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Prime XBT Tutorials

Prime XBT Tutorials

Complete Tutorial Covering All Components And Capabilities

Understanding Home interface

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PrimeXBT platform interface consists of 5 main sections:


Main – make deposits, withdrawals, change account settings and keep track of your account’s activity and statistics. Quick access Margin, Turbo and Covesting sections. Margin – manage your margin account, monitor the market, place trades and control your orders and positions. Turbo – predict price movement and earn by means of short-term Bitcoin settled contracts Covesting – Strategy management and Followings Analysis – charts by TradingView for technical analysis

Let’s take a separate look at the Home section.

Main (core section)

The Main section of the platform allows you to manage your account. Here you can create Margin accounts, keep track of your multi-currency Wallet, place deposits and withdrawals, change account language, security settings, keep track of your Affiliate (referral) network and quickly access your Margin Trading or Turbo accounts, as well as your Covesting Strategies/Portfolio. The ‘Main section consists of 4 sub-sections:

  1. Dashboard (sub-section)

  2. Referrals (sub-section)

  3. Reports (sub-section)

  4. Settings (sub-section)

Let’s take a look at these 4 sub-sections.

Dashboard (sub-section 1)

The ‘Dashboard’ sub-section reflects your PrimeXBT account statistics and allows you to quickly access and manage your Wallet (deposit and withdraw), manage your Margin accounts, your Turbo accounts and your Covesting Portfolio and Strategies:

  • Wallets – create wallets in multiple currencies. Deposit and Withdraw

  • Margin Trading – create, fund and trade with your Margin accounts:

In the Margin trading section you will also find status icons under the ‘Info column, such as: which reflect the status of your Margin accounts, including active promo codes, applied discounts, granted bonuses, etc.

Hovering over a status icon will show more details:

  • Turbo – create, fund and manage your Turbo accounts

  • Covesting Portfolio – access and manage your Covesting Followings

  • Covesting Strategies – access and manage your Covesting Strategies

Refer & Earn (sub-section 2)

The ‘Referral’ menu reflects your referral statistics and payouts, as well as referral program rules and conditions:

  • Referral program – your referral link, social media links and marketing kit

  • Your pending stats – pending referral payouts

  • Your stats – a breakdown of your referrals by currency

  • Referral Network – a breakdown of your referrals by referral level

  • Referral hierarchy – referral program rules and conditions

Reports (sub-section 3)

The ‘Reports’ menu reflects your Trading history for a selected Margin account as well as your Transfer history (Deposits/Withdrawals) to/from your PrimeXBT Wallets:

  • Trading history – a list of all Trades for the selected Margin account (with a downloadable Account statement option)

  • Transfer history – a list of all deposits made to the selected Wallet

Settings (sub-section 4)

The ‘Settings’ menu allows you to keep track of and manage your account settings:

  • Language – change account language

  • Change password for your account

  • Reference currency – enable additional reference currency values (visual)

  • Google Authenticator – enable/disable Google 2FA[hyperlink]

  • Email Notifications – enable/disable email notifications

  • Telegram bot – connect to telegram support bot

  • Last Login – reflects information about the 10 latest logins into your account

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    Prime XBT Tutorials

Prime XBT Tutorials

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