What Is The Cardano Price Potential

Paul Barron Gives Some Great Advice On Cardano Price Prediction

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Cardano July Price Prediction | ADA +20% Gains? 📈

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Cardano’s ADA has leapfrogged Bitcoin to become the most held in the second quarter of 2021 on eToro, seeing a 51 per cent increase on the previous quarter. Also, Grayscale Investments added ADA, the native token of the Cardano blockchain, to its Digital Large Cap Fund. The addition comes as part of Grayscale’s quarterly rebalancing of the fund. In April, Grayscale added Chainlink’s LINK token. Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain that aims to surpass the scalability and efficiency of Ethereum. #ADA #Cardano #Cryptocurrency ~Cardano July Price Prediction | ADA +20% Gains? 📈~ ⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺⎺ Subscribe on YouTube ✅ https://bit.ly/PBNYoutubeSubscribe Facebook 📱 https://bit.ly/PBNfacebook Twitter 📱 http://bit.ly/PBNtwitter Get Our FREE Breakthrough Business Consultation now!➜ http://bit.ly/PBNbusiness Have me speak at your event! ➜ http://bit.ly/PBNbusiness Get 1,000 miles of free Supercharging with the purchase of a new Tesla car ⚡ http://bit.ly/PBNtesla ─────────────────────────── Want to start your own virtual event or education series? Try our pro-level virtual event services 🎓 🎬 http://bit.ly/ReverVirtual​​​ Want your own custom podcast? Jump in to the growth in podcasting to reach new and existing customers 🎙️ http://bit.ly/ReverPodcasts 


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Claire miller

6 hours ago

I watch a lot of YouTube videos and see a lot of traders earning massively and then I start to wonder what I could possibly be doing wrong because I’ve been trading for a couple of months and every trading attempt seems to be red, never have I seen a green day. It is really frustrating seeing loses without any profit. So, I decided to work a bit more on myself and then opened a demo account, do my analysis, then take the opposite of what I would normally take and get the same result. I’m starting to feel hopeless, any advice for a struggling trader?


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Michael J Love

2 days ago (edited)

Charles Hoskinson had an update on gougen yesterday, a lot of great information!


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2 days ago

Great show. With regards to ADA I think it’s just timing ⏱What Is The Cardano Price Potential

What Is The Cardano Price PotentialWhat Is The Cardano Price Potential

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 all right so is cardano00:08in trouble or is this an evil plan of00:11charles hoskinson to take over the defy00:13world00:14today we’re going to find out let’s dive00:15into it my name is paul baron welcome00:17back to techpath00:18let’s go into a little about where00:20cardano is00:21today first of all let’s just take a00:23quick look over here at of course00:25coin market cap we’ll take a look at00:28where cardano00:29is floating at 142 and a lot of people00:32are speculating that this00:33might be uh a kind of a calm before the00:36storm and the storm could go either00:38up or down i know that’s not really a00:40prediction but we’re going to dive into00:42why this might be happening but if you00:44look at the three-month trend00:46obviously back here in mid-may all of00:48our fall off and this kind of this flat00:50movement00:51other than this light move toward00:55where we’re trading at right now in the00:56mid 140s00:58is kind of interesting so it’s going to00:59be one of those things that i think a01:01lot of people are looking at here’s the01:03thing i look at01:05is when founders and also01:08project leads start to do a lot more01:10media01:11it does get into kind of an overview of01:14whether or not01:15what is it that they’re either trying to01:17say or trying to01:19hide anyway so let’s jump to a couple of01:22things i want to also kind of support01:24what the sentiment data has been so01:26let’s jump over to trade the chain real01:27quick and kind of see where this seven01:29day01:30is what you’ll notice here is nothing01:33special01:34this is a little bit both concerning01:38but if you’re looking at cardano on a01:40long-term hold this might be exactly01:42where you want it to be but a little bit01:43on the negative side in terms of overall01:45sentiment01:46and of course pricing somewhat flat over01:49the last week01:50in terms of where it’s gone now when you01:52look at that and compare it to what’s01:54been01:54in the news you wonder why is cardano01:58not01:58just exploding right now with both all02:01the news from02:02alonzo potentially rolling out this02:04summer02:05to etoro basically saying this right02:08here which is02:10etoro’s kind of whole move where cardano02:13has leap02:13frogged bitcoin as the most held02:16cryptocurrency look at the02:18holdings right here uh which is kind of02:20interesting cardano’s a02:21d a as leapfrog bitcoin should become02:23the most held02:24in 2021 this is q2 51 increase on the02:28previous quarter02:29which is huge uh over bitcoin which led02:32the crypto asset bull run at the start02:34of the year reminder02:35this also remained a popular at 4202:38increase in demand however it was02:39eclipsed by02:40cardano and slipped from first to second02:43place so for02:44bitcoin to essentially get kind of02:47slotted down02:48on the etoro platform that tells me one02:50that there’s02:52a lot of people that are really looking02:53at cardano to make a move so is this an02:55early precursor to potentially where02:59cardano could be going03:00i want to also look over here at03:02grayscale this was the article over here03:04by coin telegraph03:06graysdell grayscale adds cardano to03:09their digital large cap03:10fund after their rebalancing let me kind03:13of point this out right here03:14obviously you can kind of see they’ve03:16added it to the the large cap fund03:18uh reflecting growing demand for crypto03:20investments pretty clear03:22but as of july 1st 2021 each share03:25of their gdlc basket is comprised of 6703:30bitcoin basically 25 ether and almost03:33five percent03:34cardano right there so and of course the03:37remaining is a mix of uh bitcoin cash03:40litecoin and chain link so you can kind03:42of see03:43and of course when you look at the the03:45overall coin market cap03:46cardano is right there in the top five03:49in in all cases03:51and the scenario doesn’t surprise me03:52that we’ve seen this kind of move both03:54from grayscale and03:55also from and seeing the retail investor03:59traffic over on etoro so that that is04:02all04:02in good and well for cardeno and i think04:05that’s the the point that everybody’s04:06looking to04:07you get a lot of subtle movements in the04:10market that are causing people to say04:12okay what’s going up with cadano04:13and of course cardano is in a position04:16right now where they’re going to roll04:17out the alonzo04:19project advancement this summer now04:23here’s the point abm crypto reports04:26basically as alonzo white can sue go04:28live on testnet04:29but here are the problems and this is04:32kind of where it starts breaking down04:34right now at this stage we don’t have04:36the core support mechanisms so04:38plutus which is their back end is not in04:40place04:41obviously you need that uh to be able04:43just to move forward04:45and if you look at uh it can be as04:47simple as a transaction in the returns04:49hello world to our confirmation of04:50payment that has been made this means we04:53have alonzo running on a smart contract04:55not happening not yet and then here is04:58the other one04:59as we move into white we’ll do it in05:02steps so this05:03tells me that we’re as a team if i was05:06looking at development team and05:07and i’ve worked in this area before in05:10software development project development05:11in advanced systems like this and a lot05:14of times what you do05:15is try to do these micro steps to be05:18able to get to the next phase and a lot05:19of cases you’re05:20you’re kind of leveraging out basically05:24things you05:24either the development team don’t have05:26an answer for so you get to where you05:28can05:29and try to move the project forward and05:31i think that might be where cardano is05:33right now because we’re not necessarily05:35getting a full disclosure and granted05:38you know not that charles is going to go05:39out and say hey this is a full05:41disclosure on05:42on what we’re doing and where it’s going05:44but when i look at things like what he05:46did on the lex podcast05:48where he’s won doing the interview and05:50not that that’s a bad thing05:51but when you look at a lot of these05:53founders and a lot of these05:54uh people who are out there in the media05:57there’s usually as i said there’s05:58usually a bit of agenda now this was a05:59five-hour interview now one thing i did06:01pull out of the interview and i think06:02this is something that you guys06:04will really like here on the channel is06:07mainly so you can understand06:09the proof of work and the proof of stake06:12argument06:12and why it exists and why charles is the06:15way he is06:16around proof of stake i want to jump to06:18a clip from the lex friedman podcast06:21that really gives you a good06:23understanding this is a little bit of a06:25longer clip06:26but we’ll be right back you guys can06:27check this clip out and then i’m going06:29to give you some price predictions06:30and where i think cardano’s going to be06:31going let’s cut to that06:33okay so they all have the same three06:35properties of pick someone in charge do06:37something and validate it the difference06:39is that the picking mechanism for proof06:41of work is06:42you have to solve a puzzle so it’s06:44basically like buying lottery tickets06:45and you can buy a certain amount every06:48second with your computing devices06:50and some of them are asic resistance you06:52run them on like a laptop or a gpu06:54and some of them are you specialized06:56hardware that you have to either06:57manufacture06:58or buy from someone who sells it to you07:00and that’s just how many tickets07:02per second you can get and eventually07:03you hit those magic numbers when you do07:06it means you have the right to make the07:08block and generally you bundle the block07:10making with the proof-of-work system07:12now you can do this looking for a single07:15or you can do this to actually shard it07:16and look for multiple block makers at07:18the same time07:19so there are sharded proof of work07:20protocols like prism is an example of07:22that07:23and actually ethereum got started this07:25way with spectre and07:27ghost and phantom the obvi avi zahar’s07:29work and yonatan son lipinski07:31but the basic idea is you pick some07:33collection of people they make some07:35collection of things and there’s some07:36way to sort it all out serialize it and07:37prevent double spends07:39great proof of stake is the same but07:42it’s a synthetic resource07:43so instead of doing things they say well07:45if you had 2507:46of the hash power on average over a long07:48period of time you’d probably win 2507:50of the time well why don’t we just07:52introduce some randomness in07:54from some source and then 25 percent of07:56the time on average over a long period07:57of time you’ll win07:59so it’s a synthetic resource but you08:01still have to do the other two things08:02you still have to make the block and you08:04still have to validate the block08:06the big difference is this step in the08:08proof of work world is horrendously08:10expensive08:10you use more energy than the nation of08:12switzerland and the problem with that is08:14that you have less resources for the08:16other two08:17and the other problem with that is that08:18if this is horrendously expensive you08:20have an economy of scale08:21kitkat so what ends up happening is the08:23system becomes less decentralized over08:26time because you have these vertically08:27integrated operations08:29i mean not everybody can go build a08:30mining facility on a volcano in el08:32salvador08:33not everybody can go to mongolia and set08:35up a five gigawatt power plant and a08:37huge data thing08:38not everybody has access to the patented08:40asics that people produce08:42because what if i don’t sell it to you08:43and i have the patent on it or what if i08:45control the supply chain for these08:46things08:47so you’ll end up having centralization08:49around maybe ten or08:51five major operations as we’ve seen08:53historically with proof of work08:55and that means you end up having a08:58ruling class of a mining oligarchy in09:00the system09:01proof of stake if you design the09:03parameters correctly you09:05actually get more decentralized over09:06time because as the currency goes up in09:08value09:09the distribution of the currency tends09:11to get09:12more more egalitarian as for example09:15bill gates when he started09:17microsoft he had 64 of the shares now he09:20has less than five percent of the shares09:22so this founder drift over time as the09:24value goes up divestment occurs09:26you have more and more and more people09:28coming in that means there’s more people09:29who can participate in the consensus09:31you can even tune economic parameters09:33and this is what we did with09:34cardano and orabora’s we we created this09:37concept of09:37k in the system and it’s just a09:39parameter and it’s it’s like a forcing09:41factor that tends to09:42accumulate a certain amount of stake09:44pools so you can set it to 200 and 50009:46and a thousand and so forth09:48but the basic idea is as the price of09:50eta goes up09:51you make k larger and then you end up in09:54practical terms having a larger and09:56larger09:56set of actors making blocks that are09:59unique and distinct10:00and the other good thing is this is a10:02virtual resource instead of a physical10:04resource10:05which means it’s portable by a click of10:07a button so let’s say china says mining10:09is bad we’re going to shut it all down10:11it looks like they’re moving in that10:12direction10:13you have all these people in wechat just10:14like trying to sell miners or trying to10:16figure out how the hell do i move miners10:18you know10:18because they have these huge data10:20centers they’ve constructed you can’t10:21exactly go and grab a server and like10:23take it with you it’s huge10:24it’s a lot of work and if the government10:26sees it well it’s their property now10:28a virtual resource you can click a10:29button and redeploy it to10:31a different jurisdiction so to me for a10:34virtual asset10:35it makes a lot more sense to try to tie10:37your security to something endogenous10:39something within the system10:41because it’s it’s just like the asset it10:43can move anywhere at a click of a button10:45and human beings have a much harder time10:47attacking something like that10:50all right so what you see there with10:51charles is he’s really laying out10:54the proof of stake model and why it is10:57one that i think is going to put cardano11:01way ahead in the industry around where11:04this is going and why11:06blockchain in general will be able to11:08connect so many dots out there11:10for a variety of industries a variety of11:12technology needs a variety of use11:14cases all those kind of things are going11:15to play into this so the question is11:17going to be11:18here and that is how does cardano11:21and you’re watching the show you’re11:22obviously an investor just as a reminder11:24when we do these market movers11:26they’re a little different okay we11:28compile all this stuff together for you11:30the main thing is we layer in both11:33research and11:34um obviously things like this where we11:36dive into these11:38ridiculously long podcasts but the key11:41thing here is it’s not investment advice11:42the key thing is it’s giving you11:44hopefully an idea of where you want to11:48take your research and how you’re going11:49to be moving forward with your research11:51so i want to jump over to this next11:52story11:54and this is the one that i think is11:56interesting around11:57where cardano could be uh before12:01it maybe moves up the scale in terms of12:05its next price position12:06so this basically is talking about we12:08may see a pullback12:10the main thing here is the price has12:12been on a 43 uptrend since bottoming out12:14in june12:15uh 22nd uh ada is12:18stuck consolidating as it tries to scale12:21higher which12:22uh is indicating a little bit of12:23weakness and investors can expect about12:26a seven percent12:27retrace before a 22 percent uptrend to12:3016112:31uh in the kickstarts this is kind of12:33where some of the analysts are showing12:35this uptrend12:36of moving but when you look at both the12:38uptrend this was the12:39cardano price currently setting the12:40second lower high since july 4th12:43this move indicates the 16 upswing since12:46july 2nd which was slowing down12:48therefore investors need to be open to12:49the possibility12:51of a pullback that’s kind of my position12:54right now with cardano i feel like we’re12:56probably going to see12:57and there’s some reasons for this and12:59i’ll show you this here on our trading13:00view chart13:01i think we’re going to see a little bit13:03of a pullback based on what we’re seeing13:05around13:06just the sentiment and amplification13:08numbers i want to jump over to the chart13:11and essentially kind of show you where13:14sentiment had been rolling13:15and where potentially this could fall so13:18right now13:19what we looked at was this high point13:21right here which came in at around 1.6213:25that’s the point that we think a lot of13:26people uh believe cardona is going to13:28get back to in a very short period of13:30time13:31the fall off down of course for those of13:32you who got a chance to buy cardano at a13:34dollar there were there it was13:36the sentiment actually though held13:38pretty strong at 53.2913:40and amplification still fairly strong at13:4350.1713:45these are high numbers compared to some13:47of the projects that we’ve seen and done13:49here on the show13:50then we retested the sentiment analysis13:53right here on this small little drop13:55which started around13:56june 24th and moved over here to14:00what was around june 26th so about two14:03days14:04a little sentiment uh click right there14:06and during this and again remember you14:08had this upswing right here14:09in price but in this particular range we14:12had sentiment holding at 60.51 and14:15amplification14:16moving up significantly to 58.93 so14:19that’s essentially what we’ve mapped out14:21here14:22in our drawing and this shows14:24amplification overlaid into where the14:26price is ranging right now so it’s14:28actually a little bit14:29lower which goes back to my point on14:32trade the chain i want to jump back to14:34that real quickly14:35trade the chain is still showing low14:37sentiment in the last seven days14:39same kind of scenario that we’re seeing14:41right here14:42in terms of a little bit lower sentiment14:44so what we’re seeing here is price14:46action that’s14:47outside the realm of where amplification14:51is going amplification to just explain14:53that14:54is uh much like any other kind of of uh14:57social application that utilizes15:01you know the whole purpose that you see15:03where this guy tells somebody somebody15:05something this guy tells somebody15:06something15:07and we look at the credibility of those15:08who are sharing that information same15:10thing works in the stock world so15:12what we’re looking at is conversations15:14that match up to those keyword15:16use cases for cardano alonso and15:19about 100 other keywords that’ll line up15:21with that particular15:22project and then measuring sentiment and15:25what its15:26potential forecasted amplification could15:29be so15:30when you look back here there is a zone15:32where amplification starts to widen up15:34and anytime we see this right here what15:36that tells me is that amplification is15:39in15:40play when it’s really tight like this it15:43usually is just a little bit of action15:45uh but what you start to look at is the15:48credibility of the number of people who15:49are going and talking about cardano15:51and then what we think is going to15:53happen this is again15:55right around the july 6 point so and15:57here’s july 7th15:58which is where we’re trading right now16:00price action this is what16:01they’re talking about right here the 12816:03to 14016:05is where i think this could fall and16:07this goes back to the story16:09that we just did on fx street which is16:12uh where the retracement could be16:14dropping in before we see16:16the actual alignment of this going back16:19up16:19now here’s the potential so right now if16:22you’re buying cardano16:23you’re probably in a good position if16:26you’re looking to go sideways or16:27down that’s where i think we’re going to16:29be heading right here16:31in a short period of time but right here16:33is an opportunity16:35this right here if amplification stays16:37at current pace16:39this is where it could go with some key16:43potential people that are really moving16:45kind of moving the awareness of the16:47projects and i think the other thing16:48that will play into this16:50is if lex or excuse me if uh charles16:53gets on16:54these other podcasts you know i mean16:56there’s rumor out there with joe rogan16:58there’s16:58all these kinds of things that a lot of17:00times are just that just17:02rumor that can help move these things17:04but i think we have to go back to the17:06basis of what cardano is really trying17:08to do and that is17:09you got to get alonzo out you have to be17:11able to get the project moving17:13and it’s got to be happening quickly in17:15a sense so that you can maintain17:17the steam for the project and get it17:19moving into the fall months and17:21hopefully see these kind of new moves so17:22we could see17:23a dollar eighty one high price which i17:26anticipate somewhere around july 22nd17:29providing that we continue to see the17:32amplification layer17:34holding for cardano amplification is17:37going to change17:38just like sentiment by the hour17:41by the day and also with key things so17:44the more that charles is out there17:46really17:47propping the program and the project and17:49or17:50we get major news on where this project17:54is going that’s how you’re going to see17:55the token move and this is kind of the17:57scenario across17:58all of cryptocurrency this is the model18:01that is working18:02uh i know a lot of people are looking at18:04uh you know chain level data which is18:06great for in some cases it helps18:09identify where accumulation is occurring18:12we’re also seeing18:13a lot of sentiment analysis and then18:15amplification which is something we’re18:17bringing to the plates is a little bit18:18different18:19and i think that’s the the18:20characteristic that you have to be18:22watching at is some of these things18:23are starting to prove out showing where18:26this stuff is happening18:28always the scenario is if somebody or18:31something starts to18:32impede for instance the elon scenario18:35when elon gets involved because of his18:38amplification18:39or his potential to amplify something18:41just like joe rogan18:42if he were to get involved on cardano18:44and that interview goes bad18:47listen that’s exactly the kind of thing18:49so you have to be cautious18:51as a lead on how those projects can go18:54especially on these deep diver18:56interviews like with lex and of course18:58the lex18:59you know interview was not a bad19:01interview it was a great interview it19:02was just five hours long and there was19:03so much to cover19:04but the point is is that it could go19:06either way and that’s the thing you have19:08to be cautious about and19:10conscious about in terms of your19:12investment strategy so as a reminder19:13again this is not investment advice19:15but it is investment opinion and of19:17course we put a lot of work into both19:20data19:20and research into a lot of these things19:22to hopefully give you guys something to19:23work with if you’re over on the podcast19:25right now make sure and give some stars19:27if you’re on youtube just subscribe19:28that’s the number one way you can help19:30the channel19:30and just as a reminder watch out for19:32those spammers in19:34our comments it’s a it’s a big problem19:36on youtube we continue to tell everybody19:38watch the spammers we will never ask you19:40for anything we don’t have a whatsapp19:42account related to our show19:43so don’t fall for any of those crazy uh19:46spam and that goes for any of the19:48the channels out there on tech crypto ev19:51all this all the major channels that are19:52getting spammed19:54right now so that’s a big problem if you19:55have an idea for a show just hit me up19:56on twitter19:57at paul barron i’ll catch you next time19:59right here on techpath20:08youEnglish (auto-generated)