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Next Levels for Bitcoin after Breaking $23000

Next Levels for Bitcoin after Breaking $23000

Is It Time To Jump In And Trade?

George covers a lot of territory in this video, and makes good sense in the analysis.

Next Levels for Bitcoin after Breaking $23000
Next Levels for Bitcoin after Breaking $23000

Live Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

Next Levels for Bitcoin after Breaking $23000


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Today let’s talk Bitcoin, Crypto and US market news. Now that Bitcoin broke $23000, where are the next resistance levels to break? 🟦Buy Bitcoin & Crypto with IRA/401k w/ItrustCapital ($100 Bonus) https://bit.ly/3vTebLT ✅Buy & Trade Bitcoin & Crypto w/o KYC on MEXC ($9100 Bonus) https://bit.ly/3ezpswc 🚨Hide Your IP and Stay Anonymous w/ NordVPN https://bit.ly/3zgO2b9 🔒Safeguard Your Bitcoin and Crypto w/ Ledger Hardware Wallet https://bit.ly/3xJdMwL 📈Trade Stocks & Optons with MooMoo (15 Free Stocks Bonus) https://bit.ly/3NH9bRX 👛Try the Safest, Easiest & Rewarding Web3 Wallet w/ Aurox https://bit.ly/3imqmOu 🔥CryptosRus’ Best Crypto Exchanges Guide: https://bit.ly/3Gc7dF9 🔥CryptosRus’ Best Crypto Deals: https://bit.ly/3wUtbeu 🔥CryptosRus’ Crypto Academy: https://bit.ly/3MZj1yZ 🔥CryptosRus’ Merchandise, NFTs and Articles: https://CryptosRus.com ➡Join Patreon for Exclusive Content and Discord Chat: https://bit.ly/3z3It1Y Follow these other great channels from George : 🔖New I Am George Studio’s Website: https://iagvideos.com/ 🔖CryptosRus Clips Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/cryptosrusc… 🔖I Am George Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/IAmGeorgeCh… 🔖Drivers Only Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/driversonly… Follow CRU on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram 🔖Check out the latest News, Articles, and Guides: https://cryptosrus.com 🔖TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@cryptosrus 🔖Twitter https://twitter.com/CryptosR_Us 🔖Twitter News Desk https://twitter.com/CRUNewsDesk 🔖Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cryptosrus 🔖Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cryptosrus Official Partners Who Sponsor This Channel: ITrustCapital, NordVPN 0:00 Intro 0:40 Market Overview 1:20 Why Bitcoin Is Pumping 4:50 Short Liquidations 6:00 Lost Bitcoin Supply 8:00 Bitcoin Vs Banks 9:05 Ethereum 10:40 Cardano 12:15 Solana 13:25 Shib 14:20 Feds Sieze 700m 14:55 BTC Target 19:30 Q&A 🔴Full Disclaimer: This video and its contents are for informational purposes only and do not constitute an offer to sell or trade, a solicitation to buy, or recommendation for any security, cryptocurrency, or related product, nor does it constitute an offer to provide investment advice or other related services by CryptosRUs. CryptosRus may have a financial investment with the cryptocurrencies discussed in this video. In preparing this video, no individual financial or investment needs of the viewer have been taken into account nor is any financial or investment advice being offered. Any views expressed in this video were prepared based upon the information available at the time such views were written. Changed or additional information could cause such views to change.

Next Levels for Bitcoin after Breaking $23000

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welcome back to cryptos are us I’m George or all George so0:10Bitcoin is above 23 000. and it looks like it wants to keep going things are0:17getting very very exciting so what are the next levels for Bitcoin to shatter0:24let’s talk about them and talk about what’s going on with all coins and everything else that’s going on today so0:33welcome welcome welcome guys wow just look at that look at that you0:39know when this was starting to form starting to come up I’m like this pattern you know it’s pretty recognizable we’re0:47definitely having a reversal we’re coming off bottom and we continue to0:52Trend Higher and Higher and Higher and now we’re at 230:57200 and I think it’s pretty clear where we are heading to and1:04and where we’re heading to after that but before I talk about these levels I1:10didn’t want to share about uh a few other things a lot of you guys may be wondering why1:16Bitcoin is going up right yes we’re having a reversible why is it going up well there’s many reasons I actually1:23found four of them from you guys one of them could be because you know what the the dxy the strength1:30of the dollar is starting to come down right we’re seeing the FED fund rate1:37um taper out you know how we’re like 4.25 and we’re1:42gonna taper out around five right but generally speaking when we start seeing or hearing about that when it starts1:48tapering out and starts coming down that’s usually a very very bullish thing so there’s macro stuff in play with the1:56dollar starting to lose strength the possibility of the FED fund right topping out and coming down well2:04these are great things for Bitcoin crypto equities tech stocks whatever right so2:12that could be it that investors Traders uh they’re starting to see the the light2:19out of the tunnel which is uh then the economy is starting to get better and us2:25being less fearful about what the FED is going to do so that could be it that2:32could be one of the reasons why right but also it could be this I mean there’s a lot of2:39technical stuff that’s showing that we are coming up from bottom in fact a lot2:46of the technical indicators show that Bitcoin has never been this oversold in its history going all the way back to2:53the very beginning so we have a lot of charts a lot of indicators a lot of moving averages that show you yeah we3:00hit bottom and now we’re coming up from that bottom and these are not just like3:05based on the day or hour or or anything like that these are based on weeks and months right so3:13indicators show that we were coming up right so that’s good and3:19of course yeah there’s a lot of other patterns right not just indicator patterns like this bull flag that we are3:27breaking out from so that’s fantastic right we got a lot of signs a lot of3:33signs a lot of reasons and of course this may be the biggest reason why we3:38started coming up because the Jim Cramer effect Jim Cramer just two weeks ago3:45again told everyone to get out of crypto3:50he actually tweeted before this that also said something about selling off3:55your Bitcoin and selling off your friends or something like that right so maybe this is the reason why we started4:02coming up because of good old gym and uh and you know4:09generally speaking you do the opposite of what Jim says at least with crypto you you make a lot more so that could4:17have been a bottom indicator as well right so got a lot of reasons a lot of reasons4:22why we’re flipping above it may not be any one of them it could be a combination of all of them together4:28right nevertheless we are heading higher and we’re4:33we’re at a level unseen in so long so so long4:382022 was a horrible horrible year but 2023 we’re off to races and could wipe4:44out all the bad times very very quickly4:50yep also what’s helping is the short liquidations okay uh so you could see4:56right here the last 24 hours about 400 million5:02liquidations most of it on the short side right so the Bears5:08definitely not feeling very well right now even though looking at this doesn’t look too bad doesn’t look as bad as this5:15point right here so you can see over here you have like 50 million 1725:20million 13 13 50 million right but still5:25close to 400 million shorter’s being wrecked5:31right and of course when you have that happen you have a short squeeze adds to5:37the buying pressure and that’s fantastic and as Bitcoin hits higher you’re gonna have more shorts getting liquidated and5:44more short squeezes so good good overall good overall all5:52right uh what else is going on well um according to Glass node 1.4 million6:00could be lost forever okay so this is this is important I remind you guys this6:06often that even though Bitcoin seems like seems like there’s a lot of6:12Bitcoin flowing around 19.6 has been mine right but realistically out of the6:191960 million first of all eighty percent eighty plus6:24percent is held by long-term holders right so you subtract that off out of the remaining 20 percent6:31millions millions of it is gone forever this is saying 1.4 million in fact I’ve6:38heard estimates as high as seven eight million Bitcoin lost because6:45think about early on people were mining Bitcoin for fun they’re gonna mine in a million Bitcoins and then the hard drive6:51crashed or they they lost their keys or whatever um it has happened there’s so many6:58people from early you know from the early stages of Bitcoin they didn’t really take it seriously or due to some7:04malfunction they didn’t know how to safeguard their keys properly right so7:10an important thing to remember uh Bitcoin is scarce it’s very scarce and7:16it’s only going to get more scarce as we move forward with each and every having event but out of the out of the out of7:24the circulating Supply right now it’s not 19.6 million7:30if you subtract out the Lost Bitcoin it’s more like 15 I would say it probably 15 14 million and added a 147:37million probably 90 plus is being held by holders so there’s very very little7:45that’s actually being traded swapped between people and that is why long term7:51Bitcoin will head higher because there’s such a limited supply and demand keeps7:56going up it’s it’s really that simple and now Bitcoin is worth more than Bank of America and8:04Morgan Stanley combined think about that Bitcoin pretty soon8:09will be worth more than the biggest company out8:15there which is Apple right at one point in time it was getting close it was like top top five8:22top six or something like that where we’re a little bit of ways off from there but eventually Bitcoin will be the8:28most valuable company on Earth if it was a company which we know it’s not but it’s just interesting to compare the8:35market caps right um all right uh outside of Bitcoin what about others8:41today’s definitely led by by Bitcoin8:46um you know you could see the 24 hour change uh Bitcoin is leading very little8:52very little all coins are outperforming today there’s a few there’s a few like Solana8:58cardano right some of these other ones but ethereum you know ethereum has been9:04lagging quite surprisingly you figure ethereum should be going up because it’s become deflationary once again so I saw9:11this headline 4.6 billion ethereum up in flame since EIP 1559 what are they9:17referring to they’re referring to the burning and plus the issuance being dropped by over 90 percent so if you9:23look at ethereum right now it is deflationary since moving to proof of stake9:29not only that all the new issuant issuance9:35um get burned but we’re below that we’re at minus almost 3 000 eth9:40versus if you were not you know we were still in proof’s work instead of proof of stake you will9:48have plus 1.5 million eth 1.5 million each since then to now what have been9:55issued versus minus three thousandth that’s a big big difference huge10:02difference right but it’s not just burning ethereum is still the big dogs when it comes to Smart contracts or10:08contract deployment and you can see in 2022 especially Q410:14I mean things just jumped up in a big way right even though prices have been10:20low and suppressed for so long development has not been suppressed development continues to go upwards10:26that’s what we want to see during a bear market during10:32lows right we want to see development move forward and certainly they have been so very encouraging so ethereum’s10:40looking good cardano is going up still today pretty good almost 10 percent a10:46lot of people very excited about their stable the very first stable coin D judge stablecoin great by Cody by the10:52way not a lot of people know that but djet is supposed to come out this month10:57so I mean we only have a couple weeks left right or maybe one full week left before like one and a half week so it’s11:04about to it’s about to come out so a lot of people are very excited according to this DJ has like partnership with how11:11many hundreds hundred no not hundreds 40 Partnerships so a lot of projects are11:17looking forward to enable djud like for example here the wing Riders decks I’m11:23sure every single decks will be integrating um these are when it comes out and you11:29know very exciting they’re boosting their D5 ecosystem right and cardano is11:36looking to upgrade um in February so they’re going to add11:41in uh snore cryptographic uh signature to11:47make it easier for developers to build Crossing apps that is something that that cardano is trying to do is11:53basically make interoperability more more easier let’s say and also there11:59they developed a framework for for for side chains right overall still a lot of12:06developments happening within cardano so again building while things are low12:12that’s great as for Solana Solana’s just coming up because it was so oversold12:18because FTX fud everyone was dumping FTI I mean dumping Soul right but Seoul is12:24coming back in a big way and the state of Soul Q4 2022 you know what what has12:30happened I mean honestly nothing right I mean the daps are still there the dexes12:37are still there the users that are holding you know they’re back this Alana12:42are still there who really nothing has happened but now you know people are coming back and getting used to the fact12:48that okay um you know Solana is still a viable project still one of the the fastest and12:54biggest L ones we have even though they got a couple black eyes from you know12:59FTX still um they’re still one of the bigger ones13:05right so that’s why people are buying back and really there’s no other new news I mean transaction count is still13:11high still a lot of people trading nfts on on Solana so the reason why they’re coming up in uh13:20in such a big way right now um sheep sheep also making a little13:25traction the shibarium L2 launch is imminent maybe by the end of this month13:31right they’ve been whoever the lead developer is has been uh has been uh13:37tweeting about this but without giving exact date so this could also be right around the corner so there there’s13:44a lot of developments happening a lot of things being built right now and again that’s13:51what we want to see we want to see the entire ecosystem get stronger we want13:57the foundation of these l1s and l2s to to become bigger14:04and stronger and when we come back up when we head into the next Bull Run14:09that’s that’s where you really see them shine right so14:15good stuff good stuff what what else is there since uh I saw this fed sees14:21almost 700 million of FTX assets from SPF14:26you know you know uh remember when uh when SPF claimed he only had a hundred thousand14:33left in his name well that hundred thousand turned into 700 million so just14:39thought I’d bring that up there um that’s pretty much it that’s pretty much14:45it overall you know Bitcoin still trending up well I forgot I forgot I have to come14:52back to this um so where can Bitcoin go right I already Drew out these lines I had these lines14:58forever and we’re finally touching upon them right so right now Bitcoin at 23.215:04where does it go ahead next well it’s pretty obvious the next line is 24 2.15:10right so we touched upon that back in August15:15okay and then things went a little sideways actually it went down because we had some macro fud then we had FTX15:24right FTX did this and we wiped out FTX but we had some macro fun over here too15:29so we’re trying to wipe that out so I do believe the next level we’re going to hit is 24 2 24 3.15:37and that could be imminent that could be by the end of the day the way we’re going it would not surprise me we hit15:4224-2 24 3 by the end of the day now after that is where it gets really15:49interesting because you could see we fell down okay so just going back the15:55timeline of things okay this right here right around this point16:01somewhere around here is when Luna crashed okay so before Luna crashed16:07Bitcoin was already weak but we were still in the 40 000 range right looked16:13like we’re going sideways a little bit Luna crash brought us down to the 30 000 range right hovering a little bit below16:2030 000. then we had this which is Celsius Voyager three arrows Capital all16:27falling at the same time that’s what brought us even lower right so next stop16:33would be this 31 000 Mark if we break through 24-2 24 3 you could see we fell16:40down very fast there’s no there’s no in-betweens other than maybe over here like 29 000 but still close enough right16:48we fell down very very fast so from a technical standpoint16:54there’s no resistances basically right as we’re heading higher there’s no supports and as we’re heading higher17:00there’s no resistances so if we break through 24 3 we’re going to be right back 30 000 which means we would wipe17:07out all the fud around again Celsius Voyager three Earth’s Capital right that17:14would be amazing that would be amazing that we’re still only in the first month of January and we could wipe out how17:23many months of of fud this goes all the way back to June of 2022. so that’s like17:30six months six months of down and sideways movement right can we really just wipe all that17:37out with a terrific recovery and terrific pump and fomo bringing us back17:43to thirty thousand man that would be amazing that would be amazing now a lot17:49of the short-term indicators like on a daily scale um you know does show Bitcoin is very17:55overbought but you know those indicators really mean nothing when there’s fomo people are definitely fomoing back in18:02people are getting excited again people that’s been sitting on the sidelines that’s been waiting for a bottom hearing18:08about all these people talk about ten thousand and eight thousand and and all this nonsense levels below right now18:14they’re feeling it they’ve been they’ve been hearing others talk about it and they’re like why didn’t I buy right now18:20they’re Panic buying because now we’re six thousand higher than our 15 low right18:26so the indicators really mean nothing when there’s a lot of people that’s just that’s just looking to buy itching to18:32buy because they’re afraid of missing out right so it’ll be it’ll be interesting very very interesting18:40um if we if we don’t break through here right there’s a chance that yeah we come back down again maybe right back down to18:4621-22 if we can’t break above and hold above this 24-3 but the way we are going18:53right now let’s just bring a volume volume is a little bit higher starting to Trend19:01higher right so we’re definitely seeing a lot more a lot more19:07buying and we could definitely push right back to 30 000 if we get that19:12momentum going right so exciting very very exciting all right let’s do some uh19:20let’s do some q a19:43thank you19:50ninja lock one first time chatter welcome19:58Gina wants a part in their new SPF Saga you mean SPF Adventures20:05I gotta think about a script for the second episode20:19all right um20:32we got a lot of people tuned in right now a lot of people feeling good20:38you know when things come back they come back really really quickly20:44right the more oversold you are the harder to bounce and Bitcoin at 15 was definitely very20:51very oversold so we’re definitely seeing a good bounce21:06Vegas in November for F1 I did not know that that would be a good21:11time to go to Vegas in November when it’s traditionally cold everywhere else21:26how do exchanges acquire BDC they do it through OTC OTC market they sell to each other if if21:33necessary but a lot of them hold on a lot21:38and plus there’s depositors right people that deposit Bitcoin and trade it for other things21:49uh okay I’m still trying to catch up here21:55uh Richard Choi uh do you plan on selling BDC at the top22:01of the next Bowl run or hold a five to ten years no I mean what’s the best way to obtain22:08Financial Freedom I mean it really depends you got to think about22:13Financial Freedom means a little bit differently for everyone right for you if that means just to quit your job22:19right um you know have a goal uh actually just write down like how much you spend right22:27every single year how much you make how much you need to be able to quit that job right and kind of do what you want22:34doesn’t mean that you retire doesn’t mean that you just retire completely right you don’t want to do that but you22:40get to do whatever you want if you’re not chained down to a nine to five job right that’s different so you got to22:46figure that out right and make that your goal and once you hit that goal right great22:52great then you could cash out at that point right and you don’t have to do it22:58do a hundred percent right if you whatever you have let’s say breaks23:03through that say your goal is a million dollars and then you’re now at 1.5 million uh at the peak of the next Bull23:10Run right you could take out your million and leave the 500 000 there and hold it for the next five to ten years23:16right watch that grow to a few million in five to ten years um23:22so it’s really you know I guess it really depends on what your23:28definition of Financial Freedom is right but I do think a lot of people get confused23:34between like retirement and Financial Freedom no it doesn’t mean that you just23:39retire it just means that you get to do whatever you want so you’re not burdened by23:45doing something that you you don’t want hopefully that helps answer that23:52Alex my wife and I finally became a full Bitcoin holder an hour before the pump23:59congratulations you you already made what thirteen hundred dollars since then or24:04fifteen hundred dollars since then congratulations becoming a whole coiner is24:10is a big achievement and very hard to do very hard to do24:36Terry Chinese New Year probably hit for you already hasn’t hit for us it’s tomorrow24:42right so it’s looking like Chinese New Year’s bringing some good luck to the24:48crypto space right now so good25:06UK should I file what I lost on Voyager as a loss what if I get some of it back well that’s the thing if you file all of25:13it as a loss and you get some of it back then it counts as income right so25:19it depends on what you want to do or you claim half loss and then see if25:25you at least get half back I think Voyager will at least give half back or binance at least will go half back but25:31uh it was before it was reported that they were going to give 70 back when FTX25:36bought them um so I mean it just depends it’s easier if you just file 100 loss and then add25:44in the income later26:07while 23-3 we just keep going I mean 24 like I said earlier 24 3 is in my26:15opinion guaranteed but it’s not guaranteed that we’re going to break above and hold we could certainly hit that as you know26:23as a top resistance and then and then come back down right Bitcoin has done26:28that before like right here right we were not able to break through 24 and then it came back down we could26:34certainly see something like that happen but right now volume is exploding momentum is Shifting upwards26:42um everything else I’ve said Jim Cramer calling a bottom26:48you know it’s bringing a lot a lot of fomo back for sure27:05how do you file tax after FDX collapse now there’s no access to history you have to just do it manually27:50uh fix your deals I actually said I actually promised that I would play27:55fortnite if Bitcoin hits 25k by owner a month I may have to do that because someone said that on Twitch and I may28:04have to do that uh Ben’s sack is a good time to keep28:09buying or wait obviously you don’t want to buy when things are going up you want to buy when28:15things are going down but no one listens to that everyone buys when they wait uh28:20for a confirmation of a reversal which usually happens when things are going up right so I still say dollar cost average28:28if you want to get in some of your favorite alts right now right uh best is28:33probably to wait until they cool off indicator short-term indicators do show28:38that the entire Market is very overbought so we could definitely see uh28:44uh you know a consolidation a little bit of a correction a little bit of fall right which looked like it was happening28:50right around the 20 000 mark so you can see over here28:56stochastic was a hundred percent right it wanted to fall and then RSI was at 9029:02wanted to fall right and you could see macd falling down too so it looked like29:07Bitcoin was going to fall and it did just slightly though barely barely and29:12then guess what happened more buying and a push this higher right so some you know sometimes the29:19indicators are just you know they work until they don’t29:24right fomo trumps everything fomo and panic selling trumps everything doesn’t matter how oversold or overbought we are29:31you know it could occur it could continue its path because people are either buying or selling right29:39um but the smarter thing to do is buy when things are going down when29:44when others are Panic selling right that’s what I’ve been saying29:49um foreign take the guessing out of it this this coming Wednesday when I do DCA the29:56portfolio if we continue to Trend higher the portfolio would uh would have made a tremendous30:04recovery from last week it’s been recovering but this week we have gone up so much we’re gonna see a really good30:11recovery so we’ll see we’ll see on Wednesday night foreign30:35test if you don’t have a fortnite stream I never ever ever played and my kids stopped playing it too they were really30:42addicted to it now they just they don’t play it anymore uh as for our debt ceiling I made a big30:48deal about that um but supposedly we have another six months before or five months before they30:55have to figure it out most likely they will up the debt ceiling once again it31:00will be a never-ending cycle the US and everyone else um they don’t plan on fixing31:08really anything they just want to continue forward with raising the debt ceiling and printing out more money when31:15needed and selling more bonds when needed and just keep going and going and31:20going and keep overspending and it’s a endless cycle they just go pass it on31:26they’re just go pass it on until um until all these Congress people are not31:32around anymore and they’re like it’s none of our business anymore basically31:40Adrian uh Omi Vivi I think they’re still rocking their nfts right now they have31:47changed their platform a little bit uh but you know nfts got really cold so that’s why they went down but they still31:54have a lot of good licensing which could help them in the future so I think they’re still a good project32:08foreign32:13ER I don’t know why I could see you32:20Rich yes it’s only January that’s the thing32:31man let’s just say we we break through 24-3 we head to 31 right and we stopped there32:39for a little bit we consolidate there for let’s say until like April or something like that you know32:46I mean that would be perfectly fine and then you know after that I mean we’re talking about getting to like 3732:54000 to 40 000 as the next resistance I’m in Wild33:04uh on a weekly scale yeah I remember this I showed this33:12before on a weekly scale the 200 moving average um see that’s right there that said that33:1924 5. Bitcoin has traditionally used this as a really like a like a solid33:26support previously you could see we used it as a support we dropped a33:32little bit over here and then we bounced that but really good right this is the only time where we didn’t bounce back33:38hard because we had so many companies uh go under technically speaking we should33:45have just been hugging this line and we should have been above it if not you33:52know FTX Celsius Voyager and blackfine everyone else in Genesis not going33:58bankrupt if we didn’t have those companies go bankrupt You could argue that all of our time down here34:05would not have happened and we’re just above this you know 24 Mark right so we’re pressing against it we’re not34:11quite there yet but breaking through this will be very34:17very bullish very very bullish because that’s seen as the ultimate bottom and34:24if we break through that and utilize at the bottom again that will be a tremendous thing and34:30we’re coming close to that34:48um what else Casper promising L1 I looked into it it34:54looks promising I don’t know if it has its some same momentum as the others but it looked35:00promising35:0830 words or less Why by nfts their future of contracts35:15that’s less than 30 words um Kelly35:22uh Gala algorand Litecoin radx parsk I think BDC Ada these are some of my35:29favorite things when these top out sell half and all into Bitcoin nothing wrong35:35with that nothing wrong with that one reason even if you’re a Bitcoin Maxi one reason to buy alts is to gain on bitcoin35:43right um you might not believe in the the potential of alts or the future revolts35:50but there’s no doubt during bull runs alts move way faster way way faster than35:56Bitcoin which is why Bitcoin dominance is only in the 40 right now low 40s and it36:03was in the 30s traditionally if you lay on all the previous bonds Bitcoin Domino’s is at like 70 percent36:09so another another strategy to gain on bitcoin is to buy alts right36:16um and then sell it and then buy Bitcoin with it and then you’re you know your36:22you’re gaining on bitcoin that’s what you want to see but unfortunately the reverse happens too because if you hold36:28nothing but alts and then Bitcoin starts going up right then you see the overall36:34value of Bitcoin uh go down like the overall36:39portfolio because a lot of portfolio managers you know you could click between like Fiat and Bitcoin36:47equivalency right the Bitcoin equivalency of your portfolio starts going down when Bitcoin outperforms your36:53alts so that sucks too right so you just gotta you gotta that’s why I think just36:58having a right balance Diversified right balanced portfolio is37:03the best way man on a shorter time scale this just keeps going37:09this we were sideways and now you could clearly see what’s happening here37:19uh something like that37:29does the macro environment Spore us going to 30k yes right now it does uh we have the pal speech fomc meeting37:37February for second um I think most think that it’s gonna be37:42very dovish because inflation numbers keep showing that we’re going down so that’s good dxy is starting to come down37:49these are major macro factors that people look at and the dxy going down is also very bullish for Bitcoin so right37:57now yeah foreign38:05it’s another it’s another you know Layer Two38:11um they’re supposed to be very fast but I think they join they join some with38:18some other companies or something a while ago when they’re built on the EOS38:25um EOS chain which is supposed to be also renamed I don’t know what’s going on38:31with that foreign38:38what’s your thoughts on remark I have no idea never heard of them never38:43heard of them before38:53someone says look at ape it was ape jumping today yeah Abe is doing good39:00Aptos is going nuts right now I still don’t get the the hype over Aptos but they’re they’re going nuts uh a lot of39:07projects a lot of l1s are are recovering uh apecoin recovering I still think they39:14have huge potential these yoga Labs you know they’re they keep creating more more incentives39:21for people to buy their nfts and I’m still waiting for their metaverse to be out39:28with Solana having a really good recovery day cardano having a good recovery day39:33BMB is really lagging xrp is really lagging uh doge is really lagging polygon is I39:41I’m quite shy that polygon has not moved more so I think I think the lagging ones39:46could see and ethereum too I think they could see some love soon39:52you tend to see like Cycles where you know certain uh you know a certain uh group of alts40:01pump up then they slow down and then others go up you know it usually comes in Cycles40:16why is hbar being talked about all of a sudden I don’t I don’t really hear anyone talk40:23about hbar40:37Eagles or Giants I have no idea man I have no idea not paying attention41:05yeah this is gonna be huge when Bitcoin breaks above the 200 weekly moving41:10average and breaks Above This previous uh resistance level this will be huge we41:17could we could go up really quickly after that to thirty thousand but we’ll see Bitcoin is I mean on a weekly scale41:25it’s not overbought on a weekly scale we got a lot more room to grow you could see RSI over here41:31versus well my camera’s kind of cutting it off but you could see RSI right now41:38is only about 58 on the weekly scale and we have gone up as high as basically a41:43hundred okay so we’re definitely not overbought on a weekly scale but on uh41:48on a daily we are we are we’re at 90 right so we could probably I think most41:54likely we’re gonna cool off a little bit right around here okay and then after we cool off42:00we break through I think that’s what’s gonna happen but you know what fomo trumps all42:09fomo makes all these lines and everything irrelevant because when people want to42:16buy they’re going to buy42:27Kate I got in in 2013 when Bitcoin first hit a thousand dollars and then I got42:34into mining but mining already shifted to Asic Miner so I bought a whole bunch42:39of gpus um and back then it was really hard to get gpus too kind of like you know in42:462022 or 2021 I should say and I got into Litecoin Mining and I mined for like I42:52don’t know six months or four months something like that I think probably four or five months42:58um and and in 2024 is when things came down right so kind of sucked I got out43:04and that didn’t really pay attention until early 2017. um one Bitcoin hit a thousand again and43:11that’s kind of how I came back43:45old Saucy yeah it’s tough it’s tough to get views on uh it’s tough to get views43:51on Rumble for sure rumble’s search and recommendation43:56engine is just nowhere close to YouTube44:04any thoughts on algorand right now no I had big hopes for them44:10during the World Cup when and actually they sold off during the World Cup which is quite surprising but they had a big44:18partnership with them but algorod overall is a promising L1 and44:25they’re still figuring it out trying to grow their ecosystem44:45I wanted to ask last time about sitting on usdc while living in Germany because44:50dollar is losing power against Euro a lot and very quickly well it really44:55depends uh is it really losing against the Euro because Euro was man 0.9645:03Euro to USD one Euro yeah the Euro has been coming45:11back so if that’s the case and the euro is coming back against the USD then holding45:17usdc’s hurting you you would rather just hold cash so45:27that’s interesting I’m wondering why that is I mean the dollar losing strength against other currencies is good but the US is45:35definitely leading in terms of um stabilizing with inflation45:42right Europe the Eurozone inflation is still above double digits and this the worst ongoing45:49so I’m I’m curious what what what is making what’s driving the Euro higher again46:04all right guys I’ll let you go today overall it’s been a really good46:11day 23-3 I showed you guys what to expect46:17you know we have a couple levels to break one of them I’m pretty sure we will break soon and maybe even by the46:23end of today the other one probably will take a little bit longer right but overall this is why we stay strong while46:31we DCA low right for Recovery days like this and there will be a lot more to46:36come so smashing a like subscribe to the channel and I’ll see you guys tomorrow46:42same time 10 30 a.m Central Standard Time in the meantime if you want to have46:47some fun go check out SPF Adventures which I posted last night46:52um I also posted another video on I am George too if you are a Tesla fan all right guys have a good one byeEnglish (auto-generated)