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It’s All Planned, CBDC, Crypto, SEC, New World Order

The Dollar Collapse Is Now In Motion

It's All Planned, CBDC, Crypto, SEC, New World Order

It's All Planned And It's Playing Out Now

What is unfolding now has been in planning for a very long time, maybe over 100 years. You, as an observer now have the opportunity to either just sit and watch, or become a participant for change.


It’s All Planned, CBDC, Crypto, SEC, New World Order


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there are people who want to create

cbdcs and these cbdcs are not just about

more efficient money they’re not just

about somehow getting rid of cash

because that’s better for society

according to a few

they’re about putting the control of

what you’re allowed to spend your money

on into the hands of people you’ve never

met you don’t vote for and are

unaccountable to any legislative process

and in some cases don’t even live in

your country right now the United States

is attacking crypto which is the exact

opposite of a cbdc they want to apply

cbdc’s Nationwide so they can have more

control over people than ever before

it’s time to opt out other traditional

Financial system Bitcoin helps with this

as you have a hundred percent ownership

of your asset and no one can take it

away from you

crypto family welcome back to the

channel Aaron here coming back at you

with another cryptocurrency video today

and in today’s video we’ll be checking

out Charles hoskinson he’ll be talking

about what’s coming next for this

cryptocurrency market we’ve recently

seen the SEC file lawsuit against

binance Ada polygon and other

cryptocurrencies in the market the

market has sold off here over the past

24 hours because of this Charles talks

about how our government is fighting

against freedom in Bitcoin and crypto

and is essentially pushing cbdc’s and

other things definitely recommend you

guys check this one out all the way to

the end let’s go ahead and check out the

clip here leave your thoughts in the

comment section below and as we look to

the 21st century and we look to where

the world is moving we Face a similar

philosophical debate

there are those they’re at weft and

other places who feel that Society has

become intrinsically too complicated for

people to govern themselves and they

feel that the few must out of necessity

rule the many

and they wrap these things into mandates

like ESG

you’ll see other acronyms and words but

at the core it’s we know better than you

the cryptocurrency blockchain industry

is not an industry


a single voice a single mission

it just simply is a movement that has

some loose principles about it and those

loose principles are power to the edges

disintermediate the middleman and

freedom for as many as possible more

importantly it’s also a principle that

everybody plays by the same rules

see that’s what makes cardano so special

and that’s what makes Bitcoin special

ethereum special and other great

protocols is this idea that everybody

has to play by the same set of rules

this is not the case with the Legacy

systems this has never been the case

with them

certain people get certain special

privileges based upon the families

they’re born into the amount of money in

their bank account and the political

connections that they have

so the magic of the system we’re

constructing the world we’re building


is that if we pull it off we reset the

relationship of the governed

with those who govern

and what that effectively means is that

the 21st century can be the first

century in human history that actually

can have Liberty and freedom

the reason why people are so passionate

about crypto is that it’s not an

investment product at its core

it’s a philosophy it’s a political


it’s just as much regulated by the FEC

as it should be others because what

people are basically doing is saying I


in power to the edges I believe in

self-sovereign identity I believe

in freedom and liberty

and as a result I’m gonna put my money

where my mouth is

and my time into this and we’re all

going to come together and just figure

it out and build it an army of


on a ragtag militia

for the future

that’s a very different thing

than Microsoft and Google and apple and

Amazon and you’re running the milk

company your Nike just do it

that’s about all of us each and every

one of us we just want some human rights

and we’re not really so happy with where

things are at

nobody if you pull them would look and

say I believe the people in charge

should be in charge and we can’t find

anyone better but we’re stuck with them

because of a political bureaucratic

ossified process that has resulted in a

two-party Monopoly where it’s all about


at any cost politics there isn’t a lot

of Integrity there

we didn’t start this industry this

industry was started in the response to

a failed governance event the 2008

financial crisis which brewed from over

30 years of misconduct by Central

Bankers like Alan Greenspan

Ben Bernanke and the treasury

secretaries and U.S policy in an

incestuous relationship with banksters

who by the way suffered no consequences

for destroying the American economy

and we were told again and again whether

it was the Black Shoals crisis of 87 or

the SNL crisis in the early 90s or it

was the long-term capital crisis of 98

or the collapse of Silicon Valley or and

it was 2008 and everything before trust

us we know what we’re doing it’ll all be

better tomorrow

and yet another collapse

yet more corruption yet more problems

so we said you know what we as an

industry are going to come together and

we’re just going to do something


maybe we should have money that we

control maybe we should have

deflationary instead of inflationary

monetary policies maybe just maybe we

should own our own identity be our own


maybe just maybe we should have a say in

how our data is used

and be able to say no to something

the next 10 years are going to be the

biggest years of change in all of our


this is it it’s like the 1930s staring

at the 1940s everybody knows something’s

Brewing they don’t quite know what

exactly is going to happen but they know

nothing will ever be the same again

the reality is that we have a great

convergence of Trends and Technologies

which will completely redefine

everything from how our governments

operate to who’s in control to who has a

say over how your life goes

so quickly we noticed the covid

lockdowns how we all went from living in

a free Society to not

how quickly can things change with the

world of generative AI

with global transnational agreements

being signed where nation states no

longer have full say over their people

and yes Finance is going to be in the

crosshairs there are people who want to

create cbdc’s and these cbdcs are not

just about more efficient money they’re

not just about somehow getting rid of

cash because that’s better for society

according to a few

they’re about putting the control of

what you’re allowed to spend your money

on into the hands of people you’ve never

met you don’t vote for and are

unaccountable to any legislative process

and in some cases don’t even live in

your country

if for example you’ve already filled

your tank of gas

this week maybe you’re not allowed to do

that until next week because you’ve got

your weekly allotment

that can be decided by a bureaucrat not

the president

not your Congressman but by someone

you’ve never met from an agency you

probably don’t even know about

the same can be said for any activity

that’s determined to be not socially

beneficial or fit into a particular


this system is not a hypothetical

scenario it’s one that’s being put into

place with social Credit in the People’s

Bank of China today right now for over

1.5 billion people and has already been

deployed thanks to Partnerships with

tencent and others to over 200 million


here in America there are many people

who subscribe that this is a good idea

inside our federal bureaucracy

the only problem is that there’s a

glitch in The Matrix you see you don’t

actually need to do a cbdc if your goal

is efficient digital money you can use a

cryptocurrency for that so our industry

is an uncomfortable counter example to a

reality that some people have already

decided the human race needs to exist

within for the greater good because of

the proliferation of existential

Technologies global warming and other

concerns that keep them up at night

thus our industry has to be captured

sometimes they move quickly sometimes

they move slowly but it’s always One

Direction a little less Freedom every


a little less opportunity every day a

little less innovation

a little less control until one day you

wake up like a boiling frog and it’s

gone and thank you guys for watching all

the way to the end of the clip if you

found any value make sure to hit that

like button my name is Eric from Bitcoin

Bros I’m out I’ll see you guys in the

next one have a grocery day