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Top 6 Low Cap Altcoin Cryptos

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Top 6 Low Cap Altcoin Cryptos

Some Good Analysis on these 6 Low Cap Altcoins

TOP 6 LOW CAP ALTCOINS MARCH 2021 100x Gems? (Weekly Check In Series)

Feb 27, 2021

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Today I share my Top 6 Altcoins for March 2021, low market cap projects only. Following last months incredibly preforming top 5 Defi picks we are continuing with this series. In the beginning of this video I provide a basic overview of these projects along with the plan for March to check in weekly with the spreadsheet so we can stay accountable. Then we move into my computer where I share the spreadsheet and go through each projects website and Coin listing. Tomorrow I will upload the month in review for February and will discuss a framework for pulling profits and building a strategy for March. Useful Links: -February’s Top 5 Picks: -API3 Site: -API3 Price: -Spartan Protocol Site: -SPARTA Price:… -Umbrella Network Site: -UMB Price:… -Yield App Site: -YLD Price:… -Pangolin Site: -PNG Price:… -Polkabridge Site: -PBR Price:… Time stamps: 0:00 Intro 1:10 Top 6 Picks Overview 6:10 Spreadsheet Analysis 7:22 #1 API3 9:50 #2 SPARTA 12:44 #3 UMB 15:08 #4 YLD 16:55 #5 PNG 20:04 #6 PBR 23:54 Outro Thanks for watching, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out. ———————————————————————————————————————————————— -How to Do Your Own Research: -Altcoin Profit Taking Strategy: -How to Make $200/day Leverage Trading: ———————————————————————————————– Twitter: Free Weekly Macro Investing Articles: *Coming Soon* ======================================================================= Invest Global’s public content is always intended for informational purposes only. You should always consult your financial advisor before making decisions based on public information. If you would like to work with our team you can contact or visit our website: Thank you for watching this video, hope you are staying happy and healthy! We discuss a Myriad of topics including but not limited to: Global Investment Strategies, Emerging Markets, International Investing, Crypto, Stocks, Commodities, Real Estate, Business, Second Passports, Second Residences, International Diversification, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, Innovation & Books.


Shin -
I like the concept of Pangolin and appreciate if you could talk more about the prospect of the coin.
Philip de Bruyn
I really do appreciate those links because then you know you’re on the right website and not some fake site
Ducky Duck
Seems like the $LKR should be the real investment.. Totally solid project build on Polkadot, providing the scope of services such as swapping, staking, farming, etc. Great team and 100% legit. Will participate in sale with all-in
Nico G.D.
I would definitely like a dedicated video on Pangolin !! Thank you for making me discover it 🚀
Neapel Florenz
Bro everybody know that cmc sometimes don’t show the correct mc of the coins yield app have a mc of over 50 million. Pls use coingecko! Is 2,5 more than u thought. For me 100mio mc is easy possible. But is just a x2 not x5 like in your video. What was thi ico price of pangolin? Is very important because it is a fresh coin on the market. U need to check up if there a lot of people just waiting to sell becouse they have a x30 or x20 when u just have a x2. U saw reef. Much hype but so many people sold there coins from the ico becouse they make there money. The price can’t go up when the ico price was to cheap. Watch $layer and $cru

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Joep Luikens
Can you maybe look into Smartkey, What I’ve seen it is an interesting project and I would like to learn more.
M Ali
Newbie Question – hope you not annyoyed. I kind struggle getting these alt coins, it’s kind mission buying them to be honest. I don’t even have wallet! So could you perhabs make video on buying transfering and fees related to getting these gems. Appreciate
micahel reid
why do you think there will be a dip on march the 7th?
With success of NBA TopShot (which I totally slept on 😫) I can’t help to think FLOW blockchain is going to have some incredible success with any new projects. Looking for a good entry point.
Payam Toloo
Hi, What do you think about Bepro and mhc (they are both up 300% in 1-2 days in KUCOIN)? Pump and dump or good potential to hold for 10x ?
HowSerious NW
Check CMC for YLD your mcap was not right, they have much bigger circulating supply
Free Man
Where we can buy Pangolin? Binance doesnt has it still.
Federico Sala
you should review pbtc35a, it’s a bitcoin mining token, it’s been out for a month
could you please review AUTO on BSC . Extremely undervalued compared to their TVL
John Digger
Would love to see more on yield app $yld. Sitting on 60c waiting to start moving after consolidation
Xx Xx
Cryptocurrencies will soon rule the financial world on a global scale. Our minds cannot fathom the money that will be made long term from relatively small investments now. Cryptocurrencies & particularly blockchainbare the investment of a generation.
DBK Road To A Million
Would love to see a dedicated video on pangolin man!
Philip de Bruyn
Great data but it would be nice to have timestamps to save time in this busy world
Here for Pangolin keep up the great work
Krzysztof Konopka
Yield App 20M MC? Not 90M ? Check out official project web site
March is a red month, hold your cash for the big dip
Why are you so bullish on Spartan when its centralized?
Hi..what you think about bepro in kucoin
Great data backing up your choices, thank you very much.
Yea I perfer the low caps (under $50m)…. taken a postion in everything under 50m for your March picks. Let’s see how this plays out!
Please follow up on $PNG, perhaps it’s own dedicated video as to why you’re so bullish?
Ye I bought sparta during this dip.has the most porential imo. Love your video on Sparta!
Looking forward in following these projects in the coming weeks
Please… i am new to crypto. What platform can i use to purchase token?

Top 6 Low Cap Altcoin Cryptos

Top 6 Low Cap Altcoin Cryptos


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