The Great Reset Happening Right Before Your Eyes

Is There A Global Financial Crash Coming Soon?

If you’ve studied this for a while as we have, you will be familiar with the “Conspiracy Theories” that say that the COVID Pandemic was planned and put in place to bring on a global financial crash in order to enable the “Great Global Reset” and the introduction of a “Global Digital Currency” they will totally control and will require usage by all of planet earth’s inhabitants. 

Is it happening right now at break-neck speed right before your eyes?

The Great Reset | Davos Agenda 2021 IN FULL MOTION!!!

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The Kwak Brothers

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The Great Reset | Davos Agenda 2021 IN FULL MOTION!!! The World Economic Forum just had their Davos Agenda 2021 meeting a few weeks back. Now The Great Reset has been something talked about in detail since the pandemic started. But are we seeing The Great Reset happeneing right before our eyes? I think we are starting to see the slow implementation of The World Economic Forum’s Great Reset right now. It’s like a chess match, nothing happens right away, many moves are made before the endgame. 0:00​ Intro 1:00​ Never waste a good crisis 1:50​ The early warning signs of the great reset 2:30​ The stimulus packages 4:13​ Wages going up? 5:40​ The midgame of the great reset davos agenda 2021 8:16​ Global control using the great reset The great reset that was proposed by the World Economic Forum is looking to forgive all the world’s debt and has us live by the slogan, “You’ll Own Nothing, And You Will Be Happy”. Now first and foremost, we are starting to see a slow implementation of a universal basic income. It was actually what the World Economic Forum talked about and adovate for in the Davos agenda 2021 meeting that happened a few weeks back. Starting with the continual stimulus packages that we have recieved in the past few months to help stimulate the economy, seems like a slow inoculation into government dependancy. Since we can’t work where are we going to get our money from? Secondly, The Great Reset talks about how having ALL of our debts forgiven. Well who’s going to buy them? The Federal Reserve? Sure, but with the sale of debt, comes the control of the debt. And whoever controls debt, controls YOU! The great reset is all about debt forgiveness but then we won’t be able to own anything ever again……and we will be happy about it. I’m not completely convinced that the World Economic Forum is looking to do this for the good of the people. They literally said, “You’ll Own Nothing and Be Happy” about it. Would you like to NOT own your home, car, business? I sure would like to own all of the things I’ve worked very hard for and I can speak on behalf of most people who own those things. Lastly, the Davos agenda 2021 got into cryptocurrency. Currently crypto is decentralized and lacks certain regulation from major regulatory bodies. That is a beautiful thing, but the World Economic Forum has already spoke about crypto in their Davos agenda 2021 meeting that happened a few weeks back. With the Great Reset, the fiat currency will crash because of the reckless printing from The Federal Reserve. So expect to see heavy regulation and government intervention with crypto. 😃 Thanks for Subscribing & Liking our Video! 📧 Get Our 1:1 Real Estate Investing Coaching and Mentoring:​ ⌨️ FREE 7 Day Trial To PropStream Real Estate Investing Software:​ 📊 Pay Off Your Mortgage In 5-7 Years (On Average):…​ 💻 JOIN OUR FREE FACEBOOK GROUP FOR LANDLORDS & PASSIVE INCOME:…​ ===== —DISCLAIMER— The suggestions, advice, and/or opinions that are given by Sam Kwak (The Kwak Brothers) are simply opinions. There are no guarantees of set outcomes. Listeners, guests, and attendees are advised to always consult with attorneys, accountants, and other licensed professionals when doing a real estate investment transaction. Listeners, guests, and attendees are to hold Sam Kwak, Novo Elite, Inc. and the Kwak Brothers brand harmless from any liabilities and claims. Not all deals will guarantee any profit or benefits. Listeners, guests, and attendees are to view and listen to all materials and contents furnished by the Kwak Brothers as a perspective based upon experience.


1,466 Comments Crypto GrizzCommenting publicly as Crypto Grizz Justin Kirschenman

Justin Kirschenman

2 weeks ago

I’m so glad channels like this are starting to acknowledge what is actually happening. We need to wake up more people.REPLYView 16 replies Mark Turnbull

Mark Turnbull

1 month ago

The first faze was the release of the coronavirus pre-planned right from the start.REPLYView 8 replies Marcus Ehinger

Marcus Ehinger

1 month ago (edited)

Lets have our own reset, by kicking the chess board off the table.REPLYView 47 replies nin6246


1 month ago

How was “The Great Reset” ever a conspiracy theory when the origins of the plan came directly from Klaus Schwab himself?REPLYView 36 replies Limitless Vibrations

Limitless Vibrations

2 weeks ago

Stop paying taxes, no more masks, dont comply, become self sufficient, move off grid, grow your own food, realize this world is a stage, you can be in the audience or be the main star, The choice is yours…⭐REPLYView 2 replies Sebastjan Sebastjan

Sebastjan Sebastjan

1 month ago (edited)

This is basically comunism this great resetREPLYView 8 replies John Shafer

John Shafer

1 month ago

What scares the top 2% is they only have that small percentage of the voting block. 98% needs to band together and take out the top 2% because it’s that population that’s needs to be reset, not the average citizen.REPLYView 38 replies Return2Sanity


1 month ago

JFK wanted to get rid of the FED and they killed him (also Abraham Lincoln)REPLYView 41 replies Sierra Bankston

Sierra Bankston

1 month ago

Praying for everyone and for all humanity 🙏🏽REPLYView 2 replies Freddie Jackson

Freddie Jackson

1 month ago

Takes balls to talk about this! You’re a target now, unfortunately. REPLYView 86 replies from The Kwak Brothers and others Bill Bercik

Bill Bercik

1 month ago

I will own everything that I bought, paid for and own til I die and no one will take it without a fightREPLYView 7 replies Isis Koonce

Isis Koonce

1 month ago

The Lord is showing these signs now that Jesus is coming soon. Time to repent, the kingdom of God is closer then we think.REPLYView 4 replies Josh Foreman

Josh Foreman

1 month ago

I have a feeling that everyone’s sudden interest and investment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is playing right into the hands of the eliteREPLYView 11 replies thoyo


1 month ago

Glad you’re speaking up about this. REPLYView 2 replies from The Kwak Brothers and others Linda Barnes

Linda Barnes

1 month ago

Let’s not forget “Build Back Better”REPLYView 5 replies Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami

1 month ago (edited)

Good try. You almost nailed their game intention. If you connect the dots of climate change agenda, WHO’s Tedros speeches, China virus, vaccine agenda, economic lockdown, and cryptocurrency agenda all together with The Great Reset, then it will be perfect because they are all connected. 

The Great Reset Happening Right Before Your Eyes

 The Great Reset Happening Right Before Your EyesCRYPTOGRIZZ TRADER