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Get Ready For The Stock Market Crash!!!

Profit In Stock Market Decline With Scalping

Get Ready For The Stock Market Crash!!!

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We will be using the PrimeXBT trading platform to profit from the Stock Market Crash.

Why just sit there and watch as your 401k vaporizes right before your eyes.


What if you could profit – actually make money – maybe even more than you’re losing in your 401k?

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Next Levels for Bitcoin after Breaking $23000
Make Money In The Stock Market Crash

We’ve followed CryptoJack for several years and have found his content info to be spot on with very little hype.

In the video, he recommends two indicators. However, we would possibly include Bollinger Bands, but that’s just that we’re used to it.

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Simple Method To Make $300 A Day Trading Cryptocurrency On PrimeXBT As A Beginner | Tutorial Guide

Apr 29, 2022


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🚀 Even Beginners Can Profit Using ONLY These 3 Indicators

If you’re not up to speed with how to use the PrimeXBT trading platform, then read on we will repost the tutorial below

PrimeXBT Full Tutorial

PrimeXBT Full Tutorial

PrimeXBT Full Tutorial

Long or Short 50 Assets With Bitcoin

PRIME XBT, best margin exchange for Day Trading

PrimeXBT Full Tutorial

#Bitcoin #BTC #BitcoinNews

How To Trade On PrimeXBT | Long Or Short +50 Assets With Bitcoin (FULL TUTORIAL & REVIEW)

Apr 9, 2021

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what’s up guys and welcome back to

another video in today’s video i’m going

to be giving you a 300 per day

free trading guide on prime xpt yes guys

as you know primex bt is one of my

favorite exchanges and i wanted to make

a trading guide on how you can make over

three hundred dollars per day trading on

primexpt with these free methods you

have to stay tuned for today’s video

guys i’m going to be using three

different indicators which you can start

using right after this video it just

takes 10 or 15 minutes and you’ll be

pretty much almost a pro to trade with

these indicators so guys as always sit

back relax and get ready for the video


all right guys welcome back to another

video and thank you for joining me once

again if you haven’t already smashed the

like button up on today’s video then

definitely do so as youtube will

recommend you more great videos like

this also if you’re new around here

first of all a huge massive warm welcome

and second of all scroll down hit

subscribe and then tick that

notification bell so you stay notified

about my upcoming videos guys as i said

in the start of this video i’ve done a

few videos already on primexpt on my

channel we have an exchange tutorial

review right here we have an insane 2

500 profit copying pro traders and we

have a second version of that one right

there so go over to my channel click the

search bar and type prime xpt if you

want to see more content on it as you

know guys i’ve been trading on primexpt

for quite some years now and it’s one of

my favorite exchanges so in this video i

thought i would why not let’s bring you

a great primexpt trading tutorial guide

now this video i won’t be showing you

exactly how to use the exchange because

i have tutorials on my channel this will

be focused more on how to trade when to

trade where to exit and how to make the

most profit trading and hopefully get

you to that 300 per day mark so first of

all let’s start off with a strategy this

strategy is going to be taught using a

macd and a moving average you may think

well this is a simple strategy jack i’ve

seen something similar like this before

however you have not seen this exact one

most likely not on my channel at least

and i think it’s going to be a really

great strategy that’s going to enable

beginner traders or intermediate traders

to enter great positions at great prices

a lot of people struggle entering at the

right price maybe their position was a

good idea however they didn’t enter at

the right price or the market pumped the

other way briefly before uh before

turning around so this will hopefully

solve that so as we can see right here

we’re over on prime xpt and if you

haven’t already set already made

yourself account guys link down below

they’ll be literally the best bonus

available always when you’re watching my

videos guys i have the best bonus down

below negotiated whether that be a

deposit bonus whether it be discount on

fees whatever it may be it will be

linked down below this video

so let’s talk about the the strategy

first of all i’m on prime xpt right here

on the margin trading

section right here and we can see the

chart does look very beautiful however

as always guys i like to trade on

trading view at least i like to do my

analysis on trading view and then i like

to come over to primexpt and enter my

trade so let’s go over to the bitcoin

chart so if you haven’t got yourself a

free trading account go ahead and get it

on it takes a few

seconds and you can start analyzing

these trades before you enter them on

primexpt so first of all once we’ve done

this we want to go over to the bitcoin

usd chart and i’m on the four hourly

chart we then want to go to indicators

and we want to go to um

the search bar right here and we want to

search for ema this is exponential

moving average we want to click this

onto the chart twice

once we’ve clicked this onto the chart

twice we should see two lines like this

we come up here we click the settings

icon and we go ahead and change the

inputs the first one is going to be the

200 period moving average and we will go

ahead and make this yellow like so we

want to increase the thickness just a

little bit maybe um so it takes

something exactly like that we then

click ok the second moving average that

we are going to have on the chart is

going to be the 50. so this is going to

be the 50 period um ema we want to make

this one orange like so make it a little

bit thicker which is always nice it just

helps make it a bit easier for us to see

on the chart

then what we want to do is want to we

want to come up to indicators and search

for macd macd moving average convergence


once we’ve added this to the chart the

macd is pretty much good to go we don’t

want to mess with any of the settings so

i first want to explain about what these

indicators are the moving average

basically it’s

does what it says on the tin it’s a

moving average into a smooth line up

from from the previous uh time whether

it be the 200 period moving average

which is the yellow one or the 50 period

moving average which is the orange one

the lower the the moving average period

the faster the line reacts to price

action that’s why i like to choose a 200

so it smoothes out a lot and then a 50

so it’s a kind of more aggressive um

moving average however it’s not too

aggressive like a 9 or a 13 or a 21

something along those lines now the macd

as i’ve said before is it stands for

moving average convergence divergence

and it’s one of pretty much the most

simplest and most popular indicators to

use for all traders whether whether it

be beginners advanced or pro level

traders and there are really four

elements to the macd first of all we

have the blue line which

moves faster and is a little bit more

sensitive we have the signal line which

is the orange line and this is a little

bit slower and both of these are in fact

based on um emas as well or moving

averages as well we have the histogram

which is the difference between the macd

and the signal line and of course we

have the gap between the lines which uh

determines how large that move is so the

larger the gap between the the lines the

larger the move will be and the larger

the chart will be on the histogram and

of course we have the the median line

the zero line which is the level one

between the positive and the negative so

i’m going to explain quickly how we can

go ahead and find trades and exactly how

we can enter them so as i said before

prime xpt is one of the best exchanges

you can use out there and i’ve been

trading using it for many years now and

i just wanted to remind you guys if you

haven’t already got yourself an account

with primexpt go ahead down below the

description of this video and get

yourself an account with the best bonus

or trading discount available at the

time of you watching this all right guys

so i’ve gone ahead and highlighted an

example on the chart of exactly what we

are looking for so we can see right here

first of all we’re looking for a cross

in the moving averages so we’re looking

for the orange line to cross above the

yellow line the 50 above the 200 and

this is going to be a bullish cross once

we have this bullish cross we want to

then once we’ve identified this bullish

cross on the chart and i’m on the

four-hour chart right here we then want

to identify if we are bullish or bearish

on the histogram so we can see right

here we can see right here as we saw

this cross right here if we come down

here we were in fact bearish on the

histogram now you could enter a trade

only based on the fact of this cross of

course however if you want to be kind of

a little bit more sure about your trades

it’s best to have two indicators at

least that confirm that you are in this

uptrend because yes now we can see that

there was a massive uptrend however in

hindsight you cannot see that happening

so i want to wait until we in fact see

the histogram here go green and that’s

when we know we are in fact bullish so

we could have entered the trade around

about here

exactly like here when we saw this

bullish flip right there and we can see

if we would have stayed in this trade we

would have made a profit of around 40

in just the space of a few days so

definitely this indicator does work not

only does it work on long positions it

works on short positions as well and of

course guys as you know on primex bt you

can go long and you can go short with

the available margin which you have

right now i have around 2028 on the

exchange and it’s extremely simple if

you did in fact want to go long or go

short you can simply just click buy

right here and it works a little bit

different on primex bt if you wanted to

kind of know a full in-depth way on how

to trade of course see my tutorial which

i showed you at the start of the video

um but basically how it works is it

displays the available margin so right

here we can see i have a balance of 0.05

bitcoin if i wanted to go and go ahead

and enter a 10x trade i just times this

number by 10. so we can see 0.5

and that would in fact be a 10x leverage

we would then click send order it’s

exactly exactly the same if you want to

do a 5x leverage you would just go ahead

and times this by five and you would get

a 5x leverage and you just simply click

sell if you wanted to sell and buy if

you wanted to buy so in that are in our

instance uh right here over on the chart

we would have entered here at around

about we would have wanted to enter at

exactly forty nine four six eight so we

would have gone over to prime xpt and we

would have put the amount right there if

we wanted to market enter we could do

that or we could set a limit and um we

would put 49 688 i believe the price was

of course the price is not that now so

it won’t work however i’m just showing

you an example um in real time kind of

what you would do

then you would go ahead and make sure

the margin is set make sure this is set

of course you can set your take profit

and your stop loss right here as well

before you even enter the trade just to

make sure you’re even safer when trading

so that’s a great example of this trade

guys let’s take another look at an

example and i want to give you a little

key pro tip when you are doing this you

can actually come up here and click this

icon here select layout and you can add

more than one chart to the screen so in

this example for for example and we can

see right here i’m on the 30 minute


and right here i’m on the one hourly

chart we can see right here we have had

a cross on the 30-minute chart uh and

right here we see we are bullish on the

histogram so you would go ahead and

enter this trade and in hindsight you

would have made five percent profit of

course with a bit of leverage this could

be turned into

in the example previously this would be

a 10x trade this would be a 50 around

about a 50 profit in just the space of a

few hours we can see again on the hourly

chart we have a confirmation right here

the histogram is green and we do have a

confirmation so you can play with

different charts for example if you want

to trade on the hour maybe pull up the

30 minutes and the three hour if you

want to trade on the four hour maybe

pull up the hourly and the um daily

chart as well and you can simply do that

by clicking up here and clicking three

different chart layouts or you can even

have four if you wanted as well to dive

really deep into those time frames so

it really gives you a good example of

how exactly you can use this trade uh

streaming strategy to go ahead and make

profit also guys as i told you before

you can also short as well this is um a

very very a great idea as well if we are

in a downtrend of course we can work out

if we’re in a downtrend by the flip

right here as in the start of the video

i told you if we are bullish we want the

yellow the we want the orange sorry the

the 50 above the yellow which is a 200

and the reverse is true if we are in a

downtrend and we want a short we want to

look for the yellow which is the 200

above the 50 which is the orange line

right here and we can see this happened

exactly here and now we are in a short

position and we want to be looking for

the confirmation here of a bearish flip

on the histogram so we can see the

histogram down here is red this confirms

that we are bearish and we would have in

fact entered this trade and we could

have potentially made around 33 profit

in just the space of a few days again


another example right here we have a

bullish cross right here the orange

above the yellow and we confirm it down

here on the histogram the histogram is

in fact green we enter the trade and we

make a nice clean 27 profit and this is

all easily doable over on prime xpt guys

and as the title of this video make 300

per day it makes it a little bit easier

if you do in fact have some margin and a

little bit of leverage to play with yes

in fact it is more risky however if you

are using the key strategies tips and

techniques in this video with not

entering until we have two confirmations

one on the moving average one on the

macd it reduces that risk just a little

bit so you are in fact able to enter a

trade like i said earlier in the video

guys if you haven’t already checked out

these previous videos how you can copy

pro traders i definitely would recommend

that and i would definitely recommend

watching a full prime xpd tutorial on my

channel before entering trades as it in

fact will help you a massive bunch all

right guys i want to say a huge massive

thanks for watching today’s video and if

you do want to see more primexpt content

then definitely let me know down below

in the comments thanks for watching and

i’ll catch you in the next one