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Profit In Stock Market Decline With Scalping

Profit In Stock Market Decline With Scalping

Profit In Stock Market Decline With Scalping

Using Risk Mitigation Strategies

At this time (05/11/22), we have extreme volatility in the stock market, S&P 500, and NASDAQ. The Dow will fluctuate up 1000 points one day, and 1000 points down the next.

This market was made for using scalping and shorting strategies.

Profit In Stock Market Decline With Scalping



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hey everyone welcome back to another video in the prime xbt series this is video three

a little bit of risk management scalping advice from my buddy castillo trading today he’s going to show you how he uses

primex bt his strategies on there if you enjoy the website or the exchange you can use the

links below in the description and you can get a 50 btc deposit bonus which will increase your equity

so i want you guys to focus on the risk management side of things position sizing being patient and i think you guys will

learn a lot from him how’s it going guys ryan castillo aka castillo trading and i’m just coming with this video for

you know really just a quick way to show you guys how to scalp trade how to find entries uh you know how to use leverage how to

you know maybe not uh put so much risk out there a really good way for risk management when it comes to

these ins and outs entries that are you know fairly quick and i use a number of different

i guess tools to kind of find my entries and this is kind of where i want you know you guys to create

your own you know sort of system of risk management you know i have a few couple of indicators here i have a

crypto watch level two that kind of shows me you know bids and asks for you know which asset

most of the time when i’m scalping i only scalp bitcoin and ethereum you know those are the two big winners to me

within the digital asset and cryptocurrency field i do a lot of spot trading when it comes to altcoins you

know that seems to be a little bit better for me for my trading style but when it comes to scalping

i really really like to use just bitcoin and ethereum and the broker i like to use or i mean

the exchange i like to use is this one right here prime xbt this

exchange is really good guys you know i’ve had some pretty good ins and outs with success with it it’s just a very

very easy way to get fills uh on your uh buys and on your cells and also it

doesn’t i’ve never really had any issues getting them but i kind of want to go into what i’m looking at and why

i look at you know the types of things that i use the first thing i use right here is crypto watch this basically just gives me buy and sell

walls within the asset that i’m watching so this is bitcoin you know here are all the bids here all the cells

this is the level two this is really what i like to use for what i call momentum momo um when i was trading penny stocks this

is really the only thing i looked at was the level two of you know when volume really started to flood in i like to use

bitmex uh future perpetual futures just because in my opinion bit max is still king when

it comes to leverage trading i know that there’s a lot of other exchanges but it’s all

preference you can use binance you can use ftx you know there’s so many different ways to do this my personal preference is

using bitmex level two um and then i also really like to use this agar trade

and this is a tool that i know a lot of people do use within the crypto community and it’s just a one minute chart this is a 10 second chart changes

just to the one minute um and it just shows you the buys and sells within a ton of different exchanges bit

max binance uh bybit um g dax you know ftx so um it shows a good

range of buys across the board not just focused on bitmex like these ones but really across the board so you can see

when big buys come in you can see when big cells come in you can kind of jump into a scalp really really fast you

know maybe hold it for a minute you know sometimes i hold scalp trades for 30 seconds guys depending on the size and that’s a whole different

strategy that i want you know to teach you guys is you know there’s so many different ways that you can scalp trade i think a

lot of people get very fixated on just buying you know for a little bit of time you

know maybe 20 to 15 you know 30 minutes who knows whatever but realistically you can buy and sell for

you know if you use large size you want to hold for less time because you’re at less risk if you use small size

you know that gives you a little bit of room to do ads you know maybe add in a little bit and dca you know depending on whatever your

strategy is there’s so many different strategies that you can have within scalp trading and that’s

kind of the concept that i want you guys to grasp is whatever you’re comfortable with whatever indicators you like to

watch whether it’s a rsi or if it’s stochastic or if you have built indicators that you

use you know right here um i got my good buddy uh top goon x you know this indicator is

incredible on the one minute chart and then i also have uh true kryptos a true vibrations uh and these are just indicators i use

um all go in together with you know this level two and then over here you know these buys and cells now within this

video i kind of want to see if maybe we can get an entry but at the same time i’m not gonna force anything really today it’s been

very choppy as you can see you know we’ve had this nice spike in btc i’m obviously leaning a little bit more

to the upside just because of what i’m seeing on these indicators right here um and then also you know some of these

buys and cells you know looks like there’s a cell wall right here on bitcoin so you know if we can really get

through that we can probably push higher you know it’s a waiting game you know the scalp entries don’t come up

all the time you know it it really just depends on the type of trade you’re looking to

to to jump into and just for the purposes of this video we’re going to go a little bit higher

sized that way the fluctuations of price will be a little bit larger profit and so we’ll

go 8 btc and i think you know primex bt is 100x

leverage platform so when you no matter what you’re using the size is going to be leveraged to

100x and that can be really good it can be very bad and the way that i like to use it is i like to have a decent sized account

like this account right here is funded with 2btc and this is actually a challenge that i’ve been doing

with some of my vip traders uh in my telegram is that and by the way the telegram is free 100

free realistically the larger size account and the smaller size position

works very well on a cross leverage exchange because that’s really what this is it’s cross leverage exchange

it’s gonna use your entire equity as cross leverage for the position that you’re currently in so if i take about an eight btc position

size right here and it’s using cross leverage on 2.38 btc

it’s going to be a little bit you know the spread for it to get liquidate is going to be very very large you know btc if i take a short has to

spike really really high for that entire account to go away and if i take along it has to drop really really really low

for the entire account to get you know wiped away so small gains is what i like to really do and i can

show you guys some examples here of my trading um so here’s kind of what i like to show

is you know right here 560 profit minus 170 you know

profit of 2 293 196 16 660. so these little gains add up over

time and that’s kind of what i do when it comes to my trading so the

entire position size was about three thousand uh seven hundred and seventy dollars you know we can kind of see down here it’s a

sold eight and again this is a cross leverage platform so everything is going to be

cross-leveraged everything is going to be 100x and you kind of have to learn how to trade with

that and it can be very scary because if you if you’re using like a 0.3

btc account and you’re taking really large position sizes guys you know that account can get liquidated very very

quickly so you have to be careful and here we are kind of getting into the green getting into profit and you know once i’m at a decent profit

guys uh you know it seems like some heavy selling is coming in um i will sell for 360 400

and just kind of take that and go on to the next and that’s exactly what i’m going to do here take the small gains when

when they’re there and they do add up you know fees are definitely one thing but you know at the end of the day uh if you

can come out green on trades then you know it’s very very solid and so there i kind of just took the the profit

i don’t know uh exactly how profitable that was um you know so it was 67 bucks you know

not the best trade but you know it started some buying pressure started to come in over here to the right and i started to

notice that you know there was some decent cells um but then some bids started to come in so you know i closed that position

with it being a hundred percent cross leverage you want to minimize your risk across all the

platform you know across everything you do not want to be over leveraged during this type

of trading and i probably sold too soon um as this can probably drop farther

but this is just an example of you know how i trade how i like to jump in how i like to jump out

you know i take smaller positions and i let them swing for a longer time you know sometimes i take larger

positions and i hold for a very very minimal amount of time just like i did now small gain small gain small gain

you know they add up eight you know 33 101 this will add up to be you know a very very

solid uh trading account which is really what i have kind of created here is a decent sized account

to kind of trade with and as you can see i probably flinched out on that trade a little bit

but you know this is just a quick video to kind of show you guys exactly how i do it exactly how i trade where i look

for entries where i look for exits you know kind of started seeing some weakness here kind of saw some you know

cells coming in but it’s also hard to time a perfect trade with you know a small

15 minute video this is just the style that i use this is how i come up with my entries

this is how i come up with you know if i want to hold longer if i want to sell longer this is a 15 minute

chart so if i get an entry in on this indicator up here i normally hold a little bit longer

if i get an indicate an indicator to jump in an entry on this one minute chart i normally don’t hold for as long

and then obviously this as well um is a shorter timed trade

as well as you know these buys and cells on the level two this is a level two this is where the buy walls are this is

where the cell walls are and again all of this combined is just the strategies that i

really use when it comes to to my scalping um there’s so many different ways you can trade guys and when it comes to

primexpt you really want to manage your risk when it comes to this sort of

platform just because it is a cross-leveraged platform that’s just the type of thing that i

like to do it’s way less risk you know this platform can be great if you want to take small position size and

do swing trades that is completely okay too but you got to understand the position size needs to be smaller

you know i don’t like to use more than five percent of my entire equity and that’s just a personal preference you know i think a lot of

people get fixated like oh you know i miss that trade um and i need to jump back in

you know i miss that long and i’m going to jump back in to get more it’s like no if you missed the trades you missed the trade it’s on to the next one continue

to look at your structures continue to look at you know what you look at to trade if it’s level two

start looking at the level two if it’s some sort uh form of indicator there’s a ton of indicators out there

i really suggest that you guys jump on agar it’s a g g r dot t r a d e agritrade and this also

helps too with with um staying in the trade longer and maximizing that roi because if you take along let’s just

say kind of down here at the bottom um and a ton of buying pressure comes in

and you can see that buying pressure over here plus you notice the level two buying walls are bigger and the cell

walls are lower those are all kind of like a checklist that comes to me okay well i should

probably stay in this trade and it can go up higher you know i’m happy that i closed that short that trade was a little bit forced

just for kind of the sake of the video but at the end of the day um that’s just what i like to look at

that’s the way i like to you know go about my trading and if you guys have any questions don’t be afraid to hesit

or hesitate to ask me anything you know i’m on twitter at castillo trading

and you know i have some different groups that you guys can learn from as well if you need to uh if you need

the help or or whatever but i do really really enjoy this platform

primex bt but you guys just have to be careful with it and you have to kind of know how to utilize it and how to use it

hope you guys have a good day peace stay tuned for part four where i will be talking about

strategies of entries and exits on positions rather than just blindly entering a

position and not exactly know what you have going on hope you guys enjoyed that video from castillo today make sure you follow him

on twitter make sure you follow me and subscribe on youtube and check out primexpt