize the accuracy of these signals

with more than 30 indicators available

you can select any combination you

prefer and the indicator will generate

buy and sell signals accordingly this is

an alternative to the timec consuming

process of manually confirming signals

from multiple indicators this indicator

streamlines the process by automatically

printing buy and sell signals based on

your chosen combination of indicators no

more staring at the screen for hours

simply set up alerts and let the

indicator do the work for you depending

on the market you trade you can select

different indicator combinations this

indicator even has an option to set a

signal expiry candle count by default

this number is set to three this means

that if the leading indicator prints a

signal it will wait for maximum three

more candles for the rest of the

confirmation indicators to catch up if

they do not catch up the signal will not

be printed in the next block you have an

option to choose which indicator will be

your main confirmation these are the

most popular buy and sell indicators on

trading view from now on you do not need

to install two or more indicators on

your chart all the tools you need are in

one place for the cryptocurrency market

I like to use superi as a main

confirmation it works very well for long

trades just take a look at the accuracy

of these buy signals the indicator can

also be used as part of a Buy and Hold

strategy the Creator regularly updates

the indicator to ensure consistent

accuracy it can also be used in any time

frame from intraday to long-term trading

to customize the secondary confirmation

indicator all you need to do is go to

inputs and enable any indicator you see

in this window here you can enable

different em a filters range filters

super Trend vwap stochastic and more now

you can build thousands of different

trading strategies in seconds all you

have to do is choose the first and the

secondary confirmation indicators let me

show you one more good combination that

works for day trading salana the first

step is to enable half Trend as your

main confirmation scroll down and select

the 200 EMA range filter and the water

atar explosion as signal filters scroll

back up and disable the alternate signal

option you can customize the length of

the indicators to further improve signal

accuracy for simplicity’s sake let’s

keep them default you can also turn on

overlay indicators such as fair value

gaps liquidity zones and more if all the

indicators align correctly a buy or sell

signal will be generated remember to

check the candle color for initiating a

trade it is also helpful to consider

supply and demand as final trade

confirmation to maximize your odds avoid

opening a long trade near the supply

Zone and a short trade near the demand

Zone let’s look at some trade examples

you could have taken with this indicator

here is a long signal issued recently it

took place during the London session we

expect trending market conditions during

this session because volatility is

higher than usual the candle bar was

Green which as we already know indicates

bullish pressure it is crucial to check

price action before opening a position

notice how the price broke Above This

range it had been moving in this type of

breakout is very strong which gives us

reason to believe that the market will

continue to rise this is exactly what

happened for this type of strategy you

can set the stop loss at the recent

swing low a manual profit Target should

be no less than one five times the risk

here’s another valid long entry this one

took place during Tokyo and Hong Kong

sessions you could have profited really

good from this trade notice how this

indicator cancels signals during range

Market as you can see the candle bar is

gray which means no trade should be

taken only when all the conditions are

met can you open the

position taking short positions with

this indicator is also very easy a cell

signal is generated when half Trend

gives a sell signal and the price is

closed below the EMA the water atar

explosion is negative instead of

displaying all the indicators mentioned

above on the chart the indicator simply

prints a signal if all the conditions

are met check out these entries the

signals are highly

accurate Let Me Now quickly show you how

to create alerts for this strategy first

click on the alerts button at the top

for the condition enable the DIY custom

strategy Builder indicator you can

create alerts for buy or sell signals

select the alert once per closed bar set

the expiration date if needed once

you’re finished click create Traders I

hope you understand this trading

strategy if you have any interesting

ideas or indicators please write them

down in the comments be sure to back

test this or any other trading strategy

you find on magic indicator strategies

thanks for watching till next time