Elon Musk Is Predicting A MASSIVE RECESSION FOR 2022

Elon Musk Is Predicting A MASSIVE RECESSION FOR 2022

Elon Musk Is Predicting A MASSIVE RECESSION FOR 2022

Other Billionaires Saying The Same Or Worse

This short video covers the opinions of a number of different market movers

Elon Musk Is Predicting A MASSIVE RECESSION FOR 2022

Elon Musk | Predicting a MASSIVE RECESSION FOR 2022

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 Link to Billionaire Video & Other Channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSh9I… Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/LorenzoBatarilo Billionaire Elon Musk. He has made some bold predictions in the past, most of which have centered around his electric car company Tesla. This time he’s making a different prediction, a much more serious one regarding the entire US economy. In today’s video, we break down some shocking tweets that seem to indicate that Elon has some extremely bearish thoughts regarding the US markets. Considering he’s a billionaire whose net worth is tied to a stock that is extremely sensitive to a recession his latest opinions are stunning.

Elon Musk Is Predicting A MASSIVE RECESSION FOR 2022



Elon Musk Is Predicting A MASSIVE RECESSION FOR 2022


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00:00billionaire elon musk he has made some00:02bold predictions in the past most of00:04which have centered around his electric00:05car company tesla this time he’s making00:08a different prediction a much more00:10serious one regarding the entire us00:12economy in today’s video we break down00:14some shocking tweets that seem to00:16indicate that elon has some extremely00:18bearish thoughts regarding the us00:20markets considering he’s a billionaire00:22whose net worth is tied to a stock that00:24is extremely sensitive to a recession00:26his latest opinions are stunning we00:28start with the tweets themselves it00:30begins with new york times reporter00:32christopher m tweeting out this claiming00:34that there are over 936 startups valued00:37at above 1 billion dollars elon musk00:40responds by saying if history is any00:42guide not many will make it past the00:44next recession as a side note here musk00:47is well versed in surviving recessions00:49tesla according to his very own words00:50was about a month away from bankruptcy00:52during the 2007 economic collapse but00:55it’s the next tweet that draws the most00:57interesting response a user name zack01:00asks the following when do you believe01:01the next recession will be and for a01:03billionaire who’s got a lot on the line01:05he says something relatively detailed01:07and shocking he responds with this01:09predicting macroeconomics is challenging01:11to say the least my gut feel is maybe01:14around spring or summer 2022 but no01:17later than 2023 let’s break that down01:19but before that since we’re on the01:21subject of twitter make sure you give me01:23a follow by clicking the link in the01:24description below so elon is essentially01:27saying that predicting the future of the01:29economy in the long term is challenging01:31but according to his gut he thinks01:33economic problems are quickly01:34approaching we know that the federal01:36reserve plans to raise the rate three01:38times this year in 2022 and there are01:40talks of demand being crushed by these01:42actions yet tesla’s most recent01:44quarterly result seems to indicate great01:47news they posted some serious stats that01:49blew out analysts expectations so the01:51big question is why would elon say01:53something like this this can’t possibly01:55be just a gut feeling and is likely an01:57opinion strung together by other various01:59pieces of data billionaires around the02:01world have been relatively bearish02:03recently in their public appearances02:05some including elon have put their money02:07where their mouth is by cashing out of02:09their stocks selling billions of dollars02:10of equity they have kept for years and02:13years but it’s not all bad for example02:16the world’s greatest stock trader nancy02:18pelosi thinks otherwise examining her02:20most recent disclosure reveals that she02:23has loaded up on in the money option02:24calls for various companies including02:26disney google and salesforce a position02:29that seems to indicate a positive year02:31for at least the tech sector these calls02:33are in my opinion an extremely02:35aggressive move for anybody let alone a02:37prominent congresswoman who shouldn’t be02:39trading derivatives in the first place02:41with her connections and insider02:42knowledge one has to ask themselves how02:44could it be that the world’s most famous02:46billionaire is predicting a recession02:48while one of the most prominent02:49politicians in this country is02:51anticipating an economic boom one spoke02:54with his words the other spoke with her02:56actions the story of this doesn’t end02:58there plenty more billionaires have come03:00out and expressed serious concern about03:01the future of our economy raydalio03:04recently went on lex freeman’s podcast03:06where he talked about the collapse of03:07empires sharing some concerning stats03:10regarding the united states in the past03:12couple of years rey has been relatively03:14consistent in implying that the us has03:16been on a massive decline headed towards03:18an economic and social disaster on the03:20other side stands china which according03:23to him challenges the us on every level03:26this belief is common among billionaires03:28including warren buffett’s right-hand03:29man charlie munger you can listen to him03:32speak about this in this 2020 interview03:34where he openly talks about his03:36admiration for what he calls the chinese03:38economic miracle03:40the other thing that’s really remarkable03:42the last 30 years of china03:45they have had real economic growth03:48at a rate for 30 years03:51that no big country has ever had before03:53in the history of the world03:55and who did that a bunch of communist03:57chinese03:58now that is really remarkable04:02so so if you’re studying finance you got04:05a lot of strange things to account for04:08so bob regenthoff who has a phd in 197904:12from marinara clubhearing asked so how04:15would you rate investing in china with04:16the current political tensions or you04:18invested in china through the ownership04:20of american companies that do business04:22in china04:24well i’m04:25of course i’m invested partly in04:27american companies that do business in04:29china including coca-cola04:31and of course i’ve had very successful04:34experience there04:36and i think it’s likely to continue04:38china the chinese story is the damnedest04:40thing that04:41it’s a damn decision that ever happened04:42to a big country in terms of economics04:44no other big country ever got ahead this04:46fast for that long04:48so a lot of these elites including elon04:50musk at least imply that the u.s is04:52headed towards a disaster but we know04:54from simply glossing over an s p 50004:56chart that from a stock market04:58perspective the idea that the us is in a05:00decline is laughable we can argue back05:03and forth about the true state of this05:04country socially and economically but05:06due to the nature of modern economics05:08stocks seemingly only go up for 15 years05:11now we’ve never had an extended period05:13of losses and as much as humans love05:15hearing that everything is going to05:16crash and the economy is going to the05:18toilet most agree that there is nothing05:20that will bring down this market other05:22than the federal reserve it’s well05:24reported that the feds have been05:25contemplating a rate hike for quite a05:27while and based on the infamous dot plot05:29every indication is pointing to the fact05:31that the federal reserve will look to05:33raise the rate three times in 2022 but05:35these will be small hikes that have05:37likely been already baked into our05:39current market what everyone is worried05:41about is the future potential of05:42significant and extended rate hikes05:44those would undoubtedly heavily damage05:46the economy throughout but i have a05:48feeling that when a congresswoman known05:50for her positive stock returns make05:52significant option bets the likelihood05:54of a crash in the next year is very low05:56and even if there was one the federal05:58reserve would step in and save the day06:01just like they did in march of 2020. for06:03elon the tweet about an incoming06:05recession by 2023 is very interesting06:07when you consider the timing if you were06:09not aware musk has sold a record amount06:11of tesla stock whenever an insider does06:14this you have to wonder about the06:15underlying reasons we’ve all seen moves06:17like the ackman push before this is06:19where you publicly state that the market06:21is headed down but before you do so you06:23also secure either a short or a massive06:26cash position this way when your crash06:28happens you step in and scoop up even06:30more shares at a massive discount if we06:32look at tesla i think even elon knows06:34it’s massively overvalued way back in06:37the day he tweeted that tesla at 420 is06:39too high something that at the time06:41crashed the stock and made him trend on06:43social media now years later the stock06:46is well past that number nearly 20006:48percent higher and no one is batting an06:50eye in fact on january 3rd the stock06:53rose 13 in one day for producing in one06:56year what toyota does in one month an06:59absurd evaluation that is hard to07:00quantify using classic stock analysis07:03techniques predicting the future of07:05markets is difficult if not impossible07:07but it’s hard to be bearish when you07:08look at a chart like this and when you07:10stare at a disclosure showing how a07:12congresswoman is buying derivatives that07:14have consistently printed money for her07:16and her husband thank you guys for07:18watching please make sure you hit that07:19like and subscribe button if you enjoyed07:21it and if you have a minute please take07:23a look at my other channel where i just07:25released a video about the myth of07:27self-made billionaires it’s in the07:29description below English (auto-generated)