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Check Out BitSwapDex Io

This Is A Crypto Price Aggregator That Looks Great

Everyone is looking for a way to save on trading costs – and BitSwapDex io looks like the way to to it

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Why I’m DONE Trading Crypto on Uniswap (I’m Doing THIS Instead)

34,700 viewsNov 12, 2020 


 BitBoy Crypto 1.2M subscribers I am COMPLETELY done trading crypto Uniswap. I have a place you can make trades now that is guaranteed to blow the socks off of Uniswap, saving you money in the process. Find out what this Uniswap alternative is and why you should be paying attention. BitSwap is the new place where you will want to be doing all of your crypto trading. This smart DEX Aggregator can make you a TON of money. Today we will be talking about why BitSwap is the best platform for trading crypto, and what makes it better than Uniswap. Find out how you can save money trading cryptocurrency by using BitSwap. We’ll also talk about DexKit, the DEX DeFi platform. 0:00 Intro 1:27 BitSwap 1:48 DEX Aggregator 5:27 DexKit Save with ➡️ Build Your Dex ➡️ Join DexKit Telegram ➡️ Connect with Me & the BitSquad! Join the BitSquad ➡️ Join the BitBoy Lab ➡️ http://discord.BitBoy.Live Join BitSquad Traders ➡️ Join Me on Twitter ➡️ Join Me on Instagram ➡️ Join Me on TikTok ➡️

Check Out BitSwapDex io

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00:00I am completely done with Uniswap.00:03I know. I know.00:04That may sound extremely drastic and dramatic.00:08And if you watch this channel, you know I’m not one with a flair for the dramatic.00:13Everything on this channel is super serious.00:15So when I say I’m done with something, I am done.00:18But here’s the great thing.00:20I have a place you can make trades now that’s guaranteed to blow the socks off of Uniswap.00:26If they were wearing any.00:27Find out what it is00:28and why you should be paying attention to start using this site.00:32Let’s get it.00:37Welcome to BitBoy Crypto!00:38My name is Ben.00:39Everyday, I show you how to make money in cryptocurrency.00:42If you like money, then make sure to hit that Subscribe button.00:46Also, go ahead and bookmark the page I’m about to give you.00:52bitswapdex.io00:55This is the new place you’re going to want to do all of your trades at.00:59This smart decentralized exchange aggregator is about to make you a ton of money.01:04I know what you’re thinking.01:05″Oh, God, here comes BitBoy with another sponsored video shill.”01:10Well, this one isn’t sponsored.01:11And I’ve got a huge announcement explaining why, a little bit later in this video, you definitely want to watch.01:17So, make sure to jot that link down or open it in another tab01:21because after this video, you’re going to understand why this is the best trading site out there, period.01:27The name of the exchange is BitSwap.01:29And get used to it because we are going to be talking about this site a lot on this channel,01:35basically, from now until the end of time.01:37So what is it that makes this exchange so powerful and better than Uniswap, Balancer, Mooniswap, or any other exchange site?01:44Well, because this is not a decentralized exchange.01:47It’s a DEX aggregator.01:50It scours the DEX world for the absolute best liquidity and prices available for your project,01:56which is going to have a great deal to do with the price impact and slippage,02:00saving you tons of extra monies.02:03That’s monies with a Z at the end.02:04And I know you like money because you watch this channel.02:07So, the aggregator crawls 9 different exchanges.02:11And they are biggies.02:130×02:15Uniswap02:16Bancor02:17DODO02:17Balancer02:18mStable02:19Kyber02:20Mooniswap02:21and Curve.02:22There’s some other aggregators out there.02:24But they aren’t what I call smart aggregators.02:27There is no choosing here between exchanges.02:31BitSwap is going to be able to pull the best liquidity,02:34and you can exchange it directly on connects to your MetaMask in the same way other exchanges do,02:42so it’s extremely easy to use.02:44Let’s look at some examples of how this works.02:46Let’s say you want to buy some Basic Attention Tokens02:48because everyone loves bats,02:51especially people at the Chinese wet markets.02:53But I digress.02:54You head on over to Uniswap to make your buy.02:57You want to buy 25 ETH’s worth of BAT.03:00For that amount of ETH, you get 57,194.9 Basic Attention Tokens.03:05Question is,03:06can you get more somewhere else?03:08It seems like a lot of time and effort to go price shopping03:11all over the interwebs to save a couple sats.03:14Ain’t nobody got time for that!03:15But with BitSwap, it does the work for you.03:18Now, look at the results with BitSwap with the same 25 ETH at the exact same time.03:24With BitSwap,03:26you received 57,494.5 Basic Attention Tokens.03:31After consulting my handy dandy bit calculator,03:34that’s a difference of 299.6.03:37Basically, 300 Basic Attention Tokens.03:40That’s an extra $60 worth of tokens at the time of the current price.03:44Just for literally03:45clicking the little buttons on one website over another.03:48Let me ask you this.03:49If you found the exact same item listed by two sellers on Amazon,03:52and one was $60 cheaper,03:55which one would you buy?03:56As usual, I already knew the answer to that question before I asked it.04:00If this already has you interested, make sure to check out you aren’t convinced yet,04:05let’s look at a side by side example here with Band Protocol.04:08With BitSwap,04:10when you try to exchange 25 ETH for BAND,04:12you get 74.5 more BAND tokens than you do with Uniswap.04:17What I really want you to focus on here also is the liquidity, price impact, and liquidity provider fee.04:22With BitSwap, prices are better.04:25The price impact is dramatically better.04:27And even the fee is much better.04:29This helps you to stack BANDs like never before.04:33And everybody knows04:34them bandz will make her dance.04:36And she might even talk to you.04:38The biggest reason someone would use Uniswap though instead of price shopping04:42is just due to time and convenience.04:44BitSwap handles all that for you.04:46Now, here’s why I’m working with BitSwap.04:49It’s mine!04:50BitBoy04:51BitSwap04:53You get it?04:53We got a lot of interesting and extremely useful platforms coming out under the Bit name soon.04:59We even wanted a coin called BitCoin,05:03but that name was taken.05:04In all seriousness though, we’re building an entire empire here at BitBoy Crypto.05:08When you think crypto, we want you to think BitBoy.05:11I want your mama to think it.05:12We want everyone to think that.05:14So this DEX aggregator that solves a real world crypto problem05:18and helps you keep extra money in your pocket05:21is something that can help us move closer to that goal.05:23But, hey!05:24I couldn’t do this on my own.05:25That’s why the BitSwap DEX is powered by DexKit.05:29So let’s talk about DexKit here for a couple of minutes.05:32DexKit is the next generation DEX DeFi platform05:35providing the missing tools that traders have been waiting for.05:38Built on the robust ZRX protocol,05:41DexKit utilizes over 9 DEXs, including, which we mentioned, Uniswap, Kyber, Curve, Mooniswap, mStable, Balancer and other protocols05:48to create advanced trading, swap, atomic swaps, market making, and decentralized ERC2005:55and NFT ERC721 solutions.05:58The custom aggregator will search over 9 DEXs to find the best price and liquidity06:02while utilizing the familiar and easy to use interface.06:06A suite of additional tools will provide the trader with well informed trades at the best possible price06:11and best liquidity,06:12minimizing annoying slippage,06:14traders will be able to use leverage,06:16place decentralized stop and limit orders,06:19run arbitrage bots,06:21create, sell and trade NFTs06:24through private orders.06:25You can also earn from staking KIT06:28and earn from arbitrage orders through arbitrage mining.06:32In addition to the tools, users can launch their very own branded aggregator and NFT marketplace06:37with a full backend dashboard for control over adding or removing pairs,06:42adjusting fees06:43and many other things.06:44With support for WordPress as a widget06:47with the recent rise of NFTs,06:49DexKit is able to supply users with their very own wizard06:52to create ERC20 and ERC721 NFT collections.06:56Again,06:57with full WordPress integration.06:59This is huge!07:00You can trade NFT cards on any NFT site right now.07:03But backend solutions to manage your whitelabel exchange and marketplace will be huge.07:07With this backend, you can easily add/remove pairs, add tokens, change default layouts,07:11check earned fees and more to come.07:13Users can easily profit from arbitrage.07:16Why give profit to arbitrageurs when DexKit can arbitrage your orders and share the profit with you?07:22This truly is the next generation DEX platform07:26designed to be incorporated with your WordPress website07:29and to give you the advantage in every single trade.07:32And I know that you guys hate anon teams.07:35I do, too.07:37I personally know the founder and head developer of DexKit,07:40which is why we work together on BitSwap.07:42His name is Joao Campos and he has quite the resume.07:45Joao Campos is a highly experienced full stack blockchain developer07:49with years of experience working in the Ethereum space07:52and over one year working full time with ZRX toolchain.07:55And he’s very passionate about ZRX.07:58Joao has worked for several high level projects as a developer and now is using the skills he learned08:03and experiences he’s gained08:05to launch this exciting groundbreaking next generation project, DexKit.08:08I’m glad to be part of it.08:09He’s also been accepted into a bounty program with the ZRX team08:13as the value in his abilities is very clear.08:15He’s going to be available in an upcoming AMA,08:18so make sure to join the DexKit Telegram for more information.08:21The DexKit OTC sale starts on the 13th,08:24using a secure launchpad dApp that will also be part of the DEX toolkit.08:28You can check out more at sale will run until the hard cap is reached08:33or for 7 days.08:34Then, tokens are released and Uniswap liquidity is added by the team.08:38There will be lots of interest, and the sale is expected to sell out quickly.08:42Personally,08:43as a person working with DexKit,08:46I’m going to be invested with this one.08:47And DexKit is a partner of mine at this point and I don’t look to end that anytime soon.08:52The details of this sale itself are in the light paper and on the website,08:55but here’s a quick summary of the sale.08:58The token sale will run over 3 rounds09:00with a soft cap of 1000 ETH09:01and a hard cap of 2,650 ETH09:04starting on the 13th of November.09:06The sale will run through a smart contract and website dApp09:10with a minimum buy of 1 ETH and a maximum of 25 ETH per investor,09:14so they can’t have a bunch of whales out there.09:16KIT token will be delivered to the sender’s wallet starting at the end of the sale09:20on the 20th of November,09:21or when the hard cap is reached.09:23The total number of tokens available in the sale is 1,500,000.09:28There’s no private sales or VC funding here.09:31Sale is on a “first come, first serve” basis.09:33In round 1, buyers will receive 750 KIT per ETH until 400 ETH has been reached.09:38Round 2: 400 to 1150 ETH, buyers receive 600 KIT per ETH09:43Round 3, and from 1150 to 2650 ETH, it’s 500 KIT per ETH.09:49And here’s the best part about the sale.09:51DexKit is giving away a branded aggregator during the sale to one lucky winner.09:56It’s a huge prize that could result in massive amounts of money and fees.10:00It’s a ticket to own your own DEX basically.10:04So make sure you guys visit the site to check it out.10:06Let me know what you guys think.10:07Go try at sure to also look into the DexKit sale.10:12But, hey!10:13I ain’t no financial advisor.10:14That’s all I got.10:15Be blessed.10:15BitBoy out.