PrimeXBT Full Tutorial

PrimeXBT Full Tutorial

Long or Short 50 Assets With Bitcoin

PRIME XBT, best margin exchange for Day Trading

PrimeXBT Full Tutorial

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How To Trade On PrimeXBT | Long Or Short +50 Assets With Bitcoin (FULL TUTORIAL & REVIEW)

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 🔥 PRIME XBT, best margin exchange for Day Trading: 💰Receive up to 50% bonus added to your deposit by using promo code: Bitcoinsensus50💰 🏔If you sign up from the United States or UK, you’ll need a VPN: NordVPN 70% OFF: Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk if you are living in the US, nothing written here is financial advice! -Full Tutorial of PrimeXbt on the Bitcoinsensus website:… -Full Review of PrimeXbt on the Bitcoinsensus website:… 🔥Check out the Bitcoinsensus website for great Reviews, Tutorials, News, and more🔥 In this episode, we are doing a full tutorial and review of the PrimeXbt trading platform, make sure to subscribe for coming updates and smash the like button! ⏰TIMESTAMPS⏰ 00:00 Intro 01:20 How to Sign up (Link + Bonus) 02:30 How to Claim Bonus and Deposit 03:38 How to Purchase Btc from the Platform 04:27 How to Withdraw your Funds 05:15 Fund Trading Account + Bonus Explanation 07:42 Trading Interface 08:19 Regular, One-click, Two-Clicks Trading 09:17 Margin Trading vs Isolated Trading 11:52 How To Place Market Order + Close Position 14:36 Click Link and Claim Your Bonus 15:07 Full Tutorial On Bitcoinsensus Website 15:42 Limit Order 17:27 Stop Order 19:44 OCO Order 21:43 Stop Loss and Take Profit 23:20 Set Up Your WorkSpace For Trading 26:25 Fees and Conditions 27:45 Charting On The Platform 28:42 Turbo Section 31:18 Claim Bonus 31:50 Covesting Module 36:09 Platform Review 40:15 Outro (Bitcoinsensus Website) -Top 3 PrimeXbt Alternatives: 🥇Bybit: Up to $200 BONUS! 🥈Phemex: Up to $130 BONUS! 🥉DueDEX: Up to $200 BONUS! 🟢Swissborg Exchange: 🟣Kraken Exchange: 🟡Binance Exchange: 📊Bitcoin Trading Tutorials📊 -Bybit… -DueDEX… #Bitcoin #BTC #BitcoinNews #Crypt******************************************************************************************

PrimeXBT Full Tutorial

PrimeXBT Full Tutorial


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00:00what’s up my crypto legends in this00:01video we are doing a full tutorial00:03and review of the primex bt trading00:06platform00:06here you can trade 50 different assets00:09using bitcoin00:10ethereum us dollar coin or us dollar00:12tether as collateral i’m going to show00:14you00:15how to deposit your funds how to00:17withdraw also how to place a long or a00:19short order00:20basically buying or selling the market00:22with margin00:23how to place a market order a limit00:25order how to place your stop loss00:27your take profit and all of these00:29different features we’ll be going00:31through the turbo platform basically00:33this is something similar to binary00:35options you are betting that the price00:36is going to be above00:38or below certain levels in five minutes00:4010 minutes 15 minutes00:41i do not use this section of the00:43platform but i’m going to show you00:45because it’s here00:46the co-vesting module also here you can00:48copy trade00:49different traders you can see the00:51percentage that they are gaining in the00:53last month00:54or in the last week to see if it’s worth00:56to copy these traders00:58guys this is not a sponsored video i use01:01consistently this trading platform it is01:03one of my favorites01:04and i use it in my videos also and i01:06want to show01:07you how to trade with primex bt like01:10a professional let’s go straight into01:13the tutorial01:13[Music]01:21if this is the first time you are01:22signing up to the primex bt trading01:24platform make sure to01:26use my link in the description or the01:27pin comment you’ll be getting the best a01:30bonus available01:31and if you use bitcoin sensors 50 as01:33promotion code01:34you’ll be getting 50 in addition of what01:37you deposit i’ll be showing you01:38straight away and since the primex bt01:41trading platform doesn’t need any of01:43your private information01:44or kyc i know they are restricted in01:47some countries such as the united states01:49or united kingdom01:50you’ll be needing a vpn so if you use01:53the link in the description also of01:55nordvpn01:56you’ll be getting 70 off guys a huge01:59disclaimer this is02:00not any advice that i’m giving to you do02:03this at your own risk and said this02:05let’s go straight into signing up after02:08clicking the link in the description02:10this is going to take you to02:11this page where you are going to create02:13your account02:14this is going to take less than 3002:16seconds you are going to put your email02:18address here02:19you will be creating a password and02:21putting your cell phone number02:23over here you will accept the terms and02:25conditions02:26and then you just press into register02:29now that you have registered02:30this is going to be the main page where02:33you’re going to deposit your bitcoin02:35ethereum us dollar tether or us dollar02:38coin02:38the co-best thing i’ll explain02:40afterwards in the tutorial02:42say you want to deposit some bitcoin but02:44first02:45you want to claim your bonus so you’ll02:47go up here to margin02:48and then click on account and at the02:50bottom right here you will see02:52promotion code here is where you want to02:54put bitcoin02:56census 50 to activate your promotion02:59code and03:00once you press an active you scroll down03:03and here you will see03:04your promotion code activated as you can03:07see the name03:07bitcoin census 50 and you will have 5003:11in addition of what you deposit so if03:13you deposit 1 00003:15worth of bitcoin you’ll be getting 50003:17on top of that to trade with guys03:19so now let’s go and deposit your bitcoin03:22here we’ll click back into main account03:24once you’ve activated your promotion03:26code03:26and let’s go to deposit your bitcoin03:29this is going to be your primex bt03:31bitcoin wallet address as you can see03:33you have the qr code03:35and below you have the address also if03:37you don’t have any bitcoin to send to03:39your primex bt wallet03:40you can buy bitcoin directly from the03:42primex bt platform here where it says03:44purchase btc you will click here and03:47here you can purchase bitcoin with visa03:50or mastercard you will choose the03:51currency from your country03:53and here for example we want to use a03:55visa or a mastercard03:56the fee is going to be five percent and03:58you just click here on to buy04:01say for example you want to buy one04:02thousand dollars worth of bitcoin it is04:05going to give you 0.017804:08btc you will just click here and dubai04:10you put your email address the country04:12and as you can see the steps here then04:14on the third step you will put your04:16credit card details and then04:18finish the purchase and now you will04:20have your bitcoin and your main account04:22now that i’ve showed you how to deposit04:23your btc on your main account i’m going04:26to show you how to withdraw04:28you can see the withdrawal button just04:29on the right side of deposit you can04:31click there and then you can see you04:33will choose your destination address04:35so you will put your bitcoin wallet04:37address here and then you’ll be sent04:39an email from primexpt so you can04:41confirm the wallet address04:43and then you will choose the amount04:45let’s just go with maximum in this case04:47the transfer fee would be 26 in bitcoin04:50in this case04:51and note that primex bt processes all04:54pending withdrawals04:55once a day between 12 and 2 utc guys so04:59if you want to withdraw after 2 utc05:02then the withdrawal will be the next day05:05in between05:0612 and 2 utc now you’re ready to05:09withdraw05:10your funds you will just click here and05:11do submit to withdraw05:13now with the funds in the main account05:16we want to fund05:16our trading account we’ll go to the top05:19left here05:20where it says margin we’ll click on05:22margin and go to margin05:24btc and then we’ll go to the top left05:26and click here on to account05:29and this is where you will have your05:31trading fund so you want to pass05:33your btc from your main account all the05:36way05:36to your trading account so you will fund05:38your account here where it says05:40in the green fund account we’ll click05:42here and then say i want to fund from my05:45main account05:460.1 btc to my trading account i’ll press05:50transfer and because i have the bonus of05:54bitcoin sensors 5005:55activated as you can see here the bonus05:58is 0.05 so that from the 0.1 btc06:03they have given me 0.05 bitcoin to trade06:07with a guy so06:08in total i have 0.15 bitcoin as you can06:12see this is my balance06:13and they’ve given me 0.05 btc to trade06:16with06:17so from 5 200 i’ve gone to06:20seven thousand nine hundred and nineteen06:22dollars to trade with this is the buying06:24power06:25that i’ve got now for my trading quick06:27note you will never06:28ever be able to withdraw this bonus this06:31is only to add to your buying power you06:33can withdraw the gains of06:35this so your equity now with the bonus06:37is point06:3815 and your balance is 0.1 as you can06:41see so06:41if you gain 0.01 btc06:44with your total equity this will be06:46added to your06:48balance it will be point 11 guys this is06:51just for buying power also if you06:54withdraw06:54all of your funds from your main account06:57on prime xbt06:58you will lose your bonus you will always07:01have to have07:02a small percentage of bitcoin inside07:04primex bt07:05to preserve this bonus guys just in case07:08next week you want to add one bitcoin to07:11your primex bt07:12wallet then you can fund your account07:14and with that bitcoin07:16they will give you half a bitcoin for07:18buying07:19power guys the maximum bonus that you07:21can receive here is half a bitcoin so07:23you deposit one bitcoin07:25you can receive half a bitcoin on top of07:27that making a total equity07:28of one and a half bitcoin you cannot07:31deposit two bitcoin07:32and you will not receive one bitcoin on07:34top of that the maximum07:36is half a bitcoin guys now that you have07:38your bitcoin07:39in your trading account and your bonus07:41let’s go and learn07:42how to trade here at the top left under07:45account we’ll click07:46on trade this is the interface that07:48you’re going to see07:49by default and as you can see here you07:52will have your balance which is 0.1 btc07:55your reward which is your bonus .05 btc07:59your total equity unrealized profit and08:02loss this is when we start trading08:03used margin and available margin as you08:06can see this is all your available08:08margin point 15 btc08:10and available margin is now 100 so you08:12can do multiple trades and it will tell08:14you how much margin you have available08:17for other trades now i want to go08:19through with you with08:20regular trading one-click trading and08:22double-click trading i always have it on08:24regular trading what does this mean well08:27when i want to place an08:28order and i want to place a buy order08:30for example08:31i will prepare my order and once i send08:34the order08:35i will get a confirmation box okay and08:38then i’ll click08:38and confirm and then the order is in the08:41market08:42but if you click on one click trading as08:44you can see i can change it08:46here on the top left beside balance i08:49can click08:49one click trading if i click on one08:52click trading08:52i will not get a confirmation box once i08:56click the buy or the sell08:57order i will directly enter the market09:00and if i click on double click trading09:02well this is just to make it09:03a little bit more secure with two clicks09:06from your mouse09:07you will confirm the order to get into09:09the market09:10i always have it on regular trading09:12because i like to see the confirmation09:14box before09:15my order enters the market and now is09:17the time09:18where we start trading i’m going to09:20explain to you step by step09:22how to use margin trading maybe you are09:25used to some other platforms09:27like buy bit femix or judex where they09:30use09:30isolated they use 5x 10x 20×09:34and this is margin trading but so you09:36can get an idea i will show you say i09:38want to place a buy order09:40okay and with margin trading you have09:43the amount here you do not09:44choose the amount of leverage by 5x 10×09:4720x so for example just to do a quick09:51calculation09:52if i have 0.15 btc available09:55and i want to do like a 10x like on09:58isolated on by bit10:00what i would do is multiply this by 1010:03so if i have 0.15 available by 1010:07is 1.5 bitcoin okay so this would be10:10like10:11doing a 10x with my total equity10:14the total margin i am using is 0.015 btc10:19as you can see and if i wanted to do10:21100x which i do not recommend10:24anyone i would multiply my total equity10:26which is 0.1510:28by 10 and that would make 15 btc and as10:32you can see i am using my10:34total equity my total margin is 0.1510:38and this is what i’ve got available i do10:40not recommend10:41this the thing about margin trading is10:44that you do not have you do not have a10:46liquidation price10:47what you have is available margin okay10:51so if your position goes against you10:54and it goes minus your available margin10:57you will be10:58liquidated your entire position will be11:01lost11:01so it is not recommended to use your11:03entire position your entire margin11:06so say you want to go a 5x or a 10x for11:08example11:09so from 0.15 btc we want to use11:14one btc which would be about an 8x so11:17then you’re using 0.01 btc11:20which is not even 10 of your entire11:22margin so you have11:2390 available margin so if the position11:27goes against you 10 20 1511:31then you have a lot of margin then you11:33won’t get stopped out you won’t11:35get liquidated your margin11:38is your liquidation price if the price11:40of bitcoin or whatever11:42other asset goes against you more than11:44your margin11:45you will be eliminated from the market11:48guys so you always11:49have to have margin in your equity11:52now that i’ve showed you how margin11:54trading works let’s go and place a11:56market order there’s two ways how to do11:58this11:58you can go to the top left here from the12:00chart and as you can see there’s a sell12:02button or a buy button12:04and you can choose the amount of12:05contracts right here another way of12:07doing it is pressing12:08right click of your mouse and pressing12:10buy or sell as you can see here12:13you will get this confirmation box out12:15as a new order12:16we can see the symbol btc us dollar this12:19is the one12:20on the chart and we want to place a12:22market order12:24okay the minimum amount is .0112:27btc as amount of contract and your12:30margin12:30impact is going to be 0.000112:34btc this is the amount that’s going to12:36be locked from your equity for12:38this position here we can see that we12:40can place the stop loss and take profit12:42okay let’s go with stop loss if we’re12:45going to enter at 5812:46500 range we want to place a stop loss12:50if this is12:50a sell order we’ll go with 59 00012:54and the take profit at 5812:57000 okay and here we’ll see how much13:01they’re going to take13:02off your equity if you lose the position13:05or13:05if you win the position as you can see13:07it’s a very small13:08amount just because of the tutorial13:11let’s go and13:12send the order and let’s go with confirm13:16market order13:17and as you can see i am straight13:20in the market right here where you can13:22see this bracket13:23okay if you want to move your stop loss13:26and take profit you can just13:28move the bracket you will get a13:29confirmation box modify position13:32you just click on here and confirm and13:34you can move13:35your take profit and stop loss from here13:38guys13:39if you want to close straight away this13:41position13:42let’s go up to this x right over here or13:45this cross or this plus sign to add13:48another workspace here we’ll go on13:51positions okay because we have a13:53position13:54open we click on positions and as you13:56can see this is added to the chart we13:58can move it around13:59as we wish and if we want to move it to14:02the downside here14:04we can just click on here and then drag14:07it14:07to the downside like this and14:10as you can see we have an x here at the14:13very end14:14of your position we can see the position14:16is here14:17open and if we click on this x right14:21over here14:22this will close the position you will14:24have a confirmation box14:26you will just click here on closed14:28position you will get the confirmation14:30box and click14:31on to confirm and now your position14:34is closed remember guys if it’s your14:36first time signing up for primexpt make14:39sure to use14:39the link in the description or the pin14:41comment you’ll be receiving 5014:44bonus added to your deposit by using14:46promo code14:47bitcoin census 50 guys if you’re signing14:50up14:50from the united states or the uk or some14:53other countries14:54that might have a restriction guys you14:56will have to use a vpn there’s a link14:58also here you’ll be getting 7015:00of this nord vpn do this at your own15:03risk guys15:04this is not financial advice and15:06remember15:07if you’re interested in reading through15:08the primexpt tutorial there’s a link in15:11the description15:12of the bitcoin center’s website if you15:14go to the very top15:15into guides you can see we have a prime15:17xpt15:18tutorial if you click on here we have15:20the full15:21prime xpt tutorial here also so you can15:24go15:25through it guys for example we can go on15:27how to enter a prime15:29xbt trade and it will tell you exactly15:32how you can trade on primex beta here15:35reading through15:35choose an order type and here it will15:38show you step by step15:39on how to place a trade now that we have15:42created a market order i’m going to show15:45you how to place a15:46limit order market order as i showed you15:48is you get15:49directly into the market and with a15:51limit order you’re going to wait for the15:53price15:54to come to your order to your limit15:56order15:57okay so say if i want to buy now the15:59market16:00and place a limit order with this amount16:03of contracts i want to buy at 5816:05530 right the bitcoin price is now at 5816:10800. okay so i want to buy at this price16:13level16:14we’ll place the stop loss okay say at um16:1758 000 and the take profit16:20at 59 000 just for the sake of the16:23tutorial16:24and we will send the order we will16:27confirm16:28and as you can see the bracket is here16:31okay with this16:32with the take profit and the stop loss16:35every time you want to move the bracket16:37closer to the price if you wish to16:40there’s a going to be a confirmation an16:42edit box okay you will edit it16:44and you will confirm it so you can move16:47your bracket wherever you want once the16:50price16:50hits this bracket you are going to enter16:54with a buy order in this case into the16:57market16:58so if you want to cancel this order you17:01will just go here17:02here you can create the brackets like i17:04showed you the windows at the beginning17:06of the tutorial17:08so i’ve created one with orders and17:10another one with positions well we go17:12with the orders because it’s not17:13triggered yet17:14and if you want to cancel you will just17:16click on this17:17x right over here and confirm and now17:20back into the charts we can see that the17:24bracket17:24your order has been cancelled now that17:27we have gone through the limit order17:30we are going to go through the stop17:32order okay17:33say if i want to sell just below the17:35price right here17:37if i use a limit order this won’t let me17:41trigger my price because a limit order17:43is to put above17:45the price if i’m going to sell or if i’m17:47going to buy17:48below the price okay but say if i want17:51to trade a breakout in this case there’s17:53a symmetrical triangle17:54and i want to break out here from this17:57resistance area17:58and i want to place a buy order on top18:01of the price18:02and the sell order below this support18:04area18:05so i want to sell at fifty eight18:07thousand18:08two hundred dollar range okay then i’ll18:10use a18:11stop order guys okay we are going to18:14sell18:14at fifty eight thousand two hundred18:18now the current price is fifty eight18:19thousand seven hundred and fifty18:21and you could place a stop loss and but18:24in this case we won’t18:25so i’ll just send the order i will18:27confirm and we can see that the bracket18:29is here18:30okay just below the support area18:33and say i want to place a buy order on18:36top of this support area so when the18:38price18:38breaks this support area then i’m going18:41to enter the market18:42so i want to buy at 59 500.18:45so as you can see a limit order it won’t18:48let me because it wants me to put a18:50limit order below the price18:52but i want to trade a breakout and i’m18:54going to put a stop order18:56and i want to enter at 5918:59500. okay you can place your stop loss19:02and take profit over here19:04if the order is triggered so i’ll just19:06send the order19:08confirm and the order is here as you can19:10see19:11so you can move this up and down and you19:13can just put edit19:14and confirm as you can see i have the19:17sell order right here19:19and the buy order right over here okay19:22so once the market breaks this19:24resistance or the support19:26well it will trigger my order in this19:29case this one to a cell19:30and this one over here for a buy order19:33guys19:34and if you want to cancel your orders19:37just go here into orders and19:39cancel confirm cancel and confirm19:42and now the brackets are not here now19:44that we’ve seen the stop order we are19:46going to go through the oco19:48order which is one cancels other okay if19:51you are breakout trader19:53then if you want to break out this19:55resistance and enter a trade19:57or break out this support area and enter20:00a trade20:01this resistance to buy and the support20:04to sell20:04well you probably want the other one to20:06get cancelled20:08immediately once one is triggered so20:10this is what the oco orders20:12one cancels other if you want to place20:15an order20:16from the breakout of this resistance20:17we’ll go with a buy order here20:20and here you can choose the oco20:23order as you can see one cancels other20:25we’ll click on here20:27and this is the amount of contracts and20:29as you can see there is20:30two options okay there’s one and two so20:33for example on the first one you want to20:35place a buy20:36order and you want to place a stop20:39order and here we will go with20:4359 000 for example just above the price20:46of bitcoin which is now at 5820:48700 and this other one a sell order20:52okay a stop order also and we will go20:55with20:5658 000 okay so if the price of bitcoin21:00is now at 5821:01700. we have this one to sell and this21:04one to buy21:05above the price once one is triggered21:08the other one will be cancelled21:10automatically you will send the order21:12confirmation box21:14and as you can see one is above the21:16price okay we’ll put this one a little21:18bit more above21:19just there we’ll confirm and this is the21:22buy order and this right here is the21:24sell order21:25once the price goes to this order one21:27will be triggered21:28this one for example for a sell order21:31once this one is triggered21:32this one’s going to be cancelled21:34automatically guys21:36now we’re going to cancel the orders we21:38just go here cancel the orders21:40and they will both be cancelled here on21:42the chart21:43now that i’ve showed you all the order21:45types if you’ve forgotten to place21:47a stop loss or a take profit on your buy21:50order or your sell order21:51let’s go for example buy order and put a21:54market order and the minimum amount21:56which is21:570.01 by order and you forget to22:00place your stop loss and take profit22:02here okay22:03like i showed you in the market order22:06well you can22:06you will send your order confirm and now22:09you22:10are in the market without a stop loss22:12and a take profit22:13the way to place a stop loss and a take22:16profit would be just22:17double click here on your order on your22:19bracket order22:20and as you can see you can place your22:22stop loss and take profit here you click22:25on the square and then you will choose22:27your stop loss so22:28say for example at 59 000 and22:32another one here take profit at 6022:35000 okay as you can see the brackets are22:38in here22:39straight away you can actually move them22:41before confirming22:43your position as you can see i’m moving22:45my stop loss and also i can move my take22:48profit22:49and then i’ll modify the position and22:51confirm22:52and once once i click here on the22:54bracket we can see that the stop loss22:56and the take profit22:57are here on the chart guys if you want22:59to close your position straight away23:01remember we can just go on to the window23:03of positions this is the window that i23:05made here you can click here on this23:07plus sign and then click on here23:09and you can add positions orders so i23:11clicked on position and i have a window23:13with my positions23:14go at the very end over here and press23:16on the x23:17and then close position and confirm23:20now let’s go through the workspace where23:22you’re going to place your different23:24orders you will have your charts your23:26order books your watch list and rest of23:28it23:29as you can see the windows right over23:30here this plus sign will add as many23:33windows as you wish23:34so say in this window you want to have23:36your charts23:38so you will write charts right over23:39there you will click here onto the23:41charts window and then you will click23:43this plus sign or this cross23:45to add the charts as you can see here23:47you can add23:48two charts so you click two times and23:51then as you can see23:52there are two charts here so you can23:54have two charts in the same23:56monitor you will choose btc us dollar23:58for example23:59and in this other one you can have24:01ethereum us24:02dollar so as you can see i have btc24:05you’re still on the left24:06and b and ethereum us dollar and the24:08right if you want to add24:09two other charts you can click here and24:11click twice24:12and you will have two four charts in24:15total24:16as you can see this is totally24:18customizable you can get24:19the chart and move it around so i want24:21to place it here24:23this chart i want to place it right24:25there24:26and this one i want to place it down24:29over here so then i have24:31four symmetrical squares and you can24:34choose24:34all the different assets here as you can24:36see on the top left24:37of the of the charts now that i’ve24:40showed you how to have multiple charts24:42in the screen24:42if you want to delete them you just24:44press this cross right here24:46i have one chart here and i want to show24:48you the different features24:49you can see the sell button the buy24:51button will go through this right now24:53once we start trading24:54you can choose the time frame on your24:56candlesticks five minutes one minute24:58whatever you wish24:59you can change your candlestick to bars25:00to line also you have all the different25:03drawing tools right here fibonacci25:05retracement25:06you have trend lines so also the other25:08thing that i don’t like very much from25:10primex bt is the volume comes as default25:13at the back as you can see here also a25:15macd25:15i do not trade with macd but this comes25:18as default onto the chart25:20in the lower part we can see you can25:21zoom in and out25:23with the time frame and that’s about it25:26with the charting and as i mentioned in25:28the intro you can trade25:30up to 50 different assets on primexpt if25:33you want to create another window here25:34with the workspace say if you want to25:37have the watch list you will25:38click on the x here and you’ll click on25:40watch list here you can see25:43the 50 different assets that you have to25:46trade with25:47using bitcoin as collateral you can use25:49ethereum25:50us dollar tether and us dollar coin now25:52as collateral as you can see25:54btc us dollar you have eos us dollar25:57litecoin us dollar you also have forex25:59you have euro us dollar the british26:02pound against the us dollar all of these26:03different ones26:04and also you can trade commodities26:06you’ve got oil natural gas26:08gold and the traditional stock markets26:11also you have the s p26:12500 nasdaq you have the german 30 which26:16is dax 30 the german stock market guys26:18all of these assets to trade with using26:21bitcoin26:21as collateral now that we know how to26:24place the different positions26:25into the market we are going to talk26:27about fees and funding rate26:29if you go to the home page of prime xbt26:32and you go to the top where it says26:34about and you can see26:36fees and conditions if you click here we26:38can scroll down26:40and it will tell you all the fees and26:42conditions and funding rate26:44from the market here as you can see the26:46cryptocurrency market26:47forex okay index let’s go with26:50cryptocurrency for example and26:52bitcoin here we can see for bitcoin the26:54commission to26:55open a position is going to be 0.0526:59percent27:00of the amount of contracts that you’re27:02having in that position okay27:04the minimum amount okay and the rest of27:07it here maximum amount is 100 btc27:10and for example here the financing day27:13for a long position if you’re going to27:15have your position open27:16more than 24 hours this is going to be27:19the cost for the daily funding rate for27:21a long position okay so if you’re27:24placing a long and you’re going to be27:26more than one day27:27this is the daily funding rate guys27:30point27:30zero six nine four percent and if you’re27:33placing a short position and you want to27:35have27:35your position open for more than one day27:38this is the funding rate that you are27:39going to pay27:410.0417 percent daily funding rate guys27:44another cool feature that primaxpt has27:46added to this latest27:48update is that you can do charting on27:50the platform i like using trading view27:52because i like to have multiple charts27:54open27:54if you’re interested in that there’s a27:56link in the description of trading view27:58also27:58you’ll be getting a discount for a28:00yearly plan if you’re going into pro28:02or higher at the top here where it says28:04margin tube28:05co-vesting and analysis if you click on28:08analysis28:08here you can choose the chart of all of28:12the assets that are in prime xpt to28:14trade with28:15for the sake of it let’s just go with28:17btc us dollar and as you can see it’s28:19the same as28:20training view you have your drawing28:22tools here you can choose your time28:23frame28:24candlestick indicators let’s go for28:26example with rsi the relative strength28:29index so you can do your28:31charting here while you having your28:33position28:34opened here for a cell or a buy order28:36and then you can just click here on28:38analysis28:39where you can do your charting now that28:41you know28:42how to use margin trading how to place a28:45buy sell order28:46also your stop loss take profit your28:48analysis here with the charting28:50let’s go and see the turbo option guys28:52the turbo section28:54this is something very similar to binary28:56options on the right side you can see28:58there’s a demo28:59version here by default you have one btc29:02but you can open a real account as you29:04can see if you click here29:06you will just accept the terms and29:08conditions and open a real account29:10so on the turbo section guys what this29:13is really29:14uh you can choose the markets here so29:17just let’s go for the sake of it just29:18on ethereum us dollar and29:21basically you are betting that the29:24market29:25is going to be above this price current29:27price29:28or below this current price in 1029:30minutes or29:31in 15 minutes okay you can choose the29:33duration here29:35and you can choose the amount of29:36contracts of btc that you’re going to29:38place let’s29:39just go with point zero one okay for the29:42sake of the tutorial29:43and your potential profits is going to29:45be seventy percent29:47okay if you say that the market is going29:49to be29:50above the current price in ten minutes29:53you’re going to gain 7029:55of the value that you have put but if29:57you lose29:58if it’s below the price that you said it30:00was going to be above30:01you’ll be losing your entire position30:04okay as you can see i’ll place a buy30:06order here well it’s not a buy30:08order it’s just saying it’s going to go30:09up and here it’s going to go30:11down the current price okay so if i just30:13click here it’s going to be30:15up i’ll have a confirmation box this is30:18the amount that you30:19are risking okay 0.0130:22and you’re going to gain 70 if the price30:25is30:25above the current price levels and yeah30:28that’s about it you will confirm30:30and now my position is open so i am30:33betting30:34really because for me it’s something30:36like betting i am betting that the30:38market30:38is going to be above this price level30:42in 10 minutes okay this is when it’s30:44going to finish30:45right over here so if the price is above30:49these levels in 10 minutes i will be30:52gaining30:52the 70 position okay but if the price30:56is below these levels i will be losing30:59my30:59entire position here you can also choose31:02candlesticks line you can choose the31:04time frame here31:0550 minute one hour so you can see your31:08open positions your trade history this31:10is something that i do not use31:12at all guys but i needed to show you31:14anyway because it comes with the prime31:16xbt platform if it’s your first time31:19signing up for primexpt make sure to use31:22the link in the description or the pin31:24comment you’ll be receiving 5031:26bonus added to your deposit by using31:28promo code31:29bitcoin sensors 50 guys if you’re31:32signing up31:33from the united states or the uk or some31:35other countries that might have a31:37restriction31:37guys you will have to use a vpn there’s31:40a link also here31:41you’ll be getting 70 of this nord vpn31:44do this at your own risk guys this is31:46not financial advice31:48now that we’ve seen the turbo section31:50let’s go and see31:51the co-vesting section this basically is31:55copy trading you can copy over 5031:58traders here31:59being number one the most profitable and32:02number 50 the less profitable here32:04from this section number one is sbo32:07trade32:07okay he has a total of 332:11369 profit okay32:14in 43 days as you can see it’s the32:16active days over here32:1843 and he’s had 3 36932:22of profit today he hasn’t done any32:25trading as you can see it’s zero percent32:27and he has32:29587 followers okay32:31as you can see this one down here32:33savage21 has a total of 125432:37in profit today he’s made 1432:40in profit guys he’s been active 16 days32:43and he has 382 followers32:46let’s say for example we want to follow32:48savage21 will click here on to follow32:51okay and you can read here you are about32:54to follow the strategy savage32:5621 choose the amount that you wish to32:58use for following and click33:00follow okay so the maximum amount is 0.133:03btc33:04say for example i want to follow him33:06with .00133:08btc okay the maximum amount is point one33:11btc33:12the entry fee okay is one percent33:15okay so from this amount they’re going33:18to charge me point33:19zero zero zero zero one btc which is one33:22percent33:22and the total required would be my33:25amount33:26plus the fee okay the manager fee from33:29profit33:29is 20 and the platform fee is also33:3320 guys obviously if this is going to be33:36automatic33:36and you’re going to be profitable anyway33:39the platform and the manager is going to33:41charge you33:41a fee if you want to reduce this fee you33:44can click here on to reduce fee33:47and remember that i told you about the33:49co-vesting token if you go to the main33:51account here33:52you can see you can deposit bitcoin33:54ethereum tether33:55and usd coin and the code vesting coin33:58also33:59okay so let’s go back again to the34:01co-vesting model let’s go and follow34:03here34:04and go to reduce fee and here34:07you can deposit the co-vesting token34:09right and you will get34:11a discount in percentage in fees for34:13example trading fee discount okay34:15by paying a fixed amount of the34:17co-vesting tokens traders can enjoy34:19trade fee34:20discount of up to 25 okay so for example34:23if you had co-vesting tokens34:25you’ll get a 25 discount for 30 days and34:28this is going to cost you 119 co-vesting34:31tokens you can activate right here the34:34tokens are sold as you can see34:36you can buy co-vesting tokens on uniswap34:39and on34:39cue coin okay so you would buy them34:41there and then you would do a34:43transaction to your34:44co-vesting wallet right over here you34:46can deposit and here you have34:48your wallet address for your co-vesting34:50tokens also you can have34:53other co-vesting utilities strategy34:55followers can34:56increase their percentage and total34:57profit distribution in the favor by35:00using the co-vester tokens so you can35:02see there are many utilities35:05for this token guys anyway if you wanted35:08to follow35:10savage21 you know you would just35:13choose your amount in btc if you want to35:16reduce the fee you could get some35:17co-vesting tokens as i35:19showed you and then you would just35:20confirm and you could follow the35:23strategy okay once you click on to35:25follow the strategy35:27you can track your copy trading here35:29where it says portfolio35:30okay and you have your current holdings35:32and the following history if you had any35:35other strategies35:36that you were following that would be35:37here and the current ones would be right35:39over here okay the name of the strategy35:42today’s profit also total profit your35:45initial equity okay and your total35:47equity with your profits35:49okay if you wanted to cancel or stop35:52following there would be an x at the35:54very end here and you would stop35:55following the trader this might take35:58several hours35:59as you might be following one of his36:01trades and36:02until he doesn’t close the trade you36:04won’t see36:05your profits and your position probably36:07won’t be closed36:09now that we’ve done with the tutorial36:10we’re going to do a review of the primex36:12bt platform36:13and also give you my opinion if you want36:16to go through the review yourself i’ll36:18be leaving a link in the description36:19of the bitcoin sensors website if you36:21click on there and go to the top here36:23where it says reviews36:24you can see you have the prime xbt36:27review here you have36:28everything you need to know about the36:30prime xbt36:32platform going through about prime xpt36:35here on the website we can see the36:37company was founded in 201836:39and from the very first day we have36:41grown exponentially and currently serve36:43clients in more than 150 countries36:47primexpt offers a robust trading system36:50for both beginners and professional36:51traders that demand highly reliable36:54market data36:55and performance you can see ultra fast36:57orders36:58executions an industry-leading trading37:01engine with real-time risk management37:03and secure and powerful infrastructure37:06powered by37:06amazon aws how we execute our trades all37:11trades on primax bt trading platform37:13are executed at one of our amazon aws37:16servers in london37:17and frankfurt we are connected with37:19multiple liquidity providers to ensure37:22low latency and smooth pricing on37:25available assets as you can see here37:27primex bt has also got an incredible37:29customer support service if you’re on37:31the platform if you click on the top37:33right here37:34where there’s a chat you can chat with37:35somebody from the team the usual reply37:38time is under five minutes so you can37:40ask any questions over here37:41if you wish to send an email you can go37:43to the top right also37:44and go to help center here you can see37:47the frequent ask37:48questions if you scroll down you will37:50see an email which is37:51support help if you send37:55any questions here37:56they will reply in less than 24 hours i37:58experienced this37:59and i sent an email once and they38:01replied very very quick guys38:03one thing that differs that i love from38:05primexpt is that you can trade38:07up to 50 different assets by using38:10bitcoin or ethereum as collateral you38:12can trade cryptocurrencies38:13indices forex and commodities like s p38:16500 or gold38:18and silver and you’re using bitcoin as38:20collateral which is absolutely great38:22i do not know any other platform that38:24does this yet38:26like i mentioned at the beginning of the38:27tutorial the fees are relatively low38:30but i actually prefer for swing trade if38:32i’m going to have a trade38:34open for over a week i like using vibit38:36or femix because the fees38:38are much lower if you want to have a38:40position open for over a day38:42but for day trading the fees are38:44incredibly low guys like i showed you38:47at the beginning of the tutorial so38:49prime xpt for day trading the fees are38:51extremely low38:52if you’re going to have a position open38:54for over a week38:55the fees are a little bit expensive and38:57i prefer buybit or38:59femix for swing trading primex bt is39:01committed to provide the highest39:03level of security to its platform users39:06they use 2fa provided by google39:09authenticator39:10encrypted ssl and all passwords are39:13cryptographically hashed39:15and your cryptocurrency that you send to39:17the platform39:18are encrypted and also in cold storage39:21they use the latest security39:23so they do not have any hot wallets or39:25any online wallets39:26all the cryptocurrency is safe in cold39:28storage39:29and the primex bt alternatives or39:32competitors would be by bit39:34in the first place and femix in the39:36second place they are both39:37really good trading platforms also they39:40are famous because of their isolated39:42trading also there’s39:435x 10x 20x trading even up to 100×39:47leverage for trading and primex bt uses39:50margin like i explained to you at the39:52beginning39:52of the tutorial the good thing about buy39:55the inference39:56is they are better in my opinion for39:58swing trades if you want to have a39:59position40:00open for over a week the fees are quite40:03a little bit lower40:04than the prime xbt ones but from the40:07rest primex bt is my favorite i love40:09margin40:10trading and i use it every single day40:12for my trading guys40:14and this is going to be it for the40:16tutorial and review of the prime xbt40:19trading platform make sure to check out40:21the bitcoin sensors website guys we’ve40:23got great40:24tutorials reviews on how to buy how to40:27store40:28how to trade bitcoin safely we’ve got40:29the reviews of different platforms40:31also we’ve got the latest news and40:33technical analysis40:34so i’ll be leaving a link in the40:36description of the website so you can40:38check it out40:38and if you want to see my by bit40:40tutorial there’ll be a video popping up40:42on your screen40:43so you can see the difference with the40:45primex vt1 guys40:46a massive thank you for tuning in and40:48make sure to smash up the like button40:50and i’ll see you40:51in the next one English (auto-generated)