The Best Complete Crypto Trading Course

The Best Complete Crypto Trading Course

From Beginner To Expert Crypto Trader

Welcome to the ultimate Cryptocurrency Trading Course.

The course is taught by James MoneyZG, and over the years we’ve found James to be one of the best. No hype, straight talk, and highly knowledgeable.

This course is 4 hours long, so you may need to watch over a period of time, also, take notes.

Make Money In The Stock Market Crash
Make Money In The Stock Market Crash

FULL Cryptocurrency Trading Course – From Beginner To EXPERT

MoneyZG574K subscribers13,418 views Jan 15, 2024

Cryptocurrency Trading Course for Beginners JOIN THE PRO CRYPTO COURSE & COMMUNITY: MoneyZG Crypto Investor Course: My Ultimate Crypto Investing Guide & Community CRYPTO EXCHANGES: Bybit $30,000 Bonus: My Top Exchange (No US/UK) Binance $600 Bonus: #1 Exchange (No US) OKX $60,000 Bonus: Best Trading & Web3 (No US) Bitget $8,000 Bonus: Good On-Ramps & Trading (No US) CRYPTO TOOLS: TradingView Pro Discount: Best Charting Software (FREE) Nord VPN: Always Use a VPN When Using Crypto Glassnode : Top Notch Onchain Analytics WALLETS: Ledger Hardware Wallet: Trezor Hardware Wallet: Coinbase Wallet: Trust Wallet: MetaMask Wallet: Rabby Wallet: TAX & TRACKING: Koinly: CoinTracking: FOLLOW ME: X: Instagram: TikTok:   / moneyzg  

TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Crypto Trading Course 0:42 Crypto vs Blockchain 3:14 Types of Crypto 6:14 Tokenomics 9:46 Tokenomics Examples 16:29 Crypto Value Capture 18:29 Crypto Resources 20:14 Macro: Cycles 25:34 Macro: Secular vs Cyclical 29:18 Macro: The Undeniable Fact 35:22 Macro: Economic Cycles 40:23 Macro: Why Crypto Wins 50:18 Bitcoin: Is Bitcoin Money? 1:02:17 Bitcoin: BTC vs Macro Assets 1:07:41 Bitcoin: The Bitcoin Index 1:13:33 Crypto Adoption 1:19:55 Altcoins: The Crypto Industry 1:46:09 Altcoins: Inflation 2:02:41 Altcoins: Research 2:06:13 Altcoins: Staking 2:10:25 Crypto Trading: Currency Pairs 2:14:52 Crypto Trading: Order Book 2:19:59 Crypto Exchanges: What You Need 2:25:51 Crypto Trading: Live Crypto Trading 2:29:43 Crypto Trading: Market Order 2:31:32 Crypto Trading: Limit Order 2:34:14 Crypto Trading: How to Sell 2:35:47 Crypto Trading: Trigger Orders 2:38:41 Crypto Trading: When to Buy & Sell? 2:42:02 Technical Analysis: Candlesticks 2:47:46 Technical Analysis: Support & Resistance 2:51:29 Technical Analysis: Areas to Trade 2:57:31 Onchain Analysis: Long Term Supply 3:01:49 Onchain Analysis: MVRV-Z 3:05:33 Onchain Analysis: NUPL 3:07:38 Crypto Investing: Your Needs 3:14:40 Crypto Investing: Risk Adjusted Return 3:20:22 Crypto Investing: The Asset Classes 3:25:09 Crypto Investing: DCA 3:28:40 Crypto Investing: Managing Money 3:38:13 Crypto Wallets 3:56:35 How to Use a Blockchain: Intro 3:59:37 How to Use a Blockchain: Guide 4:03:16 How to Use a DeX 4:09:06 How to Use a Lending Protocol

USEFUL LINKS AND SITES:………… DAPPS: PancakeSwap: Uniswap: Apex: GMX: Aave: Venus: USEFUL VIDEOS: Bybit:    • Bybit Tutorial for Beginners (How to …   Binance:    • Binance Tutorial for Beginners (How t…   Bitget:    • Bitget Tutorial for Beginners (Trade …   OKX:    • OKX Tutorial for Beginners (How to Tr…   Day Trading Course:    • Ultimate Crypto Day Trading Course fo…   Chart Patters Trading Course:    • The Ultimate Chart Patterns Trading C…   DeFi Course:    • The Ultimate Crypto DeFi Course for B…   Fibonacci Course:    • The Ultimate Fibonacci Retracement Tr…   Staking:    • Best Crypto Staking Strategy! (How to…   Ethereum Staking Lido:    • Lido ETH Staking Tutorial (Lido Finan…   BNB Chain Guide:    • BNB Smart Chain Tutorial (Trust Walle…   This video is for entertainment purposes only. It is not financial advice and is not an endorsement of any provider, product, asset or service. Crypto is high risk, you can lose your money. Links above include affiliate commission or referrals. I’m part of an affiliate network and I receive compensation from partnering websites. Crypto content or offers are not intended for UK residents. Do NOT trade products that are unsuitable or not allowed in your jurisdiction.


The Best Complete Crypto Trading Course

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