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How To Buy Micro Cap Altcoin Cryptos

How To Buy Micro Cap Altcoin Cryptos

How To Find And Buy Low Cap Altcoins

In this video we walk you through exactly how to find and buy those coins you cannot find on the exchanges like Binance & Coinbase

How To Buy Micro Cap Altcoin Cryptos

How To Buy Micro-Cap Cryptocurrencies Step-By-Step (Altcoin Walkthrough)

Dec 9, 2021

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How To Buy Micro-Cap Cryptocurrencies AltCoins Walkthrough (Step-By-Step) The most common question we have been asked is ‘How to Buy these coins’ & ‘Where can we buy these coins.’ In this video we walk you through exactly how to find and buy those coins you cannot find on the exchanges like Binance & Coinbase. If you were wondering How to Buy Chain Guardians, Vulcan Forged, Thetan Arena, Mobox, Radio Caca, Floki Inu and More… this is a full comprehensive guide on where and how to buy. Check out our Alex Becker Challenge: Using Decentralized Exchanges these are all the biggest exchanges; Uniswap for Ethereum Pancakeswap for BNB TraderJoe for Avalanche Quickswap/Sushiswap for Polygon Raydium for Solana (Will need a seperate wallet for SOL) Spookyswap for Fantom If you see any of these places listed in the ‘Market’ tab on coinmarketcap then your coin will be built on the corresponding network.. Please ask any questions I will be super happy to answer anything below 🙂 #GamingCrypto #Altcoins #Cryptocurrency

The Rubicon Show
If you have an understanding of the overall market and infrastructure, we do a TLDR at 16:48 where we quickly go over the steps again!
William Towner
A suggestion for us newbies. Purchasing walk throughs are great to understand that process to get to a purchase Token point. Perhaps a video tutorial about reversing this out when you decide your coin has gone up and you want to sell? And what are the possible costs to this? Example, your gaming coin goes up 20%, and you want to get out of the position and take profit. You swap your Token for (Matic), but the price of Matic drops against your token at swap. It’s not like buying Bitcoin or ETH with Fiat or USDT for a quick exchange. And how do you cash out the Matic to $ instead of having to swap to BNB or something else again incurring more fees? Again, I am a beginner, so if these questions seem a little uncommon, I am trying to understand the process both ways. Thx and great information.

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Piyush Kumar Sinha
The best explanation with the simplest words. Thanks guys. Really appreciate your effort. 🙏

Ayn Zoya
this is amazing! thanks. i’ve been watching so many youtube videos for each step. but you have them all compiled together here and so well explained! keep up the great work 🙂
blue Ice
Once you do it enough it turns into a cake walk. Just be careful with limitations of whatever CEX you’re using, I made a purchase but withdrawals were on hold so I couldn’t swap in time. The micro went up in value during that time and the main coin dipped a bit. I learned the hard way, use multiple CEXs if need be.
Richard Jackson
Awesome tutorial, guys! Fantastic explanation

Jake Andrea
Amazing video. Can we get a video when we want to transfer it back to avalanche or polygon to cash out. So let’s say Crabada goes 2X and you don’t want it anymore. How would you get rid of crabada and have it as polygon only? Hopefully that makes sense
wally fernandez
Awesome video! Can we do the other way around? Selling these micro-cap and going back to centralized trading.
Elliott Germanovich
Very informative. Keep that tweet sweet content coming. Thanks guys!!

Some really good explanations here and good insight. What do you think of play to earns like dogedash. I love simple play to earns and this one with its utility and new games seems a stand out. Would be great to do an analytical video on it. Thanks
Euan T-F
Would love to learn how to stake! Love these channels, cheers!
This was fantastic answered so many questions that I couldn’t find answers to anywhere else
WoW. Just WoW. You guys explained it soo good
Needed this!!!! Thank you gentleman

Luke Traylen
Love this! Cheers guys a lot of help.
Dean Horner
I was really hoping for the “step-by-step” part mentioned in the title. The video was a bit all over the place, like a first practice run that went a bit wrong, you guys didn’t seem to be on the same page. Please could you release “Take 2” or recommend a good “step-by-step” tutorial?
Szabó Bence
The quick summary at the end was a great idea. I understood at first but the vid was so detailed i was getting confused again lol.
Arakse Ligo
Hey guys nice video. However, you are kind of all over the place and it is a bit confusing, you jump from one point to another and then back and forth, maybe do a remake? Also it feels like a lot of parts are missed because they are expected to be known from the viewers I suppose. Maybe do a longer video? ALSO PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO WHERE YOU EXPLAIN HOW TO SELL 😀

How To Buy Micro Cap Altcoin Cryptos


How To Buy Micro Cap Altcoin Cryptos


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